Hey all I'm back with my second Fic! This story is out of character for all the characters except Rikku basically lol, but its all how I believe the characters would act in this situation. It is a Yuna and Tidus fic, but there is also some Yuna Gippal, Kay I know you're all saying yuck to that, but it's not what you think so just enjoy! In this story, the praetor is the son of a maestor okay? Just so we got it clear

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Chapter One: Night Visions

"Mummy what's happening..."

"Go back to you're room hunny, mummy doesn't want you to see this."

"Mummy, what's that man doing to you?"

"Yuna, go back to you're room!"

July, 13 Years ago.

Here I am, fucked up Yuna.

"Oh you're father saved us oh we bow to you."

"You are a miracle we are honored to meet you Yuna."

Is what all the clones say to me as I walk past, if I was so great you think the Yevon scum would have spared my mother, but no...

My mother was one of the many Al Bhed killed that night in Besaid. One of the many innocent people who had done nothing wrong, but...

"It had to be done!"

The man told me as he left my mother's lifeless body on the floor, not only did he have it in the kindness of his heart to kill my beautiful mother, he also found the grace to rape her before he did it. I still can't get the memory of her bruised, battered, naked body lying on the floor, and I never would. I was seven years old, and already knew how a woman was raped and killed; I swear I have been twisted on the inside.

The wind gushed past me, carrying my short strands of mousey brown hair behind with it, as I kneeled and looked over the rooftop. This had been my favourite place to sit, mostly to reminisce, but tonight my secret spot soaring above the city of Bevelle had a new purpose...

No-one would suspect it, innocent Yuna, daughter of Braska killing an innocent man... But boy where they wrong.

I pointed my gun at my target, squinting through the darkness. I had trained many years for this night, this one night I would get my revenge. I was sure I could shoot a target if it was invisible, I just had the talent like that, or maybe it was because I had devoted my entire life to avenging my mother, killing the sons of bitches who now rule over Spira, the truth had to be known, never would the Maestor admit to his crime, his horrible weak crime, and never would the people of Spira stop worshiping the pathetic idiot for everything he wasn't.

I focused harder, I couldn't screw up on this, I had to shoot him I had to knock him down, if I missed he would hear and the alert would be called almost immediately, I had to focus.

"1, 2, 3" I whispered squinting for the last time before my bullet shot out of my gun at over 1000 miles and hour. I smiled with satisfaction as my target fell to the ground in one swift moment. "Thanks baby!" I blew the smoke away from my gun and jumped down, like a vampire in the night rapidly moving through the darkness. My gun was my best friend, it went everywhere with me, never did it leave. I tucked it away under my pants, my half skirt covering it, and walked over to the entrance of the highly guarded temple. It was very late in the night the moon shone down on me its rays shining through the clouds like it was watching me, begging me to stop this madness. The night was cool refreshing and dark, as the moon was almost completely covered, a perfect time not to be seen. I stood over the dead body pitying it.

"In a way, I am the same as my enemy, for killing you, but it has to be done!" I repeated the line I said to every person who got in the way of my revenge, which I shot down for no reason. "But it serves you right! Working for the wrong crowd will never make Yuna proud!" I laughed at my insanity; to me it was pure bliss and my damnation. I dragged the body away hiding it in the garbage, the Yevon warrior was just more trash that needed to be disposed of. My time had come, I took another look around Bevelle sitting down on the bench to sharpen my knives just incase I bumped into any other Yevon trash that tried to get in my way.

My mind wandered to Lulu and Wakka waiting for me in Besaid. They had looked after me, sheltered me. But I had to take it for granted just like I did everything. I ran away when I was 10, from a perfect home, a perfect life. I needed more; I needed satisfaction, satisfaction that I wasn't going to get without some bloodshed. So I left, with someone else who wanted to kill the people who had done this to the Al Bhed, his parents also having been stolen from him for no reason. I used to cry in my bed every night, I was hardly able to bear my father dying, I never understood why he had left, until one day I understood the term 'sacrifice' it just made me even angrier to know he sacrificed himself for Spira, what did Spira ever do for me? For mum...? After I ran away I stayed with this man, our base situated in Bevelle, training for 9 years for this day, and I couldn't screw it up no matter what, but what would Lulu and Wakka think? I pushed the thought out of my mind, it wasn't time for self pity, I had lost almost all human emotion long ago.

I stood up sliding my dagger back into his slot. I pushed the temple doors open and gasped.

"What do you think you are doing young Lady?" The man pointed his gun at me, actually more like 20 men that were forming a circle around me

"Wait its Lady Yuna!" One of the putrid Yevon scum said.

"You killed him!" Another shouted. They started to talk amongst themselves.

"Gentle men!" I said placing my hands on my hips, flaunting my body which they were all clearly staring at, the pigs the lot of them but it was good to have a body such as mine in times of crisis, men they were all the same. "Little ol' me? Kill? You must be mistaken." I laughed prissily trying not to faint from the nervousness I felt.

"Little ol' you with a gun?" He said lifting up my half skirt. "And two daggers, look at that baby, I'm sure that's the only gun that can shoot from that far away, looks like we got her boss!" The guard said grabbing my arm and hand cuffing it.

"Get off me! I demand you stop right away!" I said frantically. "I did not kill! I don't know what you are talking about!" I lied struggling to get free, when the leader who appeared to be a monk himself halted the men's vicious attempts to drag me, a grin forming across his malicious bald head.

"Now, now Yuna, I am a little disappointed surely as the daughter of Braska you are smarter than that, we see everything in this city, including you're little spot, we saw you shoot him, we saw him get knocked down, we saw you drag him, now be a woman and admit to your blasphemy against Yevon!" He nodded for the men to take me away but I wasn't going to give up without a fight.

"I spit on Yevon!" I spat on him grabbing my dagger and jabbing it into the man behind me, I smirked, it never did bother me that I got pleasure out of killing, kicking the others away I headed for the monk who dared insult me, when all of a sudden something hard hit my head.

I fell to the floor kneeling before my slumber took me, I looked up at the monk a weary look in my eyes as his face came in and out of focus.

"Now don't be expecting any special treatment in the dungeon Lady Yuna, daughter of Braska." He taunted. I closed my eyes slowly feeling men carry my body to somewhere horrible somewhere dank, somewhere someone as sadistic as me belonged.

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