The Truth that Remained a Mystery

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Well this is the first part of my first fanfic ever and I would really love some input on it! I may slip a couple of times on the names because I'm sort of tied in between the Japanese manga and the American anime, but I'll do my best. Also, this fic takes place sometime after vol. 46 of the manga, although I can't really guarantee that it will follow suit. Finally, I'm going to try and put a new chapter up every week as long as the reviews are good.

Chapter 1: I'll wait forever . . . Shinichi.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Fate . . . What is it? Is it something that controls our lives? Something that determines our destinies? Is it something that determines everything that happens to us? Does it determine our decisions? Does it determine our jobs, our friends, our families, who we loved? Is it fate when we're born? Is it fate when we first look into the eyes of the person we love? Is it fate when we die? Does fate even really exist? These questions plagued the mind of Shinichi Kudo ever since the day he was transformed into eight year old Conan Edogowa.

The Mouri residence seamed a bit different than normal that night, at least from the outside. There were no sounds of Yoko Okina's singing blasting through the windows. There were no smells of the yummy treats that Ran was usually cooking upstairs.

"Something's not right here . . .' a certain young detective mumbled to himself. As he went to pull out his key to open the door, he noticed that the door was already opened. The 8-year-old boy walked inside only to trip on an overturned chair.

"What's going on?" The youngster questioned. The next thing he noticed made it all too clear for him. The house was in shambles. Tables overturned, papers everywhere, and windows smashed. Then another horrible thought crossed his mind. A picture of Ran screaming sunk into his brain. The child ran through the house at a record setting speed, opening every door in the house, searching for the young woman.

"Ran-neechan! Where are you?" The young detective shouted desperately, but there was no response. The young boy rushed out the front door.

'Maybe Dr. Agasa will know what happened.' he thought. But as soon as he got halfway down the street he stopped in awe. He saw an old black car stopped at a red light with two men in the front seats and someone else in back.


The young detective was shocked. Inside the car he could depict the two gangsters that had ruined his life. A thin long blond haired man sat in the driver's seat, and a heavier set man with sunglasses sat in the passenger's seat. There was someone in the backseat though. It was a young woman with brown hair, who was lying motionless against the window.


A thought of Ran being dragged out of the front door flashed across his mind as he cringed. The youngster couldn't move. He couldn't breath, he couldn't think, he couldn't do anything.

"THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!" The young boy finally managed to let out. The woman seemed to hear this and began to slowly turn around. She turned around only to confirm Conan's suspicions. She had cuts and bruises all over her beautiful face and tears in her eyes.

"Run Conan-kun! Run!" The girl screamed in terror as the car sped away from sight.

Conan sat up quickly as he awoke. His eyes were bloodshot and he was panting heavily.

"A dream . . . only a dream." The youngster said out loud.

'So continues the secret life of Shinichi Kudo' he thought as he narrowed his eyes. It had become very hard for Conan to sleep these past few days. He has had the same kinds of dreams all week. Was it a prophecy of the future that he had envisioned? Maybe it was something that he had eaten. Or maybe it was out of sheer anticipation for what would happen sometime this month, possibly as early as tomorrow? He recalled his phone conversation with Dr. Agasa earlier in the week.

"Wow Doc, are you serious?"

"Yes Kudo-kun, we should have a full antidote finished by the end of the month."

"Thank you so much Dr."

"Hey now, you shouldn't be thanking me, you should be thanking Haibara-kun."

"Well then I'll thank her when she comes back to school next week."

"She won't be coming back to school at all. Now that she has most of the antidote figured out, she's focusing all of her time on that antidote . . . And besides, it might not be safe now . . ."

"Yeah, things are getting kind of dangerous around here, I . . . I screwed up, I let them know too much."

"Don't blame yourself Shinichi, They were bound to find out sooner or later."

"Yeah, maybe you're right . . ."

"Oh, and by the way, you should probably call Ran-kun and keep her in a safe place, or at least tell her you're going to be home soon."

"Why's that?"

"Well, she's been standing around your house for hours after school these past couple of weeks . . . I think she's going to lose it soon. Either that or be found by the organization."

"Yeah, I will later this week."

"You know . . . You could tell her about Conan right now and settle everything. It's not like the organization doesn't know already."

"Yeah, maybe. I don't know for sure what I want to do though."

"That reminds me, I still have to call her and tell her about that.' He thought to himself as he hit himself on the head.

As the thought ended, Conan turned to his alarm clock to see that it was already 1:00 am.

'This has to end sooner or later, I'm going to fall asleep in the middle of class again . . .' The shrunken detective thought to himself.

Conan picked up his sleeping bag and pillow and began his short journey to Ran's room. He had made it a routine to sleep in Ran's room these past couple of nights. Sleeping near her and knowing that she was all right seemed to be able to put him to sleep. Although it was still kind of hard for him to admit that.

Conan knocked quietly on the door. He heard silent footsteps approaching the doorway slowly.

"Couldn't sleep again Conan-Kun?" Ran questioned as she stood in the doorway.

"Yes Ran-neechan, I keep having bad dreams." Conan replied. The child quickly but quietly set up his sleeping bag at Ran's bedside.

"You couldn't sleep either Ran-neechan?" Conan asked.

"No I was just getting up to get a cup of water . . ." Ran replied as she started making her way out of the room.

"Oh, but isn't there a cup of water on your dresser?" Conan pointed out.

"Well uh . . ."

'It always seemed impossible to keep secrets from Conan. Why? He just seems so much like Shinichi.' Ran thought to herself as tears began to form in her eyes.

"Conan-Kun I can't lie to you, it's . . . it's just, Shinichi has been gone for more than a year and a half now. I'm starting to wonder if he will ever come back . . ."

A lonely tear ran down the young woman's face. Shinichi had hoped this wouldn't happen, seeing Ran cry devastated him, but seeing her cry because of him was always ten times worse. It was like torturing an angel to him. Just like torturing a helpless and defenseless angle. He couldn't stand doing it. But there was nothing he could really do to stop it, besides his usual weekly phone calls. But of course she won't be like this for too much longer. In a month or less everything would be back to normal.

"Don't worry Ran-neechan, I have a feeling Shinichi will be back very soon." Conan said, looking very upset with himself.

"You think?" Ran asked, drying her tears a little.

"Yeah, I have a feeling you will be able to see him very soon." Conan whispered, now grinning a little.

"Oh thank you Conan-Kun, you always know just what to say!" She replied as she hugged the young detective.

He blushed slightly.

He sat back down on his sleeping bag and rolled himself up. He planned every detail of what he would do tomorrow while he laid in his sleeping bag, until he fell asleep.

The next morning came quickly, but lasted for what seemed like an eternity. The Bacon and Eggs that Ran had cooked were as great as ever, but took what seemed like hours to eat. Conan's shower although only ten minutes long, seemed like sixty. The walk to school was just as challenging. But nothing at all could compare with how long school seemed to last. Every period seemed like it lasted forever. In writing he had to copy a report off of the chalkboard while listening to the teacher talk and talk and talk. In Math he had to repeat his multiplication table for what seemed like forever. In lunch he had to listen to Genta talk about his favorite types of deserts for nearly forty-five minutes, and he couldn't even remember what happened in geography, because all he could do was think about his call that he had to give Ran later.

Once the last bell for school rang, Conan took off. Although most kids were exited after school on Fridays, every one was very surprised at Conan as he ran down the hallways. He rushed past all of his friends who tried to catch up to him, but to no avail. He even managed to knock down a teacher in the process. All he could think about while he rushed out the school doors and down the street was the phone call he had to give Ran. He reached into his pocket for his mobile phone and slowed down to a halt, knowing that he had distanced himself enough from those annoying kids to make his call. He pressed number one on speed dial, which was for Ran's cell phone as he readied his bow tie voice changer. As he got into position he began to walk back towards Dr. Agasa's house.

Ran was on her way home from school by then. She was lost in thought while Sonoko and a couple of her other friends were talking about boys in their math classes.

'I wonder if Conan was really right. Could Shinichi really be coming home soon?' Ran thought to herself, not even hearing any of the words coming out of any of the other girls mouths.

"What's wrong with you Ran?" Sonoko demanded, as she turned around to see Ran daydreaming.

"Oh nothing, just thinking" Ran replied timidly, slightly narrowing her eyes.

"Oh yeah that's right, Ran's heart is already taken by her sweet detective Shinichi." Sonoko stated teasingly.

The other girls giggled hysterically.

"Is not!" Ran shouted back.

Suddenly her cell phone started to ring.

"You girls go on ahead, I have to answer this." Ran said happily, barely managing to escape from Sonoko's clutches once again.

"Fine, but tell us what Shinichi says." Sonoko replied mockingly.

"It's not Shinichi!" Ran yelled back at Sonoko.


"Hey Ran, it's me."


"Tell us what Shinichi has to say!" Sonoko yelled down the street as Ran cringed.

"Ran you there?"

"Yeah I'm here, what's up?"

"Well, a lot actually. I'll tell you about that later though. How are you?"

"How am I? You never ask me that before . . ."

"Well it's a special occasion."

"Really? Well I'm fine . . .I guess. So why is this a special occasion?"

"Well, as long as everything goes right, which it seems like it is. I should be able to come home by the end of the month."

Tears began to form in the young woman's eyes. Could it really be true? Could her Shinichi be coming home for her soon?

"Ran? Are you there?"

"Yeah, I'm just so happy that you're going to be able to come home soon . . ."


"Wait, no never mind, and forget I said anything! So that means you're going to be home within the next two weeks?"

"The next two weeks? That's Right! The months half over already! I forgot!"

Ran laughed at that. Shinichi had been forgetting what day it was since she had known him. Which was forever.

"Shinichi, I swear. You would lose your head if it weren't attached to your head."

The two laughed for a little bit, both enjoying their time on the phone, even though it wasn't much.

"Now on a serious note. Ran, if Conan or I were to tell you that you were in danger, would you listen exactly to what we would say?"

"What? Does this have something to do with your case?"

"Yeah, kinda. Now I need you to listen to me. If you hear me or Conan say It's time to go, then you need to listen exactly to what either of us have to say, alright?"

"Sure, I guess . . . Is everything alright?"

"Yeah don't worry about it, like I said earlier, I'll be home in a couple of weeks or less."


As Conan walked down the street chatting with Ran he could faintly hear yelling from down the street.

"Conan! You rushed out of school so fast!" Ayumi yelled from down the street. As her and the other two detective boys were approaching Conan.

"Listen Ran! I have to go, but I'll talk to you later!"

"Ok . . . but . . ."

"Ran, the sooner I finish my case, the sooner I'll be home. Now I'm sorry but I have to go. I'll be sure to call you at around 9:00, ok?"

"Ok, bye Shinichi"

"Wait for me Ran . . ."

"I'll wait forever . . . "

"Got a view of the target?" A man with long blond hair dressed in black asked.

"Yes I do . . . brother Gin." A bigger man also dressed in black replied, as he lowered his binoculars.

Looks like the Black Organization is ready to strike! We will have to see what happens!