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Chapter 5: Found

The group of boys had thought to pursue the alien girl, but they hadn't noticed the dark blue figure that swirled into existence slightly behind them.

"So. You were going to kill my friend," a voice said coldly.

They turned to see who had spoken, and saw a small girl wrapped in a hooded cloak.

"Yes," the lead boy sneered bravely. Evidently, the ease of the fight had left him with an overconfidence that lent him courage.

The figure raised one hand and tendrils of shadows wrapped around their feet, rendering them immobile.

"You know she was holding back, right?"

The tendrils climbed and expanded, turning into a bubble that encapsulated the boys.

"Unfortunately for you, I don't believe in holding back."

The bubble began to shrink.

When the boys realized what was happening, they tried pounding on the bubble, but the magic holding them was far too strong.

"Particularly not for criminals like you who wouldn't hesitate to kill an unarmed girl."

The boys panicked, clawing at the walls and screaming.

When the bubble had pressed them close enough together to make any movement impossible, the girl raised her hand and the bubble stopped constricting.

"I don't believe in holding back," she repeated, as the world around them turned dark for a moment.

When they could see again, they were outside of Jump City's police station.

"Everyone should get a second chance. But no more than that. If you ever try to hurt any of my friends again, I'll deal with you myself."

- - -

Starfire sighed wistfully from her place on the roof of her room. One of the benefits of being on the top floor was that, with a little effort, she could climb onto to roof and stare out at the beautiful night sky.

She leaned back, wondering what her friends were doing. Robin would be working on something, or training. Maybe he'd even be thinking about her. Beast Boy and Cyborg would be arguing over the latest video game, or the latest meal. And Raven...

"Nice view," a monotone voice commented from the shadows.

Starfire glanced over and nearly fell off the roof. She had turned just in time to see Raven materialize from the shadows, and the shock had nearly sent her tumbling over.

"Raven! How did you-?"

"Robin sent me. He's worried about you," Raven said shortly.

"When did you-?"

"I had only been back for about five minutes before he sent me out to find you." Raven looked at the alien girl oddly. "He respects you a lot, you know. He respected your desire to be alone. He hasn't even gone out looking for you, even though everyone can tell it's driving him crazy."

Starfire smiled, a blush creeping across her face. "I have missed Robin as well. Perhaps I am driving to the crazy as well."

Raven winced at Starfire's usual mangling of the expression and continued. "He only sent me to find you because he said you might want to talk to me."

Starfire nodded. "I have greatly wished to consult you on some matters, Friend Raven."

"Well?" Raven asked expectantly, sitting down comfortably beside the alien girl.

Starfire thought for a moment, looking at the sky rather than her friend. "I do not feel certain that I am truly one of the 'good guys'. Perhaps it is that I am a 'bad guy' because I hurt people. My powers seemed to be only capable of violence. How can I do good if my only methods are 'bad'?"

Raven looked at Starfire, feeling a little more respect for her. "That's pretty deep, Starfire."

"Would it be correct to say that I am over my head in this?" she asked hopefully.

"Yeah, maybe you're a little in over your head. You don't usually worry about these things, do you?"

Starfire shook her head emphatically. "I never before questioned what was in my heart. But now, it seems I cannot find a satisfying answer."

Raven looked out at the night sky and thought for a moment before attempting an answer to Starfire's predicament.

"Do you think I'm a 'bad guy', Starfire?"

"No! Of course not! You work very hard for control over your powers, and you often use them to save people, and your powers are often capable of not-hurting things!" Starfire answered quickly.

"But you know I'm half-demon. My powers come from evil, Starfire. And half of me is evil. If anyone has cause to doubt their own inherent 'goodness', it's me."

"But you do so much good with your powers!" Starfire protested.

"Just like you," Raven pointed out.

They sat for a moment in silence, both thinking.

Raven broke the silence first. "When I was little, I had a teddy bear. I used to think there was something wrong with it."

Raven held up an object that she had been holding within the folds of her cloak. It was a small teddy bear, showing signs of wear in its matted fur and straggly appearance. The only thing different about this particular bear was the eyes. Instead of two normal button eyes, it had four demonic red eyes that seemed to glow faintly.

Starfire smothered a surprised exclamation. She had enough tact to realize that they were the same eyes that Raven had when she lost control of her anger, and that screaming at the sight of them wouldn't exactly be supportive.

"It was given to me to help me come to terms with my demon half, so I wouldn't see that side of myself as something scary. It didn't work particularly well. Or at all. I used to think it was evil, and that since it represented half of me, I was evil."

Raven held the bear up and examined it. "I found this bear while I was away. And I realized that it was never evil. Do you know why?"

"It is not alive," Starfire said. "It is simply a stuffed creature meant for amusement."

"Exactly. It's just a bear. It's just a stuffed little teddy bear. It can't be good or evil."

Raven handed the bear to Starfire. "Just like our powers. They aren't good or evil. They're just there. They're a part of us that we have to accept and use. We can use them for good or for evil, but sometimes not using them at all can be just as bad as using them for evil."

Starfire examined the bear with a look of thoughtful concentration.

Raven let herself smile slightly. "Should I stop using my powers just because they technically are 'evil'?"

"No," Starfire said confidently, hugging the demonic bear.

"Not if I can do some 'good' with them," Raven agreed. "So if your powers seem to be 'bad'?"

"The I should try to use them for 'good'?" Starfire smiled.

Raven nodded. "Two wrongs don't make a right, but maybe we can try to make the world just a little bit better. If not for ourselves, then for the innocent people who deserve a good world to live in."

"We're different from them." Starfire realized for the first time that she was not the only stranger on this planet. Her friends were just as isolated as she was. They held themselves to different standards so that they could keep the innocent just that: innocent.

They willingly accepted the guilt because they had the power to make a difference.

"Our powers make us different. And it's up to us to make the best of it, to use it as we will." Raven took the teddy bear back from Starfire.

"For good, or for evil," Starfire added. "And I choose to fight for good!"

"Good. Now," Raven pulled the teddy bear back safely behind the folds of her cloak. "Let's go home. And none of the boys ever find out about the teddy bear, okay?"

Starfire grinned, feeling a flood of intense joy sweep through her. She leapt up into the sky and darted off, heading towards the Tower.

"Starfire?" Raven asked, a threatening tone lacing her voice.

Starfire's only response was a little giggle that made Raven shake her head and summon her powers so she could dart off to chase the alien girl home.