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Hiei: "Must you torture me again onna?"

Me: "Of course cause you're my favorite."

Hiei "Damn onna. Hn, she don't own shit so don't sue cause you'd only waste your time."

Me: "Thank you Hiei." Pats head.





It was a bright sunny day so Hiei was outside training (What else is new?). Yukina had recently asked him if he knew where her brother was, hoping he could use his Jagan to locate him. Sadly he had said no. How he wished to tell her the truth, but he thought it would break her heart to have a criminal for a brother. After much inner conflict with himself, he went inside to rest.

Unknown to him, was that secretly, Yukina had always known the truth, but was waiting for him to tell her up-front that he was in fact her long lost brother. She had always remembered that a certain aura had always protected her and that the aura matched Hiei's. It was like putting a puzzle together. Plus Hiei was nicer to her than anyone else so that had to mean something. Yukina couldn't wait any longer for him to confess so she devised a plan to make him tell all, or so she thought.

Yukina's Point OF View-(POV) --------She's outside the temple.

-I know he's my brother I'm sure of it. We're even the same height and have the same scarlet eyes. Why can't he tell me the truth? Guess I'll have to force him to confess, but how? - Yukina pauses, looking at all the beautiful flowers in Genkai's garden. After a few minutes of quiet reflection she gets a moment of inspiration.

-I've got it! I'll pretend to want to be his mate and scare him into giving me a reason why he can't accept. I know he won't say it's because he doesn't like me, he's too afraid of upsetting me. And if by some strange chance he does, I'll start crying. Eventually he'll have to tell. I wonder if the others know he's my brother. They probably do, but Hiei's probably threatened them. There's no way he can get out of this without giving me answers. This plan is fool-proof. But I better not tell anyone. Hiei might read their minds, but I know he doesn't read mine out of respect. Plus he thinks I only have cutesy thoughts. Too bad, he of all people should know that cunningness runs in the family.-

So she heads to the temple to find Hiei sitting on the window sill and everyone else watching TV.

Normal POV

"Um Hiei?" Says Yukina -Perfect everyone is here, this makes it even easier.-

"Hn?" He says.

"Well you see it's almost demon mating season and although I love Kazuma, I need another demon. So will you be my mate?" -It's actually kind of fun to scare the great Hiei.-

Hiei's face was all white and he looked like he had just thrown up. Everyone who knew about Hiei being her brother fell off the couch and Kuwabara fainted while mumbling "Girlfriend stealing midget."

-How can she ask such a question?! I'm her brother. . .wait she doesn't know that. Should I tell her? No I can't. It would pain her to know the truth. What in hell should I say? Calm done Hiei. And think.- "Hn. Yukina I can't. I'm a fire apparition and ice and fire don't mix." Replies Hiei stoically. -Great cover story.-

"My mother was a Koorime and my father was a fire apparition and they managed, so I think we'll be fine." Replies Yukina with her innocent smile.

"I can't be your mate Yukina. You deserve someone who is more affectionate." He answers. -Like maybe not your brother! This is wrong in so many ways it's not even funny.-

Everyone (excluding Kuwabara) gets up and tries to help Hiei out.

"Yeah Yukina Hiei's right. I mean you can't just ask him because he's a demon. Besides its Hiei we're talking about . . . Do you honestly take him as the type to do something like that?" Says Yusuke.

"Well Hiei's always been nice to me and I do know him so why not? It's because you don't like me isn't it Hiei?"Says Yukina as she starts to sniffle (Like she's going to cry).

"Um no it's not that it's . . ." he says losing his composure. -Must think up an excuse but what could I possibly say to get her away without hurting her? Think think think!!!- "Because I already have a mate." Answers Hiei swiftly.

Everyone in the room falls down in shock. Yusuke starts laughing and everyone is confused.

"What's so funny detective?" States Hiei.

"Well it's just that you having a girlfriend is funny, but the idea of you having a mate is hilarious." Snorts Yusuke in between laughs.

"Well I do." - Great Hiei you've screwed yourself. You don't have a mate, where the hell am I going to find one? If only I already had a mate . . . wait that's it! I just have to find someone to pretend to be my mate. I could control some girl but then Koenma would know and he wouldn't allow it. But who then? Hn, I'll have to pay a visit to Talia. I can't believe I'm going to do this.-

(Ok you can pronounce it by saying: towel-lee-uh. And in my fic, demons have only 1 mate till they die so if he did have one he couldn't cheat on her. That way he couldn't be Yukina's mate.)

-I don't believe Hiei has a mate but he does have a good reason for lying. Why doesn't he just tell her the truth? It would be much easier. Maybe I can get him to confess . . .-Thinks Kurama and as he says "If you have a mate then how come we've never met her and why have you never mentioned her before?"

"My personal life is none of your business fox. I feel no need to tell you everything." Replies Hiei. -Damn fox, he's making it seem like I'm lying. He's supposed to be on my side. He probably wants me to tell Yukina everything but I can't. -

"Oh so you already have a mate. I hope you two are happy together. But I'd like to meet her." Says the little koorime. -I know he's lying. Guess I'll have to see him look stupid trying to fake it. Oh well, eventually he'll have to confess, there's no way he'll find someone to even pretend to be his mate. And he can't control people or Koenma will have a fit.-

"Uh. . . If you want I can go get her and be back by sundown." -What am I saying? I don't even know of she's home. God look at the mess I've created.-

"So what's her name?" asks Yukina.

"Her name is Talia." Answers Hiei.

So Hiei leaves to find his so-called mate."

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