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A/N: Okay, so I've discontinued the Caught in the Jar series, at least for now. Insert boo's or yay's here . I'm sorry for the people who enjoyed that story, but there are things that I was planning to do that now seem totally inappropriate and/or naïve. That's not to say that I won't ever continue the story, but at least not anytime in the foreseeable future. So once again, I'm sorry…

I've had the idea for this fic bumping around my head for the last few months, but kept putting it off in hopes of finding a muse for CIJ --but since that's not happening--I've decided to go on with this fic. I hope that everyone enjoys it. Oh yeah and the title come from the amazing Maroon 5 song, She Will Be Loved.

A/N 2: Alright, here we go…This fic is AU and set in the future. It contains an OC, which I've never used before, but is necessary for the story. Everything that has happened with Journey has occurred in this fic right up to the anniversary of the miscarriage.

Summary: Things aren't always what they appear to be. Sometimes, the "perfect" marriage isn't perfect. Who do you turn to when the world collapses around you?

She Will Be Loved Ch. 1:

Sonny Corinthos groaned softly in his sleep, the loud ringing of his cell phone ripping through the quiet darkness of his bedroom. He considered ignoring it, but knew that was no longer an option as Carly was now hitting him hard on the arm.

"Damn it, Sonny! Will you answer that before it wakes up the boys!" She ordered through her exhaustion before collapsing back on the bed and shoving her head deep in the pillow.

"This better be good…" his voice was gravely as he greeted the person on the other line.


"Max it's two-thirty in the morning, what the hell do you want?"

"We have an issue, sir." Max voice quivered slightly.

"I'm sure that you are more than equipped to handle it. Now let me get back to sleep."

"It's your sister, Mr. Corinthos." Sonny was about to hang up the phone when Max's comment stopped him. Courtney? He had just spoken to her two nights ago over the phone. He sensed that something was wrong but just attributed to his feelings for her husband, Doug Brady. God, he hated the over-confident business tycoon. He remembered the sinking feeling that came over him when he was first introduced his sister's then boyfriend. She had met him through Jax, who had gone running back to Brenda the second that she reemerged in Port Charles. Courtney was vulnerable and Brady knew it.

Sonny had tried to explain it to Courtney, but she was sure that her older brother was exaggerating and being overprotective. Still, he was unable to shake the disgust he felt for his sister's companion and nearly had a heart attack when she informed him that her and Doug would be getting married and moving away to California. He had tried to reason with her, saying that it was too soon for such things as marriage and moving. After all, they had only been dating for less than a year, but she would hear nothing of it. Doug had a job opportunity that he just couldn't turn down, she had explained with a bright smile. The only opportunity Doug saw was getting her away from her family, Sonny was sure of it.

Still, Courtney had left with her new husband to build a life in California. She was miserable there, but never voiced it. Sonny could tell by the way her voice would drop over the phone or her uneasy appearance when she returned to Port Charles for her yearly visits. There was a time when he was sure that she would leave, but then she found out that she was pregnant with Olivia. It came as shock to everyone after everything that had occurred with the miscarriage, but Courtney was glowing with happiness. It was almost three years later when Hannah was born.

"Sir…" Max's tone broke into his thoughts and quickly brought him back to reality.

"What about my sister?" He heard some muffling and began to grow impatient with his guard's hesitation to answer the very simple question. "Max…" he growled.

"She's here, boss. It's not pretty…" The other man said the last part lowly, which only intensified Sonny's worry.

"Get her up here, right now." He ordered gruffly before forcing himself out of bed.

"Is everything alright, Sonny?" Carly's tone was filled with worry, but he didn't have the energy to explain it to her. Instead, he opted to just shake his head and stalk out of the room.

Courtney shifted uncomfortably under Max's scrutinizing stare. Her arms were cramped from holding both of her sleeping daughters, which was no easy task considering that Olivia was now five. She wondered what exactly the guard was telling Sonny, but knew that it was nothing her big brother didn't already know about. Sonny knew all along that Doug was bad news, but she refused to hear it. When she finally did recognize it, well it was too late. She lost seven years of her life to that dirt bag, but no more. She wouldn't do it any longer. It was just too much…

"He's waiting for you upstairs," Max informed her as he carefully took Olivia from her arms and into his own. The load was a lot lighter with just two-year-old Hannah, but something else weighed on Courtney. She wouldn't be able to gauge Sonny's reaction, which bothered her more than anything. It had taken all the courage she had to come here and face him in the condition she was in now. But it was necessary. She needed her older brother more than anything right now and knew that he would never turn his back on her. She reminded herself of that as the elevator came to a stop and the door to Sonny's Penthouse swung open.

Sonny drew in a deep breath as he took in Courtney's haggard state. He first noticed the deep purple bruise that surrounded her left eye that coupled with a split lip was enough to make his blood boil. As she neared him, he observed other minor lacerations that adorned her face as well as forearms. Without a second thought, he steered her into his apartment and turned to Max who offered him Olivia, who stirred slightly but quickly settled back into a deep sleep in her Uncle's arms.

"What's going on?" Carly descended from the top of stairs and quickly surveyed the scene before her. "Oh my." She rushed to her sister-in-law's side and tried to pull her into an embrace but Courtney remained rigid.

"Carly, will you put the girls in the guestroom, please?" Sonny asked softly and watched his wife open her mouth, but quickly clamped it shut. Instead, she gathered up the two girls and carefully made her way towards the downstairs' guest room without a sound. Sonny waited until she was out of sight and went about making himself a drink. Courtney seemed uncomfortable as she shifted from one foot to another.

"How long has that been going on?" Sonny's dark eyes settled on the deep bruise as he gestured to it with his glass. Courtney's mind raced, she wanted to tell him the truth but wasn't sure she was ready for the embarrassment that was sure to come along with her confession. All her life she had fought to be viewed as a strong and independent woman, but now look at her. "Don't try and protect him, Courtney." Yeah, that's who I'm trying to protect, she thought sardonically.

"It started a little after Via was born," she answered quietly and watched as her brother's fingers clenched tightly around the glass decanter filled with whiskey. "It's never been this bad…"

"It should have never been to begin with," his voice was tight and caused his sister to flinch slightly. "Five years, Court? How could you not tell me?" She didn't answer him, but turned her gaze towards the floor. Why hadn't she told him? Fear? Embarrassment? Both answers seemed plausible, but hardly excusable. "He ever touch those girls?" Sonny gestured towards the hallway that Carly had just taken Olivia and Hannah down.

"Absolutely not!" Courtney growled in indignation. She would never allow Doug to lay a hand on either of her daughters and Sonny's question, while a reasonable one, insulted her.

"I'm going to take care of this," her brother replied softly and was met with an empathetic shake of the head.

"You can't…"

"What? You're not planning on going back to him, are you?" Sonny's tone was angry but soft at the same time.

"No, but you don't know Doug like I do, alright?" The dark haired man didn't seem to understand. "He's going to know it's you and take you down with him. He's a very powerful man, Sonny."

"He can't take me down if he's dead, Courtney." He reasoned but was met with another shake of the head.

"He will figure out a way to do it. I'm sure of it…" She replied firmly. "Plus, I'm here now. I don't think that he'll come after me."

"How can you be sure?"

"I'm not." Courtney whispered quietly and was met with an exasperated look. "Sonny, please don't do this." Sonny searched her eyes and could feel his resolve crumbling. He always had trouble saying no to her and tonight was no different. He would let Doug go. For now…

"You're staying here where I can keep an eye on things. And when you go out with the girls, there will be guards with you at all times." He ordered sternly and was met with a gently nod. He nodded in return before gathering his sister up in his arms. She crumbled in his embrace and soon felt his t-shirt being soaked in her tears.

"How could I be so stupid? I really thought that I could change him." She mumbled quietly into his chest and Sonny drew in a breath to help ease the overwhelming disgust he felt for Doug Brady. He had never wanted to kill someone more in his entire life, but knew that he couldn't. He hadn't felt this helpless in a long time and it made him sick.

Jason entered the Corinthos' Penthouse without even knocking. It was close to eleven in the morning and he knew that most everyone in the house would be up, except for Carly. His female best friend had a pension for sleeping well past the noon marker on the clock. He was about to cross the parlor and enter the kitchen, when a mess of blonde curls caught his eye. The little girl half crawled, half walked towards him with a huge smile on her face.

"Hey there," his voice was soft as he lifted her from the ground. He pulled her away from himself for inspection and immediately recognized the dazzling blue eyes. The little girl was undoubtedly Courtney, which was odd because he had no idea that she was visiting. Sonny usually informed him of Courtney's arrival, but apparently not this time. Things between him and his ex wife were not as strained as they once were. Sure, they weren't as close as they used to be, but they were still on speaking terms.

"There you are," The kitchen door busted open and out rushed Courtney with a look of relief on her face as Hannah came into view. "What did Momma tell you about wandering off?" She carefully took the little girl from a set of strong arms without even looking at the male's face. Jason watched her be completely occupied by her daughter and took the time to study her. He immediately noticed her normally clear complexion was littered with abrasions.

"What the hell happened to your eye?" She jumped slightly, caught off guard by his comment. She was even more shocked to see him. For some reason, she never comprehended the fact that she might run into her ex husband that still lives right across the hall.


"Sason!" Hannah clapped her hand vigorously trying to mimic her mother.

A/N: So what did you think? Love it, hate it? I really miss how close Sonny and Courtney used to be...I've got to add that this story was somewhat inspired by the Rachel Proctor song, Me and Emily.