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- Ch. 5 And so the Gossip Starts

(Sora's POV)

I raised my chin, getting a glimpse of the clock. Instead, I got a glimpse of 'Ms. Hag' secretly scratch her thigh. Then I noticed the clock, and realized that I had thirty minutes left in this class. Disgusted twice, I rested my chin on my hand, elbow touching the desk, and closed my eyes.

Just like that, the weekend was gone and Monday brought me back to Ms. Haga's boring algebraic lectures. Last weekend was one of those weekends where you just felt like lounging around the house. When you were too lazy and apathetic to do anything, and when getting out of bed was enough to exhaust you.

This was pretty much how my weekend went"

Friday: Hung out with Tai and Yamato, ate take-out, and discoverd that the rating for "The Notebook" should have been NC-17, had they put in the extended scenes.

Saturday: Stayed at home, and talked with Mimi on the phone.

Sunday: Tai called and asked if I wanted to play some soccer with him, which I would have done, but instead had to run Mom's shop for the day. Which I may add was very SLOW day. Out of the four hours I watched the shop, I only made two sales, swept the floor about six times, and watered the plants every hour.

To think the highlight of my weekend was having dinner with Tai and Yamato. Despite the fact that we practically watched porn, it was a pretty fun night. I watched as Tai and Yamato tried to play basketball, with a paper ball and Tai's mini basketball hoop. I knew it was a bad idea from the start, but they didn't listen. Almost breaking the window, and Yamato's leg, they decided to stop.

It was funny to see Tai's overprotective brother side when Kari and Takeru came home with their hands practically glued together. Yamato, Takeru, and I all left at the same time. Having Takeru around that time was less awkward than when we took out the trash. It was funny, because Takeru looked rather nervous as we walked to Yamato's car. He whispered to me that he was scared Yamato would interrogate him like Tai, but realized his brother wouldn't do that.

It's true, I couldn't see Yamato giving Takeru a hard time about a date. Honestly, I have to stop thinking about him so much. It's hard not to think of him, especially since he was the boy who gave me my first kiss.

"Most people call me Matt."

Matt Ishida...Yamato Ishida. It was him, I know for sure now. The blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin, and divorced parents. Does he even remember me? Well, if he did he would have said something. Should I say something? Am I even 100 positive it's him. I guess I'll never be truly positive until he admits he was the boy at the park.

Maybe I should tell him. Maybe he's wondering if I was that girl at the park. Maybe...maybe what? Even if I did tell him what would I expect to come out of it? I could just imagine it now:

"Say Matt, do you remember kissing a young redheaded girl at the park, oh say because her parents divorced?" I'll ask.

"Yes." He'll say.

"That girl was me, Sora Takenouchi."

"Really? Hey, it was you! Let's go out on a date!"

Then I'll agree, and we'll live happily ever after.

Yeah right. Like that will ever happen...

Do I even want that to happen? Great, I just met the guy three days ago and I'm already fantasizing about him.

I snapped my eyes open, and flushed at my thoughts. Get a hold of yourself! Yamato wouldn't want to go out with me...even if I wanted him to.

"Now, Ms. Takenouchi what would you suggest we do with x's coefficient?"

She must have seen me with my eyes closed, thinking I'm asleep. I hate when teachers pick on unknowing students.

I quickly looked up to the board, and saw the problem.

"You divide both sides by the coefficient." I stated simply, showing that witch we call a teacher that I know my algebra.

"Yes, it's nice to know that you're still with us." She said oh so haughtily. She gave an eerie smile, showing her lipstick covered teeth. Her wrinkles intensified, as did her witch like aura. I seriously can't wait to graduate.


It was finally lunch, and I couldn't be happier. Now I get to talk to my friends, without being scolded for doing so. And maybe I can get my mind off of Yamato. I blushed slightly. I can't let anyone, especially Tai, know that I think about him.

"Sora!" Someone called out my name, and I instantly knew who it was.

"Hey Mimi!" I greeted back, and then took a seat next to her at the lunch tables. Soon enough, we were joined by our other lunch buddies. She and I greeted everyone, as everyone greeted us.

"So, Sora..." Ami started, and I was more than certain that her conversation had to do with a certain blonde. I never exactly like Ami, but she was friends with friends so I didn't mind so much that she had lunch with us. I could easily label Ami as the 'whore' type, because she tries to dress like them, but make it seem inconspicuous. She did little things, like rarely wearing her blazer, making her shirt just a tad smaller, and wearing ankle socks. She was 'hot' I'll give her that, with sandy blonde hair and hazel eyes.

"Yes Ami?" I eyed her carefully, readying myself for what she was about to bring up.

"I noticed you were hanging out with Endo's soccer team after school on Friday, you know at The Diner." I quirked an eyebrow and wondered why she did just get to the point. She was usually so straight forward.

"What else is new? She's always hanging out with Tai, and Tai is apart of the soccer team." Mimi stated, she must want to know what Ami was getting at.

"Yeah, but I also seemed to have notice that Yamato Ishida was hanging out with the team too."

As if on cue, the girls all gasped at the same time...well except for Ami.


"How do you know him?"

"Is he really Prince Charming?"

"What did you say?"

"What did he say?"

My little group of friends were in a frenzy of asking me questions, that was except for Mimi and Ami.

Ami shushed everyone into a silence, as she saw I was about to explain.

"Okay, this is what happened. Tai invited me to hang out with him and some guys after school on Friday at The Diner. I really had not idea that Yamato was going to be there." I saw all of them with their mouths shut, and eyes glued on me. They were hanging onto my every word I felt like a priest preaching a sermon, and talking about the lord above. To them, Yamato was that lord, as they all thought he was some kind of God. I found it amusing really, but continued.

"Well, we ate some food and just talked. That was it, and that's all you need to know." I stooped speaking, and took a sip of my water bottle. They weren't pleased with my explanation.

"Sora, c'mon give us more details." Miki begged.

"Um...well...I ordered curly fries and I think he ordered a burger." I said, and drank my water again. And again, they were crestfallen.

"Sora, did something happen that you don't want us to know?" Ami asked.

"No, it's the opposite to tell the truth. Nothing happen. I found out he's straight, and he has a little brother that goes to Endo too." I said, which they didn't really care for.

"Of course he's straight! And who cares if he has a little brother, we want to know about him. Tell us something else." Miki pleaded, and I knew I couldn't tell them that him, Tai, and I watched The Notebook together. I don't even want to think about how they would react to that.

"Well, apparently he used to live her, and he moved from Kyoto. Also, his parents are divorced."

"Aww, how sad. I bet he's the sensitive type!" Miki said. Her eyes clouding over, probably day dreaming of her wedding with Yamato. As much as I love these girls, I found it funny how...pathetic they were when it came to guys.

"How adorable!"

"I just he'd be the sensitive type!"

"Anything else?" Miki asked. They all looked at me with eager and hopeful eyes. It was like telling children that they couldn't have a pet. I wasn't sure what to say, so I just said what I remembered.

"He said he works at some music store..."

Again, they all gasped.

"Wow, a music store! It seems like it fits him."

"I hear he's a musician too, and that he has a band."

"I bet it's that new one by that bookstore with the Starbucks." (Not mine)

"We should go down there and see if he's there."

Okay, maybe that wasn't the best thing to say. Great, they're going to stalk him, and wait for him at that music store. Then when he's greeted by his own personal fan club, he'll find out I told them. Then he'll get mad at me, and I can say so long to a potential friendship.

They began to talk amongst themselves, satisfied with what I told them. That was when I noticed Mimi being oddly quiet. In fact, she didn't say a single word while I was pressured to talk about Yamato. I grabbed her hand, and we headed to an empty hallway.

"Sora, what are you doing?" she asked, skeptical.

"We're gonna talk, without our demented lunch buddies."

"Umm...okay." she said, still skeptical. We finally got to the hallway, and sat down, resting on the wall.

"They can really you drive you nuts sometimes, huh?" She asked, referring to our friends.

I nodded, and she sat down across from me.

"So, how is Yamato Ishida really?" She asked, with a glint in her honey eyes. I swear, she can be worse than Ami sometimes.

"He's nice. Kind of odd..." I really don't think Yamato would appreciate me telling people about that whole gay ordeal.

"Odd...in what way."

"Well...a good odd." I said, and she smiled.

"He's kind of quiet too, and I'm only guessing that he can get moody. I don't think he can really hold his temper for long, but he can keep his cool for long."

"You seem to know him pretty well, after just having lunch with him."

"Well...," I wasn't sure if I should tell her about having dinner with him and Tai as well. But then again, what could it hurt, "I had dinner with him that night too."

Her eyes went wide, and I knew questions were coming.

"WHAT! We talk on the phone on Saturday, and you couldn't tell me any of this!"

I winced. I honestly forgot to tell her, and if it weren't for Ami I don't think I would have told her.

"I guess it just slipped my mind."

"So you two already went out on a date!"

A date? She thought we were on a date? I began to blush, feeling the blood rush to my cheeks. My skin was pretty tan, so it you couldn't really tell whether or not I was blushing. Thank God!

"No! We did have a date! Listen, my mom left me money for something to order for dinner. So I called up Tai to see if he wanted to join me for a boring dinner. He said yes, but he needed me to come over there, because Yamato was there. Then we ordered Chinese take-out and watched The Notebook." I breathed a sigh of relief.

"Oh, I see... Wait! You guys watched The Notebook! Isn't that a romantic chick flick?"

"Yeah, it was...but nothing happened!" I defended.

"Did you guys cry? I did when I saw it! Isn't it great?"

"Yeah, I cried and I saw Yamato shed a tear or two. And Tai...well let's just say he could have started a flood with the way he was crying."

She began to laugh. She and Tai were friends too. Maybe not as close as us, but he did 'faux flirted' with her too.

"Let me guess, it's new favorite movie?"

"Yeah, you know Tai."

"Did you watch the deleted scenes?"

"Yes!" I squealed, and we both laughed about it.

"No wonder they were deleted." She said.

"Poor thing. You should have seen Tai after we watched the deleted scenes. He was a bit shaken at first, but then I believed he said, 'Holy crap! Geez, this movie just gets better.'" I said, trying my best to imitate Tai.

"He was just kidding right?"

"Yeah, but he was shocked at it. He said it's still his movie, even if he just practically watched porn. But he said, he was glad it was Rachel Mcadams not some ugly girl."

We both began to laugh again.

"That's Tai." she said, and we continued to laugh. Then we settled down, and Mimi grew quiet.

"Mimi, are you okay?"

"Yeah...but I was wondering..."


"Don't hate me or think I'm like Ami or anything."


"Well, do you think Yamato would like me?"

I was completely thrown off by her question. I shouldn't have been though. I knew she was interested in me.

"...I'm not sure." I saw hope dissolve in her eyes. I didn't know why...but I felt a surge of jealousy rush through me. It's not that I didn't want her to be with him... I don't even know what I want anymore. Do I feelings for Yamato? Or do I just not want Mimi to get the guy again, feeling as though I were living in her shadow?

Seeing her slightly sad, hit me right in the heart. She seemed serious about Yamato, so I gave her the benefit of the doubt. I sighed, and I knew I would give in. It was friends first...and my personal issues second.

"Then again, knowing how irresistible you are to guys, I wouldn't be surprised if he told me he likes you."

She let out a light laugh, and then smiled.

"You think?"

I nodded, putting on a fake smile.

"Then...will you introduce us? I'm sure he still remembers catching me as I fell, but he doesn't know my name."

Again that feeling of jealousy came up, but I still didn't understand why.

"Sure. I'll make plans with Tai for us to hang out."

She grinned ear to ear, and quickly gave me a hug. I hugged her back, and got up once she let go.

"Thanks Sora." Her smile was pleasant, and her words were sincere. This is why she was my best friend. She was an honest person.

"You're welcome." I said. I couldn't help it. I was somewhat of a doormat when it came to favors. I just couldn't say no. Which at this moment I knew it was a weakness.

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