Escaflowne: Dreams of Destiny

Previously on Escaflowne: Dreams of Destiny

In a brilliant flash of light, the fate of Gaea remains to be seen: whether the forces of Goshem or of the Keeper succeeded remains to be seen. A blast of light…

..:: ~ * ~ ::..

"Is it over?"

"Is what over?"

"… Everything…"

"It's fine Hitomi, everything is…"

"So it's over?"

"It's… nothing's going to hurt you anymore. I promise."

"Thank you Van."

..:: ~ * ~ ::..

"It's been over two days now… shouldn't she have woken up?"

"You have to be patient Majesty, you yourself said the blast was fairly powerful…"

"Van, she's not going to wake up with you staring at her like that…"

"You don't know that…"

Kirei sighed, and began to pull his less-than-eager king of a cousin to get some well needed-rest…

..:: ~ * ~ ::..

"Gods bless Hitomi, you look wonderful!"

She smiled shyly.

"You really think so Merle?"

Merle, the mischievous twinkle very much alight in the depths of her blue eyes, straightened almost haughtily, and said in her best 'court' voice, "My dear diviner, I helped pick that dress. Of COURSE it makes you look wonderful."

Hitomi grinned, and bestowed a mock curtsy. "As you wish, Lady."

Merle grinned in return, "Don't worry Hitomi, you're going to knock 'em dead. The nobles won't know what hit them."

..:: ~ * ~ ::..

"You're off your… what is it that Hitomi says when we're sluggish? Oh right. You're off your game Fanel."

"Shut up, Schezar. You are still in my country and be that as it may, I am still the ruler."

"Testy, aren't we?" Van had been in a bad temper despite the fact that everything had remained blissfully quiet since the Goshemin Army - and Adelphus - had disappeared. Even the fairly bad tempered Rallin had been seen smiling, finally at peace with himself and his new place in Fanelia.

Not that things weren't busy, per say.

Which explained why Van was in such a bad mood. Not only had Hitomi been unconscious since the final battle just a few days before, but the repairs on Fanelia had begun.

Before this, of course, the inventory of damage had been taken. Diplomatically, Van, Kirei, and Rallin, though albeit reluctantly, began to organize the people into groups, and taking inventory with the help of scribes.


Most of the citizens were kind, and deigned not to aggravate their King or his advisors, but it was clear, despite the fact that Van had been ruling without any major problems until the second war, that the nobles did not feel they should extend the same courtesy.

It had to be reexamination of the nobles when the kingdom was attacked.

Oh, the irony.

Glaring at Allen again, Van unceremoniously pushed a stack of papers - and Allen - over to a group of fussing nobles. "Thanks for volunteering. You get the north-west estates."

Allen groaned.

But with burning eyes watching his departure, he knew better then to argue.

..:: ~ * ~ ::..

"I wonder how they are…"

"How who is love?"

"My family, you know. I never got to say…"

"Hitomi… I know that you didn't want to sacrifice the world for your sake… but are you sure you're happy?"

She turned to him in shock. "Of course I'm happy! I'm happier than I've ever been, here with you…"

Van wrapped his arms around her as she turned to the window again. "You are sure? You know I wouldn't keep you here against your…"

She stopped him with a kiss, and breaking it after a moment, giggled. "For a king you sure are insecure…"

He paused momentarily to glare at his soon-to-be wife.

And then…

"Hitomi, I have to get out of here!"

"Excuse me?"

"I can hear Merle coming! She's going to skin us alive if she finds us in here! We're not supposed to see each other for a week, yet…"

"But Van… that's too long…"

He kissed her, before winking, and moving towards the open window, casting a furtive glance to ensure that no one was in the gardens that the room faced.

"Don't worry. See you tomorrow, at midnight? You can meet me on the roof?"

She smiled. "How am I supposed to get up there? There's no evenly placed, climbable ledges…"

Van looked at her, amused. "You do have wings you know."

She paused, and grinned sheepishly. "Right." She kissed him once for goodbye. And shoved him out the window, to his surprise (and protest).


"Sorry, love."

"You're not sorry"

"Oh I know."

..:: ~ * ~ ::..

Merle, being the ever-helpful cat that she was, was, in addition to harrying all of the nobles, to, as she put it, "Get off of their seats in stagnant nothingness and HELP" was also harrying her adopted-brother and his advisors (namely Kirei and Rallin) for reasons only known to the feline.

"But Lord VAN…"

"You're not going, Merle, I don't care what you say."

"It's a wonderful opportunity to—"

"What part of 'You Are Not Going' did you not understand Merle?"

"You haven't even given a reason to keep me from going!"

"She has a point there, cousin."

"I never asked you, Kirei"

"You should know better than to expect him to keep his mouth shut you know…"


"It was just an observation. You Fanels, so quick to anger."

"Lord Van, it's a WONDERFUL opportunity to travel, and learn. You always said that I should find my own path in life…"

"I never meant for you to be a travelling merchant!"

"But I LIKE interesting things, and I'm good at persuasion… Hitomi would let me go."

And in the end, that was what won Merle the argument. She was nearly 18 years old now! She was a responsible, ambitious cat, and she wasn't about to let her adopted-brother stop her.

"If it makes you feel any better, Lord Van, I'll stay until AFTER the wedding."

Van paused. "Who told you about that?"

All of a sudden, the room got very silent.

And Van glared at them all.

"… So… I can go, right?"

"Shut up Merle," chorused the King's two advisors.

..:: ~ * ~ ::..

"This isn't very interesting Millerna."

"I know it's not, but Royal Wedding ceremonies always require a lot of tradition, and even with the fact that *I* was born here didn't help, there was loads of stuff I didn't know."

"Which means that…"

"That you're going to have to learn even MORE than I did, considering you've never participated in one before, I mean, I was in Marlene's, and then I had one, but…"

Hitomi sighed. "I'm sorry I said anything. Go on, I'd like not to spend all week in here."

Millerna glared at her. "You're not helping you know."

Hitomi just smiled.

..:: ~ * ~ ::..

Van sat beside his fiancée's bed, letting his thumb make little circles over her skin has he sat. It'd been the first time in days he'd been able to sit without being interrupted, and he was more than grateful for it.

"Come on love, wake up. We've got so much to plan, to do. Can you believe Merle knew about us getting married? I get the feeling that a certain cousin let it slip…"

He laughed, and continued on. "It doesn't matter. The whole WORLD is going to know, just as soon as you wake up. Since Merle found out—it's been a few days now, almost two weeks since you fell asleep—the whole palace has been in a tizzy, the decorations and planning having been discussed, and… it's just odd."

He brushed a kiss over her forehead, and then stood.

"I should go Hitomi… I'll be back… as soon as I can I promise."

It was just as he was leaving…


..:: ~ * ~ ::..

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