Author's note- okay, so this story is kinda different. How it goes is every chapter is a mini story, based off a part in one of the books in the harry potter series about McGonagall, either acting different, or very much like herself or whatever. They involve flashbacks, what happened next sequences, and what Minerva was thinking. If you have a part in one of the books you think I should do, tell me in a review. This is, for the most part, going to be a lighter story, and give me a mental ease from the more trying of my 2 works in progress, "Minerva" and "Voldemort's Ascention"

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"Yes, I understand its been the hardest on the friends of those who have been..." basically the part in COS when Harry and Ron are sneaking off to go see moaning myrtle or something, and they run into Minerva, and lie and say they are going to go visit petrified Hermione. McGonagall, much to the boy's surprise, buys their story and gets emotional

Minerva, after turning the corner, let her teas fall. Shaking her head, she blew her nose, and listened as the boys scampered away. This is silly, she thought. Its been too long for all those feelings to be brought up now.

In truth, the attacks were but a flashback for her. She was 16, a sixth year when they last occurred. Minerva had been friends with all sorts of Hogwarts students, and therefore, was a friend of one who had been petrified. She too, had snuck to the nurse's office on many occasions to see how her friend was doing, and to reassure her that everything was going to be okay. It was reassuring to herself as well.


Minerva turned the corridors quickly, trying to avoid teachers and students alike. She made her way to the back entrance of the hospital wing, and snuck in the door. Minerva went and sat beside the bed farthest to the left. The girl lying there stared blankly up at her.

"Hi Jess. I hope your okay. The mandrakes are coming along, you'll be back in no time. At first, when you were found, they thought you were dead. I was the one that found you. The teachers first there thought the worst. But then Professor Dumbledore came, and he knew immediately that you had not died, but were petrified. I was so relieved, Jess. The professor was so kind too, he took me to see you after you were brought here and explained about the spell, and how the mandrakes would cure it once they were mature. He always gives me updates on them, every day. He says they'll be ready soon, so don't worry."

Jess was in her 4th year at Hogwarts, and was like a little sister to Minerva. They were distant cousins, Jess was a half blood. True, Minerva was a pure blood, but her family was like the Weasleys in that respect. They didn't care what kind of blood you had as long as you were pure of heart. To be honest, her family knew little of the opinions and politics of the times, preferring to remain in the Scottish highlands, where they had been raised and in turn had raised their daughter.

Her mother had sent an owl to her about Jess, 4 years ago, when she was new to Hogwarts. Minerva was but a third year then, but happy to meet a distant family member and take her under her wing. It made her feel quite grown up in fact, to be only a third year, but a mentor. And Jess was accepting of the help. The two became fast friends, and had spent part of every summer together in Minerva's summer home in Scotland.

Jess was a Gryffindor too, and the both of them had a lot of pride in their house. Still, they were more then open to friendships and even relationships with members from other houses. Minerva had taken full advantage of that.

So far, 8 people had been petrified, 2 from Hufflepuff, 2 from Ravenclaw, and 4 from Gryffindor, including Jess. Minerva's boyfriend, Tom, said it was just Slytherian luck none of them had been caught yet, and that their was actually quite a bit of shame growing throughout his house in the fact that everyone was suffering but them. Minerva did not care for the thoughts and shames of her fellow students. All she wanted was for the mandrakes to mature, so Jess could get better.

"Minerva!" At the sound of her name, Minerva was pulled back into reality, and stood up from the hospital bed, looking around. Tom Riddle ran up to her, carrying her cloak. "You dropped this when you left Herbology today in such a rush. I was concerned for you, it is so cold out, you cant do without a wool cloak." Motioning her toward him, he draped it over her shoulders. "Are you alright my love? I am concerned for you, you are always so sad. When you ran out of class today, I wanted to follow you, but it looked as if you wanted to be alone."

"I wanted to see Jess. I want to here her voice again, I want to here her laugh. Tom, she is the sister I never had. I love her, and miss her so much." She leaned on his shoulder. Tom, in turn, rubbed her back.

"It will be alright soon Minerva. The mandrakes are almost ready. I took a look at them after Herbology. You will get your friend back in no time."

"I know, its just hard. Thank you though, Tom. I love you."

"I love you too. Now, lets go get some dinner. Would you like me to sit with you and your friends? We can spend the entire evening together if that will make you feel better." Minerva nodded and smiled.

"I'd like that." She said. He smiled.

"What's a guy for if he can't help the girl he loves. Alright then, it's a date." Arm in arm, they proceeded out of the hospital wing. Minerva walked, smiling to herself, about what a wonderful boyfriend Tom was. Unbeknownst to her, Tom looked back once at the petrified girl, and scowled, cold and cruel, before smiling down at Minerva and kissing her on the head.