Hiei's Jaded Dragon: "Oops but I forgot to mention the name of the sequel. Not to bright am I? Anyway it's called: "School Plus Tenkai Equals Chaos" and its under Yuyu Hakusho. The summary's not to good but I promise you'll love it when the plot thickens."

Hiei: "No one in their right minds would love anything your pea-brain came up with."

Me: "All the people I get along with generally tend to belong in the loony bin anyway so why should it matter? And furthermore Shrimp, I bet you have a pea-sized brain too among other things. . ." I giggle.

Hiei: "Hentai and that's not true!" He blushes.

Me: "Sure, whatever you say little man. Oh before I forget, a big shout out to all my loyal readers. This has been fun so thanks for reading the entire thing. Enjoy the sequel. Bye."