Title: Birthday Blues

Genre: Romance/ Adventure

Rating: T

Disclaimer: I no own!

Note: This is an AU fic and also is a Yaoi.

Warning: Unbeta'd so beware the errors!!!

Summary: Revamped. AU. - Forced into an arranged marriage Prince Toboe does what any teenager would do: run away with a band of thieves, whose leader is temptation itself. With the world at the brink of war will he be able to find love? Or die trying?

Chapter 10: The End

Tia rubbed her eyes; she as in charge now that Ihnk went off into battle.

"What to do, what to do." She mumbled nervously to herself.

Taking in a few deep breaths, she calmed herself down.

"Ihnk will come back." She told herself while her hand rested on her lower abdomen. "He will come back."

Hubb yawned as him and the rest of them men prepared to leave for battle. Kiba had left a few hours before, leaving the head of the guards to take care of the rest. He had been up since three that morning putting the last finishing touches together, it had take weeks to gather enough men who knew how to wield a sword, and was now he was extremely tired.

Perhaps that's why he didn't notice that there was one extra person in his group, or that the person was too small to be considered one of the soldiers.

"Alright men! Tomorrow we are going out there to fight for the freedom of our kingdom! For the protection of our rights and our homes! Today, we will go out there and come back victorious!" Hubb yelled, getting a loud cheer from the crowd before him.

Toboe watched everything from where he was standing in the back, his nerves were unsettled, but he ignored them. He was going to be brave, he was going to fight! And, most importantly, he was going to get his revenge and get even with Jagara. He jumped a bit when a large hand placed itself on his shoulder.

"Calm down boy," a gruff voice ordered, the man had to be in his mid-thirties, he had a rough look like one of the venders on the street, "Was only gonna ask you if you wanted to sit with out group since you're alone over here."

Toboe looked at the man and then at the small fire that he was pointing to. They had been traveling on foot for a few long, nerve-wrecking, weeks. During this time the soldiers have developed groups, "clicks", which they'd spend their free time with. Except Toboe, who was trying so hard not to be recognized that he chose to ignore the others altogether.

"Um…okay. If that's not a problem with you," He said timidly.

The man laughed, "If it were a problem we wouldn't invite you son."

Toboe shifted uncomfortably while sitting with the other men. It felt so strange to be treated as a normal human being for once in his entire life. It was so strange to be seen as a male.

"How old are you anyways?" A scrawny man asked him.

"I'll be sixteen soon." Toboe answered.

"You're so young, my eldest son's age." Another man said.

And thus began a long conversation, in which Toboe introduced him self as Bo, a fifteen year old boy who used to wash the dishes in the castle.

"You've had an easy life so far Bo. How long have you been washing dishes for the royalty?" Ane man asked him.

"A few years now; my mother gave me up, thinking that I'd have a better life there." He answered with half-truth.

The men all nodded in agreement. Saying they'd do the same with they're own children.

"I resent my mother for it though. I barely know her now." He admitted quietly.

The large man who had invited him slapped him on the back, unintentionally hard. "You mustn't. I'm sure she meant well; as most mothers do."

Again the other men nodded.

Toboe looked around the campfire. This was going to be an interesting trip.

Tsume sighed.

"What do we do now smart one?" Gehl asked sarcastically. It was just his luck that he would be imprisoned for helping the 'traitor prince'. "You're plan backfired." Gehl said, pointing out the obvious.

Tsume glared at him. "I didn't notice." He growled sarcastically.

What to do? What to do? He needs to go find Toboe, he needed to help defeat Jagara, he needed to take responsibility of his kingdom…he needed some sleep. And that was exactly what Tsume did.

It wasn't until a few hours later did he realize that he was getting poked the hell out of.

Growling, Tsume opened his eyes to glare at the thing that disturbed his slumber.

Gehl looked down at Tsume with wide eyes.

"What?" the other demanded.

"They're going to take us to Jagara."

"We're almost there Bo." One of the many older men told him.

"How much longer exactly?" another asked.

"A few hours away; we'll be resting here for a while until we're ready to help the front lines." Hubb answered while walking past the group.

Toboe hid his face as best as he could from the man, unfortunately it was no good.

"What's your name soldier?" Hubb asked him.

"His name is Bo cap'n," The oldest of the group answered.

Hubb raised an eyebrow, "Really now? Tell me Bo, what's your last name? And that's an order."

Toboe gulped while looking down, "W-Wulf, sir."

"Honestly?" Hubb shook his head, a look of disbelief on his face, "Come with me, we're taking you to your father." He grabbed the teenager by the elbow forcefully.

"Let go of me Hubb! I'm here because I want to be!" Toboe growled.

"What're you gonna do with Bo sir?"

Hubb looked at the man who asked, "Take him to the king."

"What did Bo do?" another asked.

"That is not your concern soldier." He answered before walking off ahead of the others. "We're going to the front sooner then expected! Everyone be ready in five minutes!" He said told his group while tightening his grip on Toboe.

Jagara smiled cruelly at Gehl and Tsume.

"It's been so long since I last seen the both of you. How have you been since my sisters wedding?"

Neither spoke.

"Awe. Why so quiet? Well, if you won't talk, then I suppose that torturing will have to do." She looked at the two guards that were holding the men, "Take then down to the dungeons."

Tsume and Gehl struggled against the men that were holding them so tightly that it was cutting off the circulation in their arms.

"I'll see you two soon boys!" She chirped while waving them farewell.

"Burn in hell!" Gehl yelled to Jagara.

She only continued to smile, "My dear boy, we'll both be there sooner then you think."

"Before I go however, I was wondering Tsume, why did you decided to suddenly show up again and claim your birthright? You never wanted it before, from what I've heard." Jagara cooed while stroking Tsume's face.

He only snarled at her while trying to move his chained hands.

Jagara sighed, "The youth these days." She tsked while shaking her head. "Did you know that Toboe did almost the exact same thing? Of course, I had to show the little angel how to use proper manners; and everyone knows that horse whips do the trick."

Tsume's eyes widened before narrowing at her.

Jagara gave him a sadistic smile, "Don't you agree?"

Kiba sighed tiredly as Hubb entered his tent, "How're the men doing?" He asked without even turning around to greet the other.

"Well enough. However it seems that we have a problem," Hubb snapped.

"Oh? And what's that?" Kiba asked suspiciously while turning to face the other man, he froze where he stood as his eyes landed on his son. "Toboe."

Toboe snatched his arm back from Hubb and held his head up high, "Kiba."

"I'll leave you two alone, I need to go back to the men," Hubb said before leaving again.

"What're you doing here?" Kiba demanded once they were alone.

There was a strong silence between the two; sounds of men from outside could be heard perfectly. Perhaps they were silent for too long, for a moment later Hubb stormed in.

"We're under attack," He managed to say before rushing back out.

Toboe glared at Kiba, drawing his sword, "for too long I have been fettered to this lifestyle." He growled.

Kiba raised an eyebrow, "And what lifestyle had you lived otherwise? That of a spoilt child?"

"Perhaps, if things had gone the way they should have, you'd be happily married to my biological mother. Perhaps everything would've been better. But what I am to say? I'm just a pawn anyways."

"Toboe," Kiba began

"I have nothing else to say to you." Toboe spat before turning and walking away from his father. "Jagara awaits me." He called over his shoulder.

Darcia was surprised when he noticed back up arrive so soon. "Inhk?" he asked.

The younger man grinned, "So…what's the damage?"

"Well, from what an inside spy said, Jagara now has Tsume and Hige's head of guards." Darica informed him, voice terse.

"Gehl? How the hell did that happen?" Inhk wondered out loud.

Darcia merely shrugged.

"So is it true that Jagara isn't fighting back ever since Tsume managed to run her out of his kingdom?" Inhk asked.

"Unfortunately it's a yes and a no." Darica said.

"How so?" the younger man asked.

"She's attacking Kiba's men, but not doing a thing to the rest of us. It's as if she wants to die."

"Or waiting for us." Inhk suggested, he looked behind him at his troops, then glanced back at the castle before them and sighed. "Well, I suppose we should be giving old Kiba a hand, eh?"

Darcia nodded, "Indeed."

Toboe managed to ward off another blow that was aimed at him on his way to Jaraga's castle. He was so close, all he had to do once he go there was find the Queen herself and either maim her or kill her. Whichever he preferred when the time arrived. There were men all around him, fighting for their lives, dying and killing, yet he managed to walk through the mass easily.

He grinned to himself when he finally reached the bridge that led to inside the castle. Now all he needed to do was-

"Well, lookey 'ere. 'Ittle princess tinks sha's a warrior." It was the large burly man, the same one who had taken him from the man on the horse. The one that had taken him to Jagara.

Toboe glared at him, "Let me pass if you value your life." He growled.

"Oh? I don't tink so." He lifted his large axe, and attacked.

Toboe dodged the blow and managed to land behind the large man, and before thinking a second thought; he thrust his sword into the man's back, twisting it twice for reassurance. The large man's scream was all that told Toboe that his sword penetrated skin and not just armor.

Quickly, he pulled his sword out, and ran into the castle before the large man could manage to get up and go after him.

Darica ran into the castle, he and his men had been fighting for weeks, and he knew that the battle was just about over. And everything was happening so fast, yet he continued to lead his men.

"Arrest anyone who looks either suspicious, or is resistant. This includes Her Highness Jagara. Understood?" He asked them.

"Yes sir!" They answered in unison before going off to do as they were told.

Outside of the castle there were still the sounds of people fighting, but that wasn't a major concern of Darcia's at that moment, he needed to find Jagara.

It was only a moment later did a soldier run up to Darcia, "Sir, there's a servant girl who says that Jagara went down to the dungeons. She also said that Princess Toboe is here."

Darcia blinked twice, slowly, before fully registering the information. "Shit." He mumbled. "Did the girl tell you which way the dungeons were?" he asked.

The soldier nodded and told the king.

"Thank you. Let the other's continue their search, you're going down to the dungeons with me," He managed to say before running off, the soldier running behind him.

"This was kind of pointless. I mean, she just gave up." Quent said gruffly to Hige as the two of them, along with their men, rested. They did their jobs and were no longer needed.

Hige nodded in agreement before taking out a flask, "Want some?" he asked the older man.

Quent looked at what was in his future son-in-laws hand before nodding, "Damn straight."

It wasn't as if they weren't upset at the loss of the men around them, the lives that were wasted because of this stupid mini-war, but what else could they do? They survived; it would soon be time to move on forward with their lives.

Gehl rubbed his eyes, to prevent sleep from over taking him. All they did was throw him in a cell, what was the point to that exactly? He wondered what they were going to do to him. And wondered what they were doing to Tsume right at that very moment.

"Man, I hate this suspense." He whined.

Suddenly his cell door opened. Gehl stood up automatically, his body tense, ready for a fight.

"Gehl, come one, we have to find Jagara." Toboe stated to him.

He had only seen her a few times in his life, and it shocked him that she was the one rescuing him, "With all due respect Princess, what the hell are you doing here?"

"Don't ask questions. Let's go." She undid his restraints and helped him to his feet. "Lead the way to Tsume." Toboe said.

Jagara laughed as she exited Tsume's cell. She did nothing to him really. Only talk with him, but to her it was funny to see the look in his face when she mentioned everything that she had done to Toboe.

"Young love." She smirked.


She looked up, only to see Darica in front of her. Her eyes widened. "My love, you have come back to me." She said, smiling as happiness radiated off of her, she looked so much like her sister then that it made Darcia flinch.

"You're not Hamona."

She frowned, "I was never good enough for you." She pulled a dagger out of the cleavage of her dress and flung it at the man, it landed in his thigh, causing him to fall to his knees with a hiss of pain. He looked down at it before pulling it out.

Jagara laughed, "It was poisoned you know. We'll die together!"

Darcia looked up at Jagara, taking out his own sword to attack her, she would die, she needed to die. A blade pierced through her navel and a high-pitched scream escaped her mouth as her eyes rolled to the back of her head and blood poured from her mouth. There was a loud THUMP as she hit the ground; her hand reached for Darcia in her last moments.

"Darcia," The voice was strong, and it shocked the King even more when he saw Toboe panting in the spot behind where Jagara had once stood. Along side her was a very shocked looking Gehl.

"It's over." Toboe murmured.

Gehl, coming out of his state of shock, ran into the cell to let Tsume free.

"It's over," Toboe repeated, this time tears of relief formed at the corner of his eyes.

Tsume ran out into the condor, taking Toboe into his arms as Toboe began to sob.

Toboe blinked as the sun hit his face. It had been a few weeks since Jagara was killed, it was illegal to murder a royal, even if it were during a battle, but no punishment was bestowed upon the Prince, this was yet another thing in his life that was swept carefully under the rug. He was still trying to cope with everything that had been going on in his life but he knew that it would all have to be on hold for today; because this was the day he was to be married to Darcia. He asked himself numerous amounts of times why he came back to his parents, but the truth was that he knew nothing else, and it was safe here.

He yawned, before turning over so that his back protected him from the happy sunlight.

There had been celebrations throughout the Kingdoms. Parties were everywhere and just about every day.

He sniffled slightly; Tsume disappeared shortly after Toboe returned home. The young prince rubbed his eyes, as much as he tried, he forgot how to cry.

This adventure, for that was what it was, taught him how to be himself. He grew, matured greatly, and became a young man. And, fell in love.

Toboe straightened himself out on the bed as that thought hit him, he had fallen in love. He had fallen in love and was getting married, on this very day.

He yawned before getting up to get ready.

"You know, it's not too late to say no," Cher said to the Prince while helping him get into his lovely white dress. "You can tell the truth and say that since Jagara is dead, there is really no need for this to go on."

Toboe sighed, "Yes. I know."

Cher buttoned up the back of his dress, "You can also tell Darcia that you're a boy."

"I know." He repeated while putting on his earrings.

"Or, you can say that you're in love with someone else," She told him.

Toboe froze in his action for a moment before continuing what he was doing, "And, who would believe that?"

"Plenty of people; from what I've heard from Hige, who heard it from Ghel," Cher said. "I have nothing against you being with him. After all, you were raised as a female," She gave him a warm smile.

Toboe's eyes widened before he nodded and his face erupted into a large smile. He then gave Cher a large, yet careful for her stomach which was beginning to bulge out, hug. He knew what he had to do.

Darica stared down at the paper in his hands. He was in one of the guest rooms, also getting ready when Hubb came in with the letter.

It was from Toboe.


You know why I am unable to marry you. And I also know why you are unable to marry me. Let us just write a treaty and be done with it. I will be out of this country for a while, but when I return, I promise to speak with you in person.



He threw his head back and laughed. Toboe would one day make a very good king. He smiled; of course he knew all along that the princess was really a prince. He wasn't a half-wit.

He smiled again and called for the king and queen to inform them that the wedding was cancelled.

Tsume looked up at the castle. Why was he even here to begin with? Cole pushed him forward.

"Hurry up. She'll be married soon if you don't," She said to him.

He glared at her.

Just then, a kid ran out of the castle, dressed in clothes too nice for a servant. He had a hood covering his face, and wasn't looking where he was running, slamming right into Tsume.

Tsume blinked down at the person who just ran into his arms.

"Toboe?" he asked, his mouth gone dry.

Large honey colored eyes looked up at him, "T-Tsume!"

"Well, now that you're together again, we can leave," Leara smiled, "Kiba already made the arrangements."

Toboe looked at her in awe, "Kiba did this?"

"That's what she said! Let's go already before Darcia notices that his bride-to-be is gone." Cole stated.

Tsume smiled at Toboe, and Toboe returned it warmly. This was going to be an interesting adventure.


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