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Battle In The Stars
Going through the solar system headed for Mars the crew of the Cowboy Bebop weren't aware that they were being followed closely by the Outlaws. Both ships are incredible, both ships are special, and both ship can be hunks of junk.

"Ummm so why are we headed to mars again? What's the point? We don't get any money without his friends."

Jet just looked a little confused as he questioned Faye and Spike. He may have been the "Dog" of the ISSP some simple concepts alluded him at times.

"Ok Jet for the last time, they are a tight group they probably assume we are taking him to Mars or they have already tracked him down and are pursuing us. Remember they have a pretty good hacker on their side too."

Faye looked a little annoyed at having to explain the plan more than once, it was already frustrating enough not knowing if their plan was even working. She took a drink from the beer she was holding in her hand, it wasn't cold but it was wet. Looking over she saw Spike draped over the sofa as usual smoking a cigarette looking like he didn't have a care.

"What are you so calm about? If I remember the Suzuka girl kicked your butt last time, aren't you a little bit worried?"

Without even missing a beat he drew his nine millimeter and a shot a hole clean through Faye's drink. Beer began to trickle out of the holes over Faye's hand. Smiling he winked at her.

"That's what I'm to that samurai whore. Last time she got the drop on me, but this time I'm ready for her and anybody else that wants it."

Jet got up just in time to stop Faye from killing Spike even though he deserved it. Jet was holding Faye as she was kicking and screaming trying her hardest to get her hands around Spikes throat. He just smirked and got up to go see if there was anything to eat even though he was pretty sure there wouldn't be.

"I can't believe I got caught by these idiots. I am so ashamed of myself."

Gene hung his and let his chin rest on his chest.

"I shouldn't have hit the homing signal I just let my friends fall right into their trap. I just hope they are tough enough to handle these clowns.

"Are we there yet? Are we? I can't wait to kick some bounty hunter butt!"

Jim sighed as he tried to remain calm for Gene's sake as Aisha asked him for the fifth time if they were close enough to attack them yet. This whole situation was really starting to stress him out.

"Look I'll be the first to let you know when we are close enough, but for right now you being quiet would help out a great deal."

Jim felt the pressure building, even the thought of occupying Gene's captain's chair made him feel all the more responsible. Gene was his best friend and he refused to let him down, he just won't.

"Jim sir! We are approaching the ship 'Cowboy Bebop', what should we do?"

Pink Gilliam waits for Jim to answer, everyone wants to hear the order. Jim thinks about it for a second then decides quickly.

"We'll do it just like Gene would do it. We are going all out! Misiles ready and grappling arms out Gilliam! Let's get ready to rock!"

"Yea!" The crew yells in agreement and everyone is ready to go and save their friend and leader.

Beep, beep, beep... "Missiles closing in fast! Performing evasive manuevers."

Jet starts to sweat as he grapples with the controls trying to avoid the multiple missiles. The majority of them fly by but a few hit. Warning beeps and wails alert the crew some serious damage has been done.

"Spike, Faye get into your ships and stop those missiles. Anymore hits like that and we're done."

Spike jumps up and starts to run toward the docking bay to get into his Swordfish, the fastest ship in the galaxy. Always one for humor he couldn't resist one last comment to his captive.

"Looks like your friends are here get their butts kicked too. I can already guess what Im gonna spend my share of money on."

Laughing Spike walks away towrd the hangar, followed closely by Faye. They were ready for this, and Spike was ready for his revenge.

Whoosh! The ships launch from the Cowboy Bebop just as a barrage of missiles heads toward the ship.

"Faye you take those three closest to the ship I'll get the rest."

"Copy that Spike and be careful, if you die I'll be out here all alone... but then again I'd get more money."

Spike smiled at Fayes grotesque humor as he zoomed toward the remaining missiles. It was easy target practice to hit the misiles. But then he noticed something weird about the other ship, it had arms.

"What the hell is that? Hey Faye do you see what I see on that ship?"

"Yea, it looks like it has arms, I guess it's a modified freighter...oh crap."

Faye noticed the large machine gun cocked and ready to go a second too late. The bullets rushed in grazing her ship tossing her around like a leaf as she tried to regain control of her ship. Spike tried to speed toward the ship and the other arm bearing an ax-like weapon took a swipe at his ship. Turning vertically he barely evaded the attack.

"What the hell kind of ship is this? This is insane, this isn't s freighter it's a war machine."

The restraints bit into Spikes shoulders and he was thrown forward while going in reverse to dodge another swipe from the ax. He turned to see how Faye was doing. She was just barely holding her own against the machine gun bearing arm, and to make things worse it was about to launch more missiles.

"Um Spike I don't know how much of this I ca- Ahhh! Oh crap that was close. Spike take that thing down!"

Faye kept manuevering barely keeping out of the steady stream of bullets. Spike realized that death was coming for them if he didn't do something fast. Once again another spread of missiles streamed from the opposing ship and glided toward the Bebop but Spike and Faye managed to take out the majority of them amazingly enough. Still a few got past unscathed, headed right for the Bebop.


The ship rocked as it was pummeled by the missiles.

"Hey guys why don't you try to hit the missiles eh? I'M JUST ON THIS SHIP!"

Spike had had enough and grew tired of this game.

"Ok so you wanna play? We'll play. ready the laser!"

Dodging another scathing blow from the ax the front of the Swordfish began to glow as the main laser began to charge. Spike was done playing games and needed to end this now, or never.

"Let's see if you like this."

The laser blasted in a flash of light and cut the arm clean in two. The ax drifted away silently in space and the laser continued to press forward into the ship.

"The ship has sustained critical damage, may I suggest you pull out of this battle!"

Gilliam announced his warning evne the crew was ell aware of the damage they just undertook. The way the ship was hit it had to do critical damage.

"Wow who woulda thought a tiny ship like that ould pack such a punch? I guess size doesn't matter."

Aisha looked stunned as she made the comment, and of course Suzuka was as cool as ever. She just worried that Melfina would not be holding up too well in these conditions.

Trying to ignore the warning lights and indicators Jim knew he had to do something or they were sunk. Every second wasted was another second closer to Mars. What could he do? The only thing he was good at was programming and hacking...

"That's it!"

Jim smiled to himself, why hadn't he just done that in the first place? All he had to do was launch a cord to connest the ships so he could hack into their ship and stop it. The only thing he could do was send out another spread and hoped that they missed the special "missile".

"I got a plan guys just trust me."

Typing in the instructions to the ship he prepared everything and mashed on the launch button, as the new spread of missiles launched again at their enemy.

"Now let's just hope this works."

Looking on the screen indicating the missiles launched the special missile was highlighted in green. Every second a missile or two went down but miraculously that one didn't go down.

"Just a couple hundred yards and you're good. Stay with me."

It seemed to inch closer, closer, closer...


Typing furiously everyone on the ship began to catch on to Jim's plan.

"Argh! Would you stop letting the missiles hit me? I can't manuever this hunk of junk. And now the controls are getting even more sluggish... I'm losing control. One of the missiles musta damaged the system. Spike you hear me? Spike come in? Damn! It much have damaged the communications systems too. Hey Ed can y-"

All of the sudden the ship jerked to a stop and it pulled a 180.

"What the hell is going on around here? Ed check it out."

There was no need for the order because Edward was already on the job. Hooking up Tomato to the main system she began a check and soon discovered what the problem was.

"Uh-oh. Ed sees problem and problem sees Ed. Ed doesn't know if problem will just go away."

Taking the time to glance over his shoulder at Ed he looked at her with the sternest face he could muster.

"Ed what does that mean?"

Ed sat back as if in thought and then frowned as she came up with a suitable response.

"Someone else is controlling the Bebop like Ed did on Earth, remember when faye boke Ed's promise?"

Shocked Jet just sat their stumped as to waht to do.

"Can you fix it Ed?"

Ed looked up again from tomato while sliding on her net glasses and said,

"Ed will do what Ed can do."

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