Chapter One

"Professor Snape, can we talk to you?" Ron Weasley asked coming up to his desk with Hermione Granger in tow.

Snape sighed inwardly. "Where's the third person?"

Weasley exchanged a glance with Granger.

"Actually, he's the reason we wanted to talk to you,"
Granger said softly.

With a raised eyebrow, Snape said, "Do continue."

"As you well know, since the war ended, Harry hasn't been himself. He's lost now that Voldie's gone and has no idea what to do with hemself now," Ron began.

"Everyone has noticed it," Hermione put in.

"And everyone is stumped on how to help him." Ron.

"He doesn't eat." Hermione.

"He doesn't sleep!" Ron

"He spends his nights wandering the school in his invisibility cloak!" Hermione.

"On more than one ocassion, I found him in the Astrology Tower staring out the window in a daze. I can't help but think that he's contemplating jumping!"

"He has a strange fascination with sharp objects! When he thinks no one is looking, he will hold the blade against his cheek, close his eyes, and move the blade in a caressing move down his skin. It looks sexual!" Hermione.

Ron gasped. "He does?"

She nodded. "I think he gets off hurting himself."

"Sir?" Ron turned to Snape.

"What is it that you two want me to do?" Snape asked, intrigued, despite himself.

"Help him, sir!" they both cried out.

Snape was startled to say the least. "Why me?" he asked narrowing his eyes.

They both blushed.

"Um...remember his fascination with sharp objects?" 'Mione asked.


"It's as big as his fascination with you, sir," Ron finished.

"You intrigue him, sir," 'Mione said simply.

"And I think that its this fascination thats keeping him alive. Please help him, sir!" the red head cried.

"We don't want to lose him," she finished, softly.

Snape sat back. He was gobsmacked.

"Please, sir!" they whispered. A tear rolled down 'Mione's cheek. Ron grabbed her hand.

"Damn Gryffindors!" Snape hissed. "Alright, alright! Quit the dramatics! I'll try my best!"

Both their faces lit up like a christmas tree.

"Thank you, sir!" they cried, launching themselves at their unsuspecting teacher. They tackled him down unto the floor and smothered him with happy kisses all over his face.

"Stop it! Get off me! Insufferable brats!" came the outraged Potions Master.

They paid hime no heed. They were ecstatic and wish to convey that.

"For the last time, get off!"

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! You won't regret it, sir. We promise."


Snape let his head hit the floor with a groan. "I think i'm beginning to regret it already," he mumbled looking up into the twinkling eyes of Headmaster Dumbldore.

Both Griffindors snuggled up to Snape and sighed happily.

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