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-Chapter Eight-

And An End

Delia wondered who it could be that knocked on the door at this hour.

Mr Mime was standing in the door and looking questioningly at the stranger.

"May I help you?" asked Delia and stepped closer to the door. A very familiar man stepped into the light. He was still as tall as before, still the same haircut. His flannel shirt and cap had been traded in for a silken red Chinese shirt.

"Hello, kanai," said Ranma lovingly, looking to the world as though he was restraining himself from jumping her. "I'm back."

Delia raised a delicate hand to her face and did what any widow would when their husband returns in excellent health.

She fainted.

When Delia came too, it was to a pair of blue eyes hovering just above her face, looking down at her with concern and love.

"Ranma?" she asked tearfully and touched his face to see if he was real. "Is that really you?"

"Hai, it is," he replied, his eyes shining with unshed tears. "I'm back."

Delia lunged into him, alternating between pummelling his chest, crying, kissing him, and thanking all the kami for his return. To halt any unnecessary violence, Ranma wrapped his arms around her, pinning her arms to her sides as he rocked her and whispered assuring words to her.

"I thought you were dead!" Delia sobbed into her husband's shirt, hugging him as fiercely as she was able to do. "Officer Jenny said you'd been burned in a chemical fire, and all they could find was your cap."

Ranma held the love of his live whom he had been without for thirteen agonising years.

"I was sent back to my own world," he whispered. "I spent every waking moment trying to find a way back to you and our child."

Delia sobbed some more, while managing to get out a few events that had taken place in his absence.

"So Ash is turning out to be a fine young man," Ranma concluded for his wife. "Mother would be thrilled. We should have her over some day. You'll like her, just ignore her comments about being a man among men, she has a slightly perverted idea of what makes a man."

Delia let out a few pearls of laughter through her sobbing with joy and relief.

They remained in place on the sofa for several hours, talking about anything and everything. Eventually, they fell asleep in each other's arms.

The next morning, Ranma was the first to wake up, and simply stared at his slumbering wife with a smile.

"So beautiful," he whispered and pecked her lightly on her head.

He could hardly believe that he was back with her. With her, he had a place of belonging.

"You're not so bad yourself," he head her mutter into his shirt.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wake you," Ranma quickly apologised.

"Don't worry, I usually wake at this time of day. There's so much that needs to be done to keep the house neat," Delia replied, smiling gently. "Ash will be home within the week to see me before he sets of on another adventure, and I need to get the house ready."

"Why aren't your friends helping?" asked Ranma as he sat up and restrained his wife from moving around and cleaning, refusing to refer to Delia's Pokémon as her property as so many people in this world had a habit of doing.

"I put them into storage as soon as Ash was born," she said sadly. "Raising a baby took too much time, and they would have been ignored unintentionally."

"That doesn't make any sense," stated a light voice from the kitchen. "If you kept your Pokémon, they could have helped, and made the job easier."

Zumi came in from the kitchen with a tray of assorted breakfasts on it.

"Good morning you two," he said with a pleasant smile. "I hope you don't mind, I've already helped Mr Mime prepare your breakfast, and the kitchen is all clean, no worries!"

"Ranma," said Delia in a nervous voice. "Did Zumi just speak, or have I lost my mind?"

"Answer that question after you've heard yourselves doing the jungle-dance all night," muttered Zumi. "Aegu and Eve have been fed, although, I think that putting up a vegetable patch in the back yard was a slightly bad idea, it was dark when we let Aegu free and she unintentionally crushed most of the strawberries."

"Oh my," gasped Delia. "We'll just have to do something about that ..."

"We're more than willing to help," said Ranma in a tone that allowed no objections.

"But first," Delia interrupted gently. "We have to make up for lost time.'

"Dear Kami-sama! Put us in our Pokéballs first!" exclaimed Zumi desperately, only to be ignored.

The next morning, Ranma and Delia rejoined the rest of the house, having spent all day and night getting reacquainted with one another, pausing only for use of facilities and hydration.

"I've taken the liberty of assuming command while you two were ... occupied, and your breakfast is ready. Ranma, did you know that you two make extremely loud noises while knocking boots?"

Slightly taken aback by the bluntness of the Pokémon, Ranma and Delia could only blush.

"I could have sworn I put up a silencing spell around the room ..." Ranma muttered as he seated himself at the table with Delia on his lap.

"You did, but it wasn't strong enough," commented Zumi dryly. At this Delia blushed harder. "Mr Mime nearly ran away while screaming bloody murder. Eve had to lock him in a cupboard to keep him from getting Officer Jenny."

"Good," said Ranma. "Now, how about we get ready for the return of our offspring?"

Delia could not help but stare in awe as Ranma pulled a seven foot long oaken staff with golden writing on it out of thin air, and started to wave it about in a near careless pattern.

What little mess was around the house was rearranged to its proper place, and the vegetable patch was restored to its previous state, but it now had a large enough area for Aegu to move around.

"There, all done," said Ranma and wiped away some beads of sweat that had adorned his forehead during the seemingly random dance. "Let's finish breakfast, okay?"

The following days were spent getting the word out to the few friends Ranma actually had in the area, that he was back from the grave.

Ranma could honestly say, he had never seen Officer Jenny weep in public before that.

All was well with the world until the end of the week.

"Mom, is that a Gyarados in the vegetable patch?" called a juvenile voice through the house. A Pikachu raced into the kitchen where Delia was setting out places for dinner, and stopped at the sight of a stranger making said dinner. Small streaks of electricity crackled from the red pouches on the Pokémon's cheek, getting ready to take care of any threat this man represented. "Who is he?"

Ranma turned and saw a boy with black, mussed up hair hold down mainly by a Pokémon league cap. Ash. His son.

Ranma stepped closer to Delia, and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Ash, this is your father," she stated seriously, if not with a little nervousness in her voice.

Pikachu was about to release a powerful thunderbolt at Ranma, when he felt a paw on his arm, draining the electricity from him.

"You're lying!" Ash growled.

"No, Ash, I am your father," Ranma replied, cringing both at the murderous glare the boy gave him, and the familiarity with a certain movie that had the same line in it.

"You're no dad of mine!"

"I understand your anger, believe me, I do, but I am telling the truth," Ranma continued. "I lived more than ten years of my life, thinking my mother was dead, so I know how you feel."

"Then where were you?" bellowed Ash. "Why did you abandon us?"

"It was not my choice," said Ranma calmly, remaining calm only because of the Soul of Ice. "I was sent to another world, and spent the past thirteen years trying to get back."

"I challenge you!" Ash screamed through a bout of tears. "I challenge you, to a Pokémon battle! If I win, you leave right this instant, and never come back!"

"And when I win?" asked Ranma confidently, though not showing it. Delia tried to object, but Ranma stopped her with a look.

"I will allow you to stay, but I will not call you Dad," Ash stated grudgingly.

"Do you think your mother should have a say in this?" asked Ranma. "After all, she is my wife ..." Ranma looked at his son with an appraising eye. "I am not going to turn down the battle, but think of your mother before making the final decision."

Ash looked at his mother guiltily.

"Go, blow off some steam, but your father is here to stay," she stated flatly.

"Will you be needing us?" asked Zumi, shocking the two youngest in the room.

"No, Zumi, I can handle this alone."

"Okay, there is a field you could use behind the house," the Raichu stated.

Ranma nodded, and took Delia's arm, gently, before leading the way.

"Did that Raichu speak?" asked Ash, still in shock. The Pikachu nodded slowly.

They finally made their way to the field behind their property.

"Why don't you start this?" asked Ranma. "I'm as ready as I will ever get."

"Aren't you going to take out your Pokémon?" asked an impatient Ash.

"I prefer to keep my friends out of personal issues," Ranma replied and removed his shirt. "Personal honour is something I take care of myself."

"I thought you were a trainer," Ash commented.

"I am, but I prefer to keep this for myself, so just make your own Pokémon ready," Ranma took off his undershirt. If the stories he had heard about his son's adventure were true, he wanted as few clothing articles lost as possible. He certainly hadn't lost any muscles over the years, and he intended on keeping it that way.

"You're gonna fight my Pokémon barehanded?" asked Ash with a disbelieving expression.

"Sure, why not, I've beaten a gym-leader like this once ..."

"Well, all right, but don't think I'm gonna go easy on you," the child warned.

"I wouldn't want it any other way, son," Ranma smirked.

"Chikorita! I choose you!" Ash called out, throwing a Pokéball into the air. "Use vine whip, Chikorita!"

Ranma grinned as he lost himself in the art, dodging the vines that the Pokémon was trying to tangle him into.

"Use your razor leaves!"

Ranma blocked each of the green leaves that were propelled at him like Ryoga's bandanas. His ki-ability had increased vastly as he learned magic, and this made it near impossible to hit him directly with a blade.

As the leaves stopped, the vines returned and tried to whip him. Doing an intricate dance for just such an attack, Ranma jumped and weaved through the vines, stopping after a few seconds, to watch the vines struggle to untie the knot it had weaved them into.

"Chikorita, return!" Ash called, too absorbed in the battle to realise that Ranma was a human, not a Pokémon. "Cyndaquil, go! Flamethrower!"

Ranma stood still and let the flames envelop him, only one hand extended. When the flames died down, Ranma was left unharmed as a bubble dissolved from around him. With a smirk, Ranma was suddenly upon the fiery hedgehog, and pressed a knot of ki that induced sleep, before returning to his original spot as his after-image vanished.

"Cyndaquil, return!" Ash commanded. "Go, Charizard!"

The giant orange dragon appeared, and sent a flame into the air along with a fierce roar.

Though he was properly trained, Charizard disregarded Ash's orders, and simply charged Ranma, sensing a powerful opponent in him.

Ranma did as he had done to the previous Charizard he had fought, and met it head-on, running up its chest and kicking its head so it lost consciousness.

"Charizard, return!" Ash growled, "Go Bulbasaur! Use your solar beam attack!"

Ranma was very familiar with that attack, having done extensive research on all the Pokémon Delia said that Ash had seen, and therefore also knew how to block it.

Just as the beam of white light shot at Ranma, Ranma brought out his ki-sword and held the attack at bay. When the light finally died down, Ranma lashed out and froze the Bulbasaur's muscles.

"Feel free to use more Pokémon at once, I love a challenge!" Ranma called out as Ash recalled the frozen Pokémon.

"Totodile, Pikachu, go!" Ash called.

Delia looked decidedly nervous when the water Pokémon came into play. It may have been thirteen years, but she still remembered Ranma's curse.

"Totodile, use your water cannon, Pikachu, charge it!"

Ranma was grinning from ear to ear as he jumped between the electrical charged spouts of water, going in a spiral that was the start of a special Amazon trick.

"Hiryu Shoten Ha!"

The spiral was completed, and Ranma punched the air as he was between the two Pokémon, creating a tornado that sent them high into the air, sapping them for energy.

When the tornado died down, Ranma caught the two Pokémon as they were about to hit the ground.

"You're a decent trainer, son," Ranma complimented. "But that Charizard needs a stern talking to."

Ash silently fumed.

"Go get your friends healed," said Ranma and handed the two last Pokémon back. "You may not like it, but I will earn the privilege of you calling me Dad, son."

Ash recalled his friends and took off without a word, heading for Professor Oak's lab to heal them.

Delia stood and looked after him. Ranma walked up to her and hugged her from behind.

"I'm sure he will come around, some day," he assured her. "And I will earn his respect."

"I don't doubt it," she chuckled. "You have a certain charm about you ..."

"I do, don't I?" he said cockily.

As the two chuckled and watched their only offspring run off to restore his friends to their health, they both placed their hands gently on Delia's belly.

The End?

Author's Notes: For the more observant of you, you will have noticed that I replaced the word "Wife" with "Kanai" when Ranma addressed Delia … this is because after some research, I have discovered that this is the correct word to use in the situation of a husband addressing or talking of his own wife. If it is incorrect or I misunderstood somehow, please correct me. Again, any suggestions for actions in a potential sequel for this story will be appreciated.