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Crossworlds (DBZ style)

Chapter Four: Happy Thoughts

By Delphine Pryde

Reminder: Shori is Buffy

Turns out her feelings were right. Trunks' method of teaching her to fly consisted of his coming up behind Shori, wrapping his arms around her waist (which caused her face to flush crimson as the feel of those steel muscled arms embracing her), flying her up to a dizzying height, telling her to use her ki, and then dropping her. "That's not very helpful!" she shrieked as she began her plummet to the distant ground.

The arrogant, amused smirk she briefly caught on the demi-Saiyan-jin's face before she fell out of view pissed her off even as fear for her life surged through her. Multiple thoughts ran through her mind. I'm gonna die! I'm gonna die! How dare he! If I manage to survive I'm so going to kick his ass- I'm gonna die-don't panic, Buffy, what did he say, "use my ki" –that's not helpful at all, might as well have said to think happy thoughts for all the good it'll do-don't exactly have any happy thoughts to use at the moment. Us my ki—ki, ki, that's that inner energy Asian thing Giles was always spouting about. Use the Force, Buffy, ha!

Her rapid inner monologue having semi-calmed herself down, she started thinking about all those lessons Giles had pounded into her head about how to actively pull out the Slayer's power to increase the instinctive abilities already granted to her. Her Slayer side was gone but in its place was a well spring of energy that while it had a similar wild and animalistic feel to it that her Slayer power had, it lacked that incessant need to go out and slay everything non-human that had plagued her all the time. She guessed that would be her new Saiyan-jin side in place of where the Slayer once resided.

Having opened herself up to this new part of her psyche, the raw, feral Saiyan-jin instincts surged to the forefront of her mind. Like any animal, the need to survive was a strong part of those instincts. Flying must have been a basic technique for a Saiyan-jin because with her new instincts was the sudden knowledge of just how to mold her bodies energy into producing an anti-gravity field around herself and how to manipulate her ki to provide acceleration and deceleration. It was a lot like the Slayer's instinctive knowledge on how to use any weapon that came into her hands.

So Shori used that new found knowledge to halt her rapid freefall descent of doom. Floating gently in the air, Shori felt a euphoric sense of accomplishment before her mind reminded her of just who had put her in that precarious position in the first place. The anger that she had felt before being washed away with fear came back to her. Shori tilted her head upwards to spot the target of her wrath. There was Trunks, a speck in the sky from the distance between them. He hadn't moved at all since dropping her. He wasn't going to help me at all, Shori fumed. That was it, she was going to keep her promise to herself to kick his ass. With a bust of ki, Shori launched upward clenching her right hand into a fist before swinging a punch at the smug, pretty face as soon as he came within range.

Trunks caught her punch and grinned. Shori growled and let her other fist fly. He caught that fist as well. She pulled herself out of his grasp and launched a kick, which he blocked. The look he have was mocking. "That the best you can do?"

"Oh, it's on now!"

Soon the two of them were exchanging punches, kicks, blocks with rapidly increasing speed. She put her full strength into each snap of an appendage. Any normal human would have been a bloody pulp by now, but each connecting hit only seemed to make the grin on Trunks' face grow wider and his blue eyes gleam more from excitement—Shori knew there was a similar look on her face. It felt wonderful to fight full out against an opponent where the stakes were not death and possible world end-age.

Their sparring session eventually stopped when Shori could no longer throw a punch. Sweat dripped down her face and gasped for breath as she wobbled in the air, barely able to hold herself aloft. She couldn't remember the last time she'd worn herself out like this just for the heck of it. Trunks, the smug bastard, looked barely winded.

"Not bad—nowhere near a Super Saiyan-jin level but you'd outclass any human warrior," he stated. Shori wasn't sure if she should take that as an offense or compliment. The demi-Saiyan-jin male eyed her wobbling figure. "There is someone I want you to meet, but I don't think you'll be able to make it without falling out of the sky, so-" Shori yelped as he suddenly picked her up bridal style. "-we'll go like this."

She probably would have protested more if she wasn't so exhausted and really what straight girl would protest being carried around by a hunky piece of eye candy? "…don't think I've forgiven you for dropping me."

That smirk was all the reply he gave her. If her arms hadn't felt like jello, she'd probably have tried to hit him again.

Chapter End.