"Hey, Yume?" A 14 year old girl with light blue eyes and short honey blonde colored hair, while wearing a light blue sailor school girl uniform with a yellow bandana around her neck who has a sweet gentle voice asks her friend named Yume.

Her friend only turns her gaze to her; her coal black eyes to her friend, with long black hair touching her ankles. She wears the same uniform as her friend Maki, but with some minor alterations such as he right sleeve is torn off and talismans (that say 'Seals of the lightning') cover her arm from a little past her elbow joint and to her finger tips then a rusted looking chain which is wrapped about her arm tightly dangles off with a newer looking bell attached to it. "I was wondering if you'd like to go for coffee."

Yume's friend asks. "Sure. Maki..." She told her meek friend. "Okay..." Maki answered and they began to walk towards the nearest coffee shop. "It's going to rain." Yume stated looking towards the sky but it's clear as day, not even a cloud in sight. "Huh? But it's clear out and you said you didn't watch the weather today." Maki stated. "I just have a feeling is all." Yume commented not looking back to her friend who has stopped. "Hey babe, how's it goin'?" A deep voice asked slyly.

Yume whipped around to see Maki surround by a bunch of street thugs in dark grayish looking uniforms meaning there from another school. 'Stupid street thugs...' Yume was thinking as she approached them. "Step away from her..." She said calmly dropping her book bag and had her right-bandaged hand clenched. The largest thug clearly the leader turned his attention to Yume.

As the other punks snickered the leader cupped Yume's chin in his hand and lifted so her gaze met his. She stares back at him unblinkingly clearly angered. "What was that... sweetie?" He asked grinning. Yume slapped his hand away and then head-butted him and the punched him in the gut making him topple over in pain and shock after he coughed spit up.

Yume made her way to Maki and began to pull her away but the other street punks grabbed a hold of them both, as on lookers watched while shuffling their children from the scene. Yume grabbed a hold of one of the thugs arms and tossed him over her shoulder and then began fending the rest off with ease as soon as the last one dropped she grabbed a hold of Maki's hand and lead her away.

"Y-Yume?" Maki asked. Yume didn't say anything and didn't face her, her head was bleeding slightly from the head-butt it leaked down her face and over her left eye and another trickled down onto her lips, which she then licks off. She wiped some of the blood off but the blood in her eye remained. They enter 'Fay's Cafe' and Yume let's Maki order her drink (tea) and that she'd pay.

--- Back at the street fight scene ---

Four boys stand at the fight scene they had been observing from the side.

"Whoa Urameshi did you see that chick take down Daisuke! I mean... it's not like we couldn't beat him... but uh... we have supernatural powers and all..." A tall orange haired goofball said his black eyes looking around at the other three boys. He's wearing a light blue school uniform.

"Look... The ape can say big words now..." A rather short boy with gravity defying hair with a white starburst in the middle makes a sly remark about the orange haired and his wine-red hues side glance the tall guy. He wears black pants, thick-strapped tank shirt and bandages around his arm and his chain tightly bond around it along with a little, old looking shrine bell.

"What was that shrimp!" He defended himself.

"Hey now guys... lets see if we can find us a trouble marker huh?" A boy a little shorted that the tall orange haired one said he has slicked back black hair and chocolate brown eyes. He's wearing an odd green color school uniform in the same style as the boy in blue.

"Yes, Yusuke's right, we should go have a word with this 'trouble maker'" The boy with rose colored hair and lively green eyes said, he wears a magenta colored uniform with gold trim down the front and the cuffs. They all four walked towards 'Fay's cafe'

The girls sat down in the back in the corner drinking their coffee and tea.

"Are you sure you'll be alright Yume?" Maki asked with concern on her face. Yume only nodded but then she turned around and saw four boys ordering drinks and making their way towards the two girls.

"Here Maki..." Yume pulled a book of some sort from her book bag and handed it to Maki.

"Happy Birthday..." Yume said with a smile as she handed the book to Maki.

"Oh thank you Yume!" Maki reached across the table and gave Yume a hug.

"Hello..." The boy in green said as he stood next to their table the girls looked at him.

"Um... Hello..." Maki said.

"Would you mind if we sit with you lovely ladies?" He added causing Maki to blush a little.

"Not at all... Please sit with us." She said and the boy in green sat next to Yume and the boy with red hair sat next to Maki and the orange haired one sat next to the boy in green the boy in black just stood leaning against the wall glancing out of the corner of his eye.

"My name's Yusuke Urameshi by the way." He said smiling.

"This is Kazuma Kuwabara." He jabbed a figure to the tall orange head. "And this right here is Suuichi Minamino, and that's Hiei." he said while pointing at the two in union with their names. They answered with "hi' Hello' and 'Hn'.

"So you guys go to Sarayashiki Jr. High too huh?" Yusuke asked. Maki said yes and Yume only nodded, her gaze was on the window.

"Cool!" Kuwabara stated. He received a snicker/hn from Hiei, which caused him to glare.

"So you go to Meio Jr. High?" Maki asked Suuichi.

"Yes..." He answered with a smile causing Maki to blush again. Suuichi's gaze went to the book in front of Maki.

"If you don't mind my asking, what are you reading?" Maki looked at him then said.

"Oh I'm not reading it yet; Yume got it for my birthday..." Maki smiled.

"Oh well happy birthday Miss. uh..." He started but he didn't recall her name.

"Oh my name's Maki Utada and this is Yume Takeda." she said smiling.

"Well happy birthday Miss. Maki." He repeated with a smile.

"Ghost Files...." Everyone turned to Yume a bit startled.

"Huh?" Kuwabara asked.

"It's called 'Ghost Files' the book..." She said taking her gaze off the window and to the book. Everyone's gaze followed Yume's and indeed the book was called 'Ghost Files'.

"What's it about?" Yusuke asked.

"It's about a group of people who battle demons and ghosts... they are employed by the one who sends spirits to their rightful places..." Yume answered. The boys began to get a little worried this sounded too similar to them.

"Who wrote it? I've never heard of it before." Suuichi asked.

"Um... let me see..." Maki said while looking around at the book and finding the name of the one who wrote it.

"It's... It's you Yume. Yume you wrote this!?" Maki was a little caught off guard by the fact her best friend wrote the book.

"R-really?" Kuwabara followed up sweating a bit, as were the others. Yume nodded to his question.

"So... were you the one who beat up that bunch of street punks?" Yusuke asked getting to the point; Yume nodded and turned her gaze to the window again.

"Daisuke's gonna be pissed at you ya know..." Kuwabara added. Yume nodded her head in agreement.

"He'll come after you." Yusuke commented. Yume now turned her gaze to Yusuke.

"Your point being? I can handle my own and I don't favor in what-ifs.... so if you don't mind next topic..." Yume stated bluntly Suuichi just stared at her and Kuwabara looked dumbfounded and Yusuke looked a bit irritated.

"Well excuse me for being concerned!" He said.

"You're excused..." Yume said her gaze back at the window again.

"Y-Yume..." Maki started. Yusuke went to an almost sulking state and Kuwabara still didn't know what was going on Suuichi started another conversation and about 15 minutes from now Maki said she had to go and Suuichi offered to walk her there seeing what time it was he had to be going too. Maki said goodbye to Yume and Yume just waved.

"So... what was the group called?" Hiei asked Yume from behind her.

"The 'Reikai Tentai' or 'Spirit Detectives'..." She stated without looking at him. Hiei grinned.

"Hn... So you're not normal..." Yusuke said.

"Not at all..." Yume agreed.

"So what are you kitsune, neko, inu?" Hiei began.

"Apparition..." She stated.

"What kind of apparition?" Kuwabara asked. But Yume just began to walk away.

"Was you're book about us?" Yusuke asked. Yume stopped and looked him straight in the eye.

"No..." Then she began walking again.

"Then who... Sensui? But he only had one partner." Yusuke added. Yume began to laugh.

"Sensui was a joke... he only had power in his seven different personalities..." Yume stated while still walking the other three keeping up with her. Yusuke then whipped her around by her shoulder.

"Who then?" He stated looking very serious.

"Enma's right hand men... the first 'Reikai Tentai'" Yume stated and shrugged Yusuke's hand away and began walking again.

"And how did you end up in the human world?" Hiei asked.

"That's a story only for myself..." Yume said.

"I thought Koenma only had two teams of spirit detectives." Kuwabara said.

"Koenma did... Enma has his own... much more powerful than you or Sensui... think about it... would you really leave the fate of the worlds in the hands of a novice spirit detective team... you need a back up plan if something goes wrong with the first, right...?" Yume said.

"Yea I guess but...Who's the other team?..." Yusuke asked.

"They try to live their lives in privacy... they erase their pasts... their future and their present... keeping themselves secret..." Yume said.

"But then how did you know about them." Hiei said. Yume turned and grinned at him then began walking again.

"You're one of them aren't you?" Yusuke accused/asked. Yume just kept walking.

"And that Maki girl her too?" Yusuke said. Kuwabara just listened.

"Maki is no longer apart of that team... she lost her powers and her strength and her past... now she is just Maki Utada... a normal human girl... she doesn't have any memory of her battles..." Yume stated.

"So you're like her body guard or did you lose your powers too?" Yusuke asked. Yume stepped up to him and stared him down.

"In no way would I have my life striped of me... I can cope... unlike Maki... she was too kind hearted for that kind of life...I'm here to protect her of it..." Yume began walking again.

"So you're inactive spirit detectives..." Hiei stated.

"No... How do you think you get most of you're information on your cases... we relay it Koenma he puts it in layman's terms and leaves key details out. Like when you went to Maze Castle... I gave him a map... I spent half a year in that place without them ever finding me...supposedly Koenma 'lost' the map."

"He had a map!?" Yusuke yelled.

"Koenma is trying to train you to take over Enma's spirit detective's jobs..." Yume said.

"He is?..." Yusuke asked.

"Yes... think of a higher 'S' demon... then picture one of Enma's spirit detectives... the 'S' demon would not survive unless Enma's spirit detective didn't want to kill it. Or he just wanted to die... Enma's spirit detectives train themselves hard... master their abilities butcher themselves just to keep on top of everything..." Yume stated.

"So Genkai's torture chamber of hell is out of your league?" Yusuke asked.

"I spent half my life with Genkai... Who do you think help build her temple..." Yume said. While thinking of the younger Genkai.

"So you knew Toguro!?" Yusuke asked. Yume nodded.

"Yes... I did... I didn't much like him... too secretive... and caring..." Yume stated...

"C-caring?" Yusuke retorted.

"Yes... very much of Genkai..." Yume said wondering where this conversation was going.

"So how old are you?" Yusuke asked a bit warily of what he just said.

"Um...." Yume looked upwards and was thinking hard.

"You mean you have to think about it!?" Yusuke asked.

"Yes.. Well... okay... I was their when Enma had just begun to take over his father's place... and I was um... how old was I... um... 15..." Yume thought.

"Only 15 when you started me I was 14" Yusuke said proudly.

"Um... oh yea... I was 172 when I first began a spirit detective but I was already a middle B class apparition then..." Yume stated with a smack of her fist on her hand. Yusuke's jaw dropped Hiei looked a little shocked then shook it off Kuwabara had OO; eyes.

"So uh how old are you now?" Yusuke asked...

"I don't have a damn clue.... "Yume stated simply. This caused the others to face fault.

"Well... anyway down to business..." Yusuke stated and Hiei appeared in front of Yume.

"You are hereby under arrest." Yusuke stated.

"Really now..." Yume began and Hiei grabbed a hold of her shoulders.

"I wouldn't try anything... you could get burnt..." Hiei stated with a mocking grin upon his face.

"I'm used to it..." Yume said and escaped his hold and she took off at a normal human's speed. Yusuke followed after her Hiei disappeared and Kuwabara just stood their dumbfounded again.

"Don't make this hard on your sleeve!" Yusuke shouted to Yume, Yusuke was gaining on her.

Hiei appeared in front of Yume ready to catch her, her eyes went wide then she ran faster and just slid under Hiei and then she kicked off the ground and her hands landed on Hiei's shoulders and then her feet touched the ground and she sent Hiei falling but he landing on the ground unscathed.

"Not bad..." Hiei stated then went after her again by this time she had begun running again. Yusuke glanced down and saw pieces of paper with little kanji markings on them.

"You should run while you have the chance!" Yume shouted at them.

"Right..." Yusuke said sarcastically. A rumbling noise then came out of nowhere and it began to rain. Yume appeared standing in between two trees and her chain in her left hand and a purple phoenix was trailing up her arm. But then her eyes glazed over and blood was clearly visible along her legs and her arms and especially on her back. The paper that was ripped began to gather and reattach itself to her arm covering the phoenix up yet again and the chain slithered itself out of her left hand and it glowed red before it stopped tightening itself. Yume turned her back to Yusuke and Hiei and began to run again.

"Hiei!" Yusuke yelled to him, Hiei nodded and took off.