"Kazuma over here!" Yume yells at Kuwabara because he was trailing off in another direction. Kuwabara quickly runs back over and joins up with Yume again. They had been walking around the backside of the fortress to check for intruders. Yume walks up to the rear entrance with a confident stride not letting her guard down. Kuwabara walks along side of her and peers around suspiciously.

"Are you sure we should go in there? Looks creepy." Kuwabara says as Yume places a hand on the large door. It resembled that of a drawbridge but in fact it rises up to the sky when opened.

"Of course it's alright I wouldn't be going in if I didn't think it wasn't safe Kazuma. Though I completely doubt that it is safe. So grab a back bone I'm sure theirs one lying around in there." Yume says as she makes her hand form a fist and she draws it back and punches the large door. The force behind her fist was amazing she put a little spirit energy as an after shock; the door now has a large sized hole in place where it used to be solid. Kuwabara looks a bit stunned then shacks it off and follows Yume inside.

"Why'd you pick me to go with you anyway?" He asks out if curiosity. Yume looks back at him as she passes body after body of her old followers. She then stops and turns to face Kuwabara.

"Why do you think I picked you? I don't want anything to happen to you... I'd rather you follow the one who knows this place better than anyone and also the most powerful. Not that it counts as much here..." Yume says and looks around.

"Do you have a crush on me or somethin'?" He asks with a cheesy grin on his face. Yume glances at him oddly.

"Uh... no Kazuma I don't... Besides aren't you in love with that Yukina girl?... Isn't she Hi-"

Yume stopped short of her answer as Hiei interrupted her thoughts with a treating message attached. Yume let it slide and kept quite. But it wasn't the fact Hiei threatened her.

"Of course I love my Yukina!" Was Kuwabara's answer to the question. He had completely forgotten about the last bit of what Yume had said. Yume smiled at Kuwabara then took to looking at her surroundings again.

"Watch your back Kazuma." Yume said as she narrowed her eyes. Kuwabara stopped and looked around again.

"What'd ya mean?" He asked. Kuwabara was shadowed by something from above, Yume whipped around and shoved Kuwabara aside as he was about to get pounced on. Yume got tackled but that didn't last long as she gripped its neck and crushed its lungs. She threw the demon to the side.

"What was that about!?" Kuwabara yelled as he stood up. He looked over at the demon it was has weird green colored skin and sharp teeth and claws. It wasn't wearing much other than a kilt like thing. Kuwabara looked disgusted as he noticed its crushed neck every line on Yume's hand was embedded in it.

"This is why I want you to watch your back, Kazuma. I told you I won't dig your grave." Yume answered. She looked around for a moment then motioned for Kuwabara to follow her and she began to run as did Kuwabara.

"Try and keep up I want to get to the radio as fast as possible... hopefully they didn't destroy it... it is underground after all." Yume smirked at the thought of her most trusted General suggesting the idea.

----- With Yusuke and Shiyomi ----

"Where's the action!? Where's all the demons! Why aren't we in the fortress fighting it out!?" Yusuke whines to the twitching Shiyomi. Shiyomi turns around and has her eyes closed and her left eyebrow twitch her right fist clenched and shaking threateningly.

"Will you shut up! The reason we're not in there yet is because Yume hasn't gave the word!" Shiyomi glares at Yusuke he backed up defensively. He regained himself quickly.

"I knew that... but how is she going to talk to you if she's in there? She doesn't have telepathy right?" Yusuke asks.

Shiyomi looked at him like he was completely stupid then turned around and began walking again after a moment Yusuke's foot steps began walking too.

"She'll probably fire a blast into the sky... not that I care... if I even notice anything going on in there we're going in..." Shiyomi says as she stares at the far left side wall of the fortress fairly far off.

"I thought you didn't like Yume?" Yusuke asks.

"I don't... I hate her... stupid bitch... I've never liked her... she- she's just... i donno she's just... not right..." Shiyomi answers, Yusuke got even more confused after that statement.

"Huh?" He asked.

"I donno I just don't like her okay..." Shiyomi said in a drop it kind of tone.

------ Seishin and Kurama ------

"Do you really think we have even the slightest chance here?" Kurama asks as he walks a little behind Seishin along the outer right wall. Seishin glances back at him with a smile.

"Of course..." He turned his head back around to hide his frown. He stopped after a moment and stood there. Kurama walked up next to him with a questioning look but it didn't really show... he knew that Seishin was waiting for something.

"And the rest of the armies are stationed else where?" Kurama asked while looking upwards at the fortress.

"Their at the front lines... holding off attackers... until we arrive..." Seishin answered and turned to the vast desert like area that surrounds the fortress.

"Then why aren't we headed their first? Not to be cruel but, it doesn't appear as if their are any survivors..." Kurama stated with a sigh.

"Because Yume said so... she'll look everywhere to find anyone to tell her what's happened... she's also looking for the radio in the underground area... if there's any trouble she'll let us know... we're not even supposed to be this close to the wall..." Seishin answered and Kurama nodded his head and didn't question him anymore.

----- Holi and Hiei -----

"This is pointless... if we are to fight then we should be not playing walk through the sand." Hiei stated. If he was dragged here to fight then that was what he was going to do.

"We are to wait Yume's orders... she already told us what to do so we do it without complaint..." Holi said as he stood rather close to the front gate of the fortress. Hiei made a moment but Holi didn't pay attention.

"We came here to fight did we not? Then we should be at the front lines not here in his body box you call a fortress." Hiei had raised his voice slightly as he stated what he thought.

"Be quite... your sword will get blood Hiei... don't question our presents here..." Holi answered with a slight hiss. Hiei noting he wasn't getting anywhere didn't say anything else.

--- The human world with the girls ---

"Why did Yusuke go!?" Keiko questioned to no one in particular. Shizuru nodded having a beer in her hand.

"I can't believe my baby bro went too... I think he's stupid but it looks like he's finally getting a back bone..." Shizuru stated in her drunken like voice but warily calm at the same time.

"Well... if they didn't go they might not have a home to come back to..." Botan said a beer in her hand as well. Keiko let out a frustrated growl/scream and downed her grape soda and got another one. Botan sweat dropped noting to never let Keiko have beer.

"What'd mean Botan?" Shizuru asked. Botan got her attention with that one as Keiko get even angrier and down yet another soda. Botan turned to Shizuru and took a sip of her beer before answering.

"Well... the forces in the demon world are becoming very angry that spirit world is trying to take it over..." Botan said and took another drink and thought of Koenma yelling at her for telling this to them.

"Since the kakai barrier was sliced when Kuwabara and the others went through to kill Sensui... well we have to make quick decisions. But don't worry their with the best their is!" Botan she reassuringly.

"What do you mean...?'the best their is' I thought they we're the best?" Keiko questioned. Botan adverted her gaze from Keiko and looked to the side while taking a long drink of her beer.

"Well... King Yama, Koenma's father, has had his own spirit detectives per-say since he was Koenma's age... yes they are very old... but they don't look over 16 at least the girls... the guys look about 17, 18 give or take... anyway... they're far stronger than any of our boys... abd that Yume gives me the chils..." Botan stated and shivered at the thought.

"Well why can't they do it along!?" Keiko questioned as she smacked the palm of her hand on the table the cans rattled and few fell over.

"Well... because the leader of King Yama's team wanted the guys to come along with them... she said she didn't want any to go wrong. But I have pictures!" Botan said and laid all the pictures out on the table. Shizuru let her beer burst from her mouth as she saw Kuwabara in his uniform. She then started laughing like crazy and set her beer can down.

"Wow... Yusuke... looks nice..." Keiko stated as she picked up a picture of him standing normally. She then spotted a man she didn't recognize and held it up to Botan.

"Who's this?" Keiko asked. Botan looked at the picture then answered.

"Oh that's Seishin... he's part of team Kamui..." She said then she found the rest of the pictures of the ancient team and handed them to Keiko after she named them off.

"This ones Holi... he's co-captain... and that one there is Shiyomi... and this one is Yume she's the leader..." Botan answered. Keiko looked at Botan funny.

"A girl is the leader?" She asked.

"Yup... hand picked by King Yama himself..." Botan answered. She didn't have much information on team Kamui to begin with.