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Sora, Tai, Matt- 17 (seniors)

Mimi, Izzy-16(juniors)


Sum: Sora goes to an all-girl school, where as Yamato goes to an all-boy school, right next to hers. But as a sweet memory brings them together, can it keep them together?

Disclaimer: no own digimon

Ch.1-The Schools

Sora's POV

Tick-Tock Tick-Tock Tick-Tock

The red second hand seemed to be moving slower, and slower, and slower, and slower, and...

MOVE FASTER! I'd scream if I out loud if I could, but I'm not one for making scenes.

If only there were something to keep my mind occupied to 'make time fly' as they say. The only other thing I could hear other than the ticking of that SO FREAKING SLOW clock, was Ms.Haga's (a.k.a: Ms.Hag)rambling about quadratic formulas and stuff...

Taking my eyes off of that stupid clock, I took a glance at the hag we called our teacher. She really does look like a hag, if you put a broom in her hand, and a black hat, she'd be a bonafide witch. She had nappy, curly, graying hair. Well, most of it was gray, the tips were a bit brown... More and more wrinkles made their way on her aging face. Circles already formed underneath her dull hazel eyes. In attempt to make herself look even more 'beautiful' she added a 'light' touch of red lipstick to her thin crusty lips and her coloring teeth...more like dentures. Her figure was lumpy, flab piled over flab... And you'd wonder if she even has breasts...and she's a fashionable one too. Her 'lovely' short-sleeved, red collared blouse was tucked above her belly buttoned, into her knee length gray skirt. And too make her look extra 'sexy' she has black stockings that are starting to wear out, and matching heels that seem two sizes too small.

Okay, I just grossed myself out, a lot! Man I'm Bored!

Looking back at the clock, I saw, to my surprise, that it had moved...a minute. Oh well, 10 more 'til lunch. Then I can get out of this boring algebra II class.

Why had I taken it in the first place? Oh that's right. When entering this school, I had taken algebra I, then geometry, and then pre-calculus, and now I just took and easier then the last course class. Algebra II. I was never that great at math, usually earning a B or a C. Occasionally A's, but at least nothing lower than a C-. (A/N: don't know how it is for you, but that's how it is for my school.)


Might as well think. But about that....I'm already thinking... I'm not gonna go further into that, I'll just end up with headache thinking about thinking.

I hate this school. There's something to think about. It was none other than Tokyo's infamous all-girl school, Adachi High. And neighboring our fair school was also Tokyo's infamous all-boy school, Endo High.

The only thing that separated our schools, was the fence and the pool. We switched off on using the pool. The girls had it in Fall, and the boys had it in Spring. It was mostly indoor. Some classes outside, and the Cafeteria. It was rather big too. Endo was built the same way, same lockers, same dressing rooms and showers...although we don't use them. I think they used to use them, but stop. This school has been around since 1983. That was about...2004 minus 1983... like I said...Math isn't my specialty. Wait...that's like 21 years ago.

Wow. This school is old. Then again, my aunt went to this school a year after it opened. (She was younger than my mother.)

I always found it silly and stupid that both school's faculty discourages any attraction between The girls and the boys. Talk about impossible! Here's a couple reasons why:

1) Our schools are right NEXT to each other.

2) When we have to swim ,the guys can see us in our bathing suits; swimming, dives...BREAST strokes.

And vice versa. We can see them in nothing but their swimming trunks... as much of a non-boy crazy girl I am., I can't help but stare at the guys...hey, some of them have pretty nice bodies. Especially one of my close friends...I have to admit, even though he is my goofy est friend he does have a nice bod.

Where was I....oh yeah.

3)The fence is right next to our track. The guys can see us running, meaning that when girls with bigger boobs run....need I say more?

4) The one that I loathe the most, is the uniforms. Mainly for the girls. We have to wear white collared shirts, a red bow ribbon thing, a dark navy blue blazer, and a plaid pleated gray, black and blue short skirts...and I mean SHORT. That's thing I dread the most about it. I wouldn't care that much, since everyone else wears it, but I was somewhat insecure about my legs, and the boys do nothing but howl, whistle, and hoot every time I pass by. Well pretty much to anyone that passes by.

Then there's the socks. They really suggest that you wear knee high black, gray, dark gray...etc. socks. pretty much everyone does, that is unless they ran out. Unfortunately, I'd love to pass on this, but mother being a woman of grace and elegance, believed it was very cute to wear with my ensemble, and that it would show the shape of my legs more.

That's bull. I mean, couldn't they tell the shape of my legs if I didn't wear socks. But that's okay, because the ones that do wear regular socks constantly, are said to be the 'whore' type.

The shoes isn' really matter, pretty much just penny loafers or sneakers.

The guys have pretty much the same deal. However, all they have to wear is the white collared shirt, a dark navy blue tie, with matching blazer, and dark gray pants. How cruel.

Honestly though, how can this school expect that guys won't be attracted to the girls, when we have to be degraded into wearing this..this...outfit, and then they show up wearing those 'spiffy' suits...and their trunks...

Shit..all this guys talk is making my face heat up. Damn. I really hate this stupid school almost as much as my...parents...namely my mother.

Breathing out a sigh, I looked down at my desk. Scribbles, on the once shiny wooden desk, cover most of it. Scars left behind from the past...that's what I have. The scribbles are nothing but names, hearts and other shapes, and 'inappropriate' words; left behind from boredom, an idiots who think they'll be remembered in this school just by simply scratching in their initials. The boredom thing, however, I know from experience.

Man....I'm hungry...when will this algebraic torture end...


Yes! Lunch!

I quickly unzipped my book bag, and took out my brown paper bag. I was in a rush to get out of class and onto the lunch tables. Not to mention, that I was practically the last one out.

I walked through the rushed halls. Brown, crumpled, paper bag in hand; something I brought with me everyday to avoid the lengthy lunch lines. Finally reaching my destination, the lunch tables and cafeteria, my pace decelerated.

I saw the long lines already formed. We had three snack carts, that sells pretty much everything, and the Cafeteria, which had the meals. Most schools didn't have the greatest food, but both of our schools actually had really good food. The Cafeteria always had the longest lines.

I made my way over to my usual spot, the table at the end, all the way a the end. I saw that I was the only one there, so far. As I sat myself on the cold, solid, blue bench, my best friend (a.k.a Pinky & Meems) sat down across from me.

"Hey Sora!" she greeted with her squeaky, soft, voice. She wore her usual bright smile, pink lip gloss and all.

"Hey Mimi." I returned the greeting, with one of my warm smiles...at least Tai says they're warm. I took out my prepared lunch out of it's brown container.

"Brown bagging again huh?"

I took a glance at her plastic bowl of salad, along with croutons, and a Diet Pepsi. (Don't own any food and such) Then I looked down at my brown bag. PB&J sandwich, on white bread, cut diagonally, little bag of Hot Cheetos, and bottle of water sitting on top of it.

With a sigh, I replied to her answer.

"Yup. Gotta save my money, you know for my 'Baby'. And even as fast as I am, I would never be able to buy lunch, and eat it." Meems gave me another one of her bright smiles. Continuing, I knew all too well why she was smiling. "I mean not all of us are blessed with the class right next to the snack cart."

"Such a shame too. I feel for you." She joked. I rolled my eyes at her comment. Some more of my friends came over and sat down next to us.

"Mimi! What did you do to your uniform?" I heard our friend Miki blurt out.

I, including pretty much everyone at out table looked over towards Mimi. She wore hot pink, pink, light pink, button pins on the lapel of her blazer. The trim of her lapel, and blazer was now pink, the buttons down her blazer, normally a goldish color, were now coral. Why didn't I notice that before?

Everyone, but me, was gawking at her outfit. People didn't really bother to alter their uniform, other than the 'whore' type girls.

As I eyed her again, I saw that she still had her pink streaks, but now she had stars in them. That was when I felt someone's eyes on me. I turned to my left, and sure enough Miki was staring straight at me, but with a puzzled look.

"What? Why are you staring at me like that?" I could hear the girls around me asking Mimi questions about her outfit.


"Well... Well what?" I asked. She got me so confused sometimes, she really gives to the whole dumb blonde thing.

"Aren't you the least bit shocked at Mimi's...update to the uniform?" Taking another look over at Mimi and the other girls, I realized that it really isn't that big of a deal.

"No. Not really. I mean this is Pinky we're talking about. You know she'd go crazy if she had to wear the same, not-pink, uniform for a school year."

"Well, she's survived two years already."

I shook my head in disagreement.

"She would always wore pink undergarments. And she tried her best to fade he red ribbon, but it didn't work. And whenever she wore ankle socks, they were pink. Of course you wouldn't know about the undergarments and socks, because you didn't have P.E. with her."

I really must be Mimi's best friend, because I don't think anybody really knew about the ribbon.

"I mean, a few pink pins, pink trimming, and pink buttons, doesn't really seem weird or shocking to me. We do call her Pinky for a reason."

"I am wearing pink knee-high socks too!" I heard Mimi say. Miki and I turned towards her, and saw her stand up. Sure enough, she had light pink socks on, and a glossy smirk on her face.

I couldn't help but smile too.

All the girls at our table, pretty much stopped interrogated her after about another 5 minutes. Finally calmed, all the girls went bak to their lunches.


My mouth was stuffed with PB&J. I raised my right hand slightly, telling her to hold on.

I swallowed the bite, and out a low "Hmm?"

"Have you heard about this hot new guy at Endo?"

As I was about to answer, the gossip girl of the group, Ami, interrupted our conversation.

"I have! I heard that he is sooooooooooooooo fine! I mean they say he's a hotty with a body and a cutie with a booty!" She screeched.

Then the other girls came into the conversation, and told everyone what everyone's told them. All this noise was giving me a serious headache.

"I saw him!" Miki yelled, and causing all the girls to give her a, "How does he look like?!"

She grinned like an idiot, thinking it was something special. Yeah right. It was just some guy. Like they've never seen a guy before. Then she put on a dreamy expression, her hazel eyes sparking.

"He has the most amazing blue eyes! And golden locks, and a million-dollar smile that can make any girl go weak in the knees!"

I scoffed at her description. Sounds like something out of one of those romance stories, where middle-aged woman dream about being the girl aboard a pirate ship or something, and with Fabio on the cover. I could practically gag. How cheesy is that.

And the thing about 'weak-knees'. I've heard that's supposed to be a sign of love. Like he could really pull that off with any girl, and like Miki ever really felt that. as much of a good friend she is, I have to say that she does bend the truth far too much.

Who knows, this guy could have paid all of them into promoting himself, when he's probably butt-ugly. I'm not one to judge, but it sounds like this guy is pretty full of himself.

"And I heard he's in a band, and has the best voice ever!" someone shrieked.

Gawd. How long are they going to go on about him? I felt something tug at my arm, and I looked up to see Mimi.

"Sora, C'mon let's go. It's getting a bit too crowded here."

Nodding I took my half eaten lunch, and bag, and threw in the near by trash can. I really needed to get away from them, and this whole 'new hot guy talk'. Honestly, I didn't even know him and he's already annoying me.

"How long can they go on about some guy they don't even know?"

Mimi laughed softly, at my comment and them. But I wouldn't be laughing f I were here. She's much more worse, well that is with celebrities. She once dragged me to see Nicky and Paris Hilton, and went wild. Mostly that she saw them, but also about the fashion.

I smiled to myself at that memory. It's kinda funny that we're best friends, and yet we're opposites.

"So are you going to blab this unknown hot guy?" I teased her.

"DUH! I just wanted to get away from the noise." Yeah right. The noise was nothing compared to the ruckus Mimi can make. Her voice is so high-pitched, that if she were to yell at the top of her lungs, she'd break all glass throughout a 10-mile radius. Okay, now that's exaggerating, but still.

"Okay, so go on about this new hot guy from Endo."

"Well, to start, he isn't really new. It's just his first year. He's been here for 3 weeks already, and people are still talking about him."

"How come I haven't heard about this?"

"Well, I dunno. Maybe 'cuz you don't really care."

"Yeah, I guess. But Taichi goes there, and I just talked to him yesterday. He never told me about this guy." I was being irrational, I knew that. But I didn't know why I wanted to know why people didn't tell me. I guess it was the mystery part to it. I always did like a good mystery every once and awhile.

She merely just shrugged.

"He probably doesn't know him. Or he could hate..but who can hate him when he looks so hot?!" she squealed, quite loudly. And her high-pitched voice didn't help my headache go away either.

"You've seen him, then?"

She nodded eagerly.

"Yup. It was yesterday, after school. I was walking casually out of school, when I accidently tripped over the sidewalk. As I was going to fall to what could be a horrible scab, he came." She had the similar dreamy look as Miki. Was he really this great? They describe him like he's Prince Charming.

"He caught me as I fell. Then, we looked deep into each other's eyes. They really are amazing. I mean, when we were staring at each other, I swear I could feel the love flow through... OH! And then he helped me to my feet, and said, 'are you okay?' So then I gave him a cute smile and eye flutter, something that more than sure he fell for. So I told him, 'Yes, I am, and Thanks.' .AND THEN, he smiled at me, and I think my knees did go weak!" She grinned like idiot, reminiscing her moment of bliss.

I rolled my eyes again, giving her a sarcastic smile.

"Wow. He sounds like Prince Charming." She nodded, with her dreamy expression still on. "But can you believe him? He didn't even say 'You're welcome' or anything." I grinned at her, which received a glare.

"You're just jealous Sora."

Jealous?! Of what? That I almost fell onto cement, but instead into the arms of a 'totally hot' guy? She barely even knows this guy, and yet she thinks it's love in first sight! I don't believe in love at first sight. How can that be true, when you don't know them. What people just fall in love with strangers everyday?

I gave her a light chuckle.

"Okay, Meems, sure... But don't worry I'm sure you'll two will meet again."

"Mhmm. I'm thinking about asking him out."

It was true. Knowing Mimi, she more than likely would go up to him, without a doubt in her mind, and ask him out. And if he rejected, which he probably wouldn't, She'd just go on with her life and another guy. She was fickle.

She's probably going to have this guy eating out of her hands. That's Mimi though. She was an still is popular in both schools, and was considered to be pretty. She really fit the description of the whole 'little miss highschool, cheerleader, and popular.' I mean, I love her like a little sister, but sometimes I can't help but feel the least bit envious....or jealous....whatever, but still. She had the looks, the girlish giggle, and was a natural at flirting.

I don't really care that much for getting other guys' attention, like wanting them to fawn over me or something. I do get asked out, and I guess I'm quite popular. I don't really pay attention to that, because that isn't one of my biggest concerns.

Mimi was different however. She loved attention. I mean look at her

But feeling compared to Mimi, was another reason on my list of getting away from Adachi and Tokyo...or at least Odaiba.

"That's great Mimi. You do that. I'm sure he'll say yes."

"You think? I hope so."

I smiled, a small, almost unnoticeable one. Although Mimi, was one of those popular girls, she still did have insecurities, like any of us. That made me feel a bit better.

"Yeah, you'll be fine. And if he doesn't, well then you and I could just head to The Diner."

I was her best friend, and I supported her, that's just something that I naturally did...well to everyone. I guess I got that from my mother...


"That's sounds good. I've got to go now. Bye Sora. See you later." she called out, just as she on her way back to class.

"Mimi, wait!" she looked back at me.

"Are you heading to The Diner after school today?"

"No, sorry. Call me later. Oh and Sora?"


"Thanks for talking with me. I think I needed that support." she smiled sweetly at me, which I returned with one of mine.

"You're welcome. And you know I'm always, I mean we are best friends." She grinned again, looking like a child.

"I know. It's just you're always giving me...and everyone else advice. Oh I gotta go bye."


That small smile made my face again. She seemed rather perfect, she was pretty, popular, had insecurities, and a heart of gold, surprisingly not pink.

With a heavy sigh, I made my way back to class. I can't wait to graduate.

A/N: well, Yama's gonna appear next chappie. This chappie, was really just to describe Sora more, and Mimi.


New Story:

I'm planning on writing a new story, one I really want to write. It's a Drama, and sorato, but starts Taiora. It's mainly about the friendship, Sora, Matt, and Tai have. They each have problems to deal with, but in the end they have each other. Sounds kinda corny, but the story is much better.