A/N: This is just a funny fic to see what teachers say behind the backs of students at Hogwarts. It is made up entirely of notes passed between teachers.

Summary: Teachers pass notes too you know. This hints R/Hr and H/G.

Disclaimer: Only the story is mine.

Teachers' Notes

Chapter One:


I just thought you ought to know that I saw you

last night in the Great Hall reading a book

called The Basics of Transfiguration. I thought

this was a little strange considering the fact

that you're the head of the Transfiguration

Department. You didn't notice, but I took the liberty

of taking some two or three or nineteen pictures. If you

would generously donate some of those new anti-cheating

quills, then these pictures will never be accidentally exposed.


Professor Flitwick, Charms



Did you tell anyone about our little meeting

in the Astronomy Tower last week? Because

I've been getting these weird looks from Trelawney

and Minerva. I thought we agreed to keep our

relationship a secret!


Your Sweetheart, Astronomy



Can you believe this? That little half pint tried

to blackmail me by saying he'd reveal some

personal photos! Can he do that? Anyway, did

you hear? Severus and that Astronomy freak were

having an affair in the Astronomy Tower last week!

Argus was the one to fill me in. He'd caught Potter

and the Weasley girl kissing near that tower, when he caught

a glimpse of those two so-called professors having

their own little fun! No wonder kids are this naughty!


Minerva, Transfiguration



Ginny and Harry together? Does her brother know?

Oh I bet he doesn't! And I can't believe that SNAPE

would ever be in a relationship. Disgusting.


Professor Sprout, Herbology

A/N: Short, I know, but funny!