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The Outlaws Meet the Cowboys

"Hey there bounty hunters and welcome to another episode of Big Shot! We got good news for you bounty hunters but I'll let the lil missy here tell ya!"

She stepped onto the screen and threw a wink at her audience

"Now all you big, bad, brave, bounty hunters out there hold on to your pants. This week's criminal is none other than Gene Starwind. Now we don't have a picture of the varmint but we do know he has red hair and sports a lot of scars. He destroyed some public property on several planets and supposedly runs with a tough crew. For the apprehension of him and his crew the amazing bounty of sixty million wulongs will be paid. Get ready, get set, go!"

Spike, Faye, and Jet looked at the screen as if it was honey roasted ham. They had been barely getting by as usual and that sixty million wulongs sounded better than great.

"Sixty million wulongs! Think of the fun Ed can buy!"

Ed as usual was loud, obnoxious, lovable, and hacking away to find out what she could about this Gene Starwind.

"Woof, woof!"

Even Einstein was excited, because now he would actually get good dog food.

Spike was just sitting there in his usual suit thinking to himself, and then he put out his cigarette after its last puffs. He continued to sit there in silence for awhile with his feet propped up on the table. Everyone expected him to claim the bounty.

"Hmmm I don't really want this bounty so you know what? Faye it's all yours, but do me a favor and hand me a cigarette."

Faye was too shocked to even think about what she was doing, she had been mentally preparing for an argument but now he didn't even want it. She got up to hand Spike a cigarette. As soon as got near enough quick as lightning Spike swung her around and handcuffed her to a pipe on the ship.

"Wow Faye I thought you were stupid but not that stupid. Well Ed what did you turn up?

Faye was yelling at the top of her lungs in the background but she was ignored.

"Well Ed has found them! They are currently docked on the planet Polyamorous. But Ed will warn you; Gene is an outlaw of the Outlaw Star. He is known to associate with a known assassin Twilight Suzuka."

Spike mentally registered the name and instantly knew who she was. She was the bounty that no one ever captured. So many had died in her pursuit she had become a taboo of bounty hunting.

"Twilight Suzuka huh? I heard a lot about her swordsmanship but she couldn't be better than vicious, nothing I can't handle."

"Well Spike be careful, these guys are dangerous. But to make sure you stay careful I'm gonna go with you on this one. I don't want you to die; ya know cause then I'd be stuck with these lunatics all by myself. Ed you stay here for support. Later Faye!"

"Ed will stay and find out all Ed can about these outlaws. Oooooo hacky hacky hacky hack hack!"

"Get me outta this Jet! I swear I'll make you pay!"

Spike threw her his famous smirk

"Ahhh settle down Faye. Think of this as a forced unpaid vacation. Just relax as much as you can with those handcuffs on and we'll be sure to bring you back some photos and tell you all about it."

With that he flicked his down, stepped on it and walked out with Jet.

"Hey Ed help out will you? We are both girls and girls should stick together."

"Ed is Ed and Ed stick with Ed not Ed's nose in Non - Ed's business."


The bar was dark, smoky, and filled with the worst of the worst. This was the place they expected to find Gene after the various hints they received. A stranger with red hair and scars had frequented this bar over the last week. Spike and Jet were sitting at one of the various small tables smoking and drinking beers waiting for something to happen.

"How long is this going to take? I hate stake outs, they never come when ya want'em to."

Spike as usual was itching for some action and was ready for anything.

"Well Spike, all we know is he hangs out with a kid, a girl, Suzuka, and has red hair and is covered in scars. Unless you see someone with that description just calm down."

Spike added the cigarette to the steadily growing pile that had accumulated by him. Drinking all that beer filled him up and now he needed some release.

"Well now I gotta go to the little boys room, just yell if something happens."


Spike got up and walked through the bar to the bathroom. Before he got there he had to break three hands of goons that had tried to pick his pocket. He pushed open the door and walked to the nearest urinal and released himself. When he was done he walked over to the sink to wash his hands he noticed a man with red hair in the mirror at one of the urinals.

"Payday" Spike mumbled to himself.

He pretended to drop some change and of course the majority of it rolled toward the suspect.

"Excuse me, I believe some of my change is by your feet."

The man finished his business and turned. In a matter of seconds Spike knew that this was the guy. A quick glance showed him so many scars, more than expected. Spike drew his gun.

"Look I don't want to hurt you, I just want to make some money. So let's make this easy on both of us. You walk toward the door slowly and we'll take it from there."

"So you're not even gonna pick up your change or wash your hands? You're dirty but not cheap I see."

"Yea well I figure the sixty million wulongs I get for your capture will more than make up for it. What do you think?

"Yea you're right, but you are still dirty.

Spike couldn't help but like this guy, he didn't even flinch when he drew his weapon. And now he was joking with his captor cool as ice. But then he pissed Spike off by laughing.

Hey pal, what the hell is so funny? You're about to go away for along time.

"This is probably what he thinks is so funny."

A Japanese woman with long black raven black hair had snuck up on Spike. She was bearing the only weapon she ever needed, her katana.

"Uhhh Jet I'm gonna need some back up in here."

Once again there was laughter, but this time it belonged to Suzuka. It seemed unnatural coming from her.

"Oh you must talking about the old man I just incapacitated. He won't be helping you or anyone for another couple of hours."

Spike rolled his eyes and took in the situation.

"Hey, Samurai girl, didn't you know this was a men's bathroom?"

With that Spike kicked back but it didn't connect. Suzuka nimbly ducked underneath and followed up with an attack of her own. She struck Spike in his ribs with the hilt of her katana.


Spike held on to consciousness as the air escaped his lungs, barely standing, but still putting up a show.

"Hmmm you are a worthy opponent. That attack either bruised or broke some of your ribs and yet you still stand."

"Not for long!"


Gene punched spike full in the face making his body collapse into a stall. He would not be getting up for awhile.

"Sorry Cowboy, but you won't be catching this outlaw.

They both turned and left Spike unconscious in the bathroom.


Spike's vision was clearing up as he regained consciousness. He felt like he had been hit with a cinderblock. He recognized the familiar surroundings of the Cowboy Bebop and accepted what he had hoped was a bad dream.

"Wow Spike, I knew you were stupid but not that stupid. Sigh, why send a man to do a woman's job? By the way your friend Jet is still under. Well I guess it's my turn, I'll have to show you how it's done!"

Well folks I hope you enjoyed my fanfic as much as I did writing it. What will happen in the next chapter? Will Gene be trapped by Faye or will her over confidence be her downfall?