Title: Road Less Traveled Author: Lokaia Rating: G Summary: TJ POV. I've never written from her angle before, and I suddenly got the urge to do it.
Disclaimer: TJ belongs to PAD, Bill Mumy, Nickelodeon, etc. etc. etc., blah blah blah. Pieces of poetry and the title belong to Robert Frost. Six pennies and a pop bottle are mine.


There's something strange about life. Not my life, specifically, but life in a general sort of way. No one life is exactly the same - in fact, it's difficult to find two lives that are /similar/. Life has a way of diverging into so many paths... forks in the road, choices where there is no clue or definitive answer on what to do. Take your best guess, that's the only way.

I shouldn't have boarded that ship. Not with only the Commander with me. I should have contacted the principal first, and she would have taken care of the rest. Honestly, what was I thinking? It was an unidentified alien vessel, and that could have been so important to the UPP - the technology they could have found, could have used.

These are the thoughts that /should/ have passed through my mind before I boarded. What actually passed were thoughts that included, "What was I /thinking/ when I left them alone?", "Why did Goddard have to follow me?", "The Headmistress is going to /murder/ me..."

It occurs to me now that thinking of Seth Goddard as the "Commander" is a habit formed on the Christa. Technically, he is no longer a Commander - whether or not he earned the title before, it has been stripped. He is simply Mr. Goddard, the way I am Ms. Davenport.

Except that he isn't.

He is the Commander - the leader of the Christa's crew of children. He teaches them skills that help save their lives on a regular basis. He is hard, but they respect him. Even I respect him. At times.

I suppose I am no longer just Ms. Davenport, either. Headmistress, perhaps? Delusions of grandeur, that's what I have. But if he can be a Commander here, surely I can command a title myself. So long as it isn't Grand Pubah or anything, who could really critisize me?

It was the children who wanted their field training. They were the ones packed and shipped off to school to do great things in the name of their people - to shine to the best of their ability. The Commander had already been through that. I had never wanted to go through it. Yet here we are - the most intensive field training I've ever seen in my life.

I wouldn't trade a minute of it.

...Wait, that's not true. I'd trade a lot of it. Quickly. For just about anything offered to me.

But for the most part, this journey has been incredibly rewarding. I've learned things about myself, about the Commander, about my students that I never would have discovered had the Christa never arrived.

There's something strange about life. 'Two roads diverged in a wood.' Or in space. To follow the students with the Commander at my side, or to report the ship and await assistance.

I took the one less traveled by.

And that, Mr. Frost, has made all the difference.