Title: Fallen Angels and Forgotten Teddy Bears

Pairings: Starfire/Robin

Rating: PG

Summary: After nearly killing two bank robbers, Starfire begins to realize how violent her powers are. As she wonders if she really deserves to be one of the "good guys," she begins losing the boundless confidence and righteous fury that fuel her powers.

Disclaimer: Teen Titans is entirely not mine.

Author Notes: Thanks to Lovely White Violets for beta reading this.

Fallen Angels and Forgotten Teddy Bears

Prologue: Bad Guys

It was an easy mission, all things considered. There was no villainous mastermind, no hidden trap, just an armed bank robbery. The robbers were escaping in a hijacked convertible, and they were speeding towards the edge of town.

Starfire and a green hawk flew overhead, closing in on the criminals, but Robin got there first.

"Joy ride's over," he said, as he landed on the hood of the car, but the driver swerved and almost sent Robin flying. Instead, Robin clung to the hood. The driver continued to swing the car wildly from side to side, trying to dislodge the young hero.

Starfire saw this happen and knew that she had to help Robin. Starfire's righteous fury manifested as glowing green pulses of energy around her hands. She aimed her hands at the car and let her starbolts slip off of her fingers and fly screaming towards the car.

As they left her hands, new starbolts generated, which she then in turn hurled in the same direction. What she lacked in accuracy, she would make up for with quantity. One of the starbolts hit a robber, the rest exploded against the car's sides.

"Star, don't!" Cyborg shouted, but it was too late.

One of her starbolts hit the gas tank, and the car exploded.

Starfire gasped as fear and horror overwhelmed her. "What have I done?" she stammered fearfully.

The starbolts on her hands fizzled, and she began to fall out of the sky. She managed to summon enough 'boundless joy' to turn her fall into a gentle glide downwards. When she landed, she saw the true horror of the situation.

The car was a flaming pile of wreckage. Robin had been thrown clear of the car, but the robbers weren't so lucky. They were slumped over the dashboard, clearly unconscious.

Starfire rushed to help the robbers, wishing sincerely for Raven's return. Raven would have been able to extract the men without even getting near the flames...

Before Starfire was near enough to help, Cyborg grabbed one of the robbers and Beast Boy, in the form of an elephant, reached his trunk out to snatch the other one.

Seeing that they were safe, Starfire went to help Robin, who was struggling to stand.

"Robin!" Starfire exclaimed. "You are unharmed?"

Robin winced and smiled. "Yeah, Star. I'm fine."

Starfire looked at her hands unhappily. "I never before realized how... destructive... my powers are." With a glance back at the robbers, Starfire saw that they were in worse condition than her friend.

"It's okay, Star," Robin said, trying to sound reassuring. "They're the bad guys. They would have hurt us if you hadn't stopped them."

"Yes, they would have hurt us," Starfire said miserably. "But I did hurt them. Am I not also a 'bad guy'?"

Robin hastily stammered a disclaimer and tried to convince the alien girl that she was in fact quite the opposite of a 'bad guy,' but he met with little, if any, success. He hoped Raven would find her 'inner peace' quickly.

They had all agreed that it was well worth a few Raven-less weeks if the empath could spend a few weeks in meditation and come back with a stronger grip on her powers. But no one had realized how close Raven and Starfire had become, not even Starfire herself.

Robin couldn't help thinking that Raven would have known exactly what to say to Starfire to convince her that she was one of the 'good guys.'

The boy detective brooded over these thoughts on the journey back to the Tower, which was perhaps why no one, not even the ever-observant Robin, noticed that instead of flying, Starfire walked home.