By Den Scurman

stuff: I don't own these characters, or the original idea. I just write about them and watch them whenever I get the chance. This is based on Ranma ½ created by Rumiko Takahashi and Co. Please don't sue me. I'm just a fan (not a fanboy).

Quick note: This story takes elements from the entire anime series and OVA's and up to vol. 27 of the manga. Just thought you'd like to know. (B-D)

Quick Note 2: This is a continuation of Final Judgment; Happosai. If you want the full story, you can find it on just check out my profile on Bank:

Ranma-chan: female Ranma

P-Genma: Genma in Panda form his signs

C-Shampoo: Shampoo cat form

D-Mousse: Mousse in duck form

'…': denotes thinking

(B-D) : Scene Change!

:-) Flashback (-:

LEO: Low Earth Orbit

Final Judgment; Kodachi

Week 1

The first few days after the battle weren't that bad. Happosai was nowhere to be found. Not surprisingly, neither was Cologne. The third day turned out to be a living hell, full of paranoia and fear. He had returned. Ranma could not sleep that night because he was afraid. So paranoid was he that he almost skewed Genma with a katana when the darn panda woke up. Seeing this, Genma fled, leaving his son shaking in his room. Akane was worried, but was not allowed in, either. Everyone knew why Ranma was acting this way, and none could blame him. After that deal Kodachi made with Happosai, the Tendos knew that Ranma, Ukyo, and Shampoo would be living in constant fear for the next month, so nobody bothered them, and were driven away whenever they offered comfort. The fourth night Ranma was finally beaten by the sandman, but keeping him asleep was harder than getting him asleep. Every little sound startled him, causing him to jump out of bed battle ready, with a katana in hand. Genma was again almost severed in two, and decided it would be best to sleep in the dojo for the month. Ranma was weary, but ready, and still nothing. The fifth night Ranma could not stay awake. He was exhausted from constantly being on guard for three days straight. So he slept, with katana beside him. He tried to sleep light, but his body said otherwise. It would take something drastic to awaken Ranma tonight.

"Heh heh heh," a voice smiled evilly. "I knew he couldn't keep that up."

A small shadow crept into the room and appeared next to the sleeping Ranma. After removing the katana from the room, it got to work. "Now it's playtime."


Ranma-chan remained asleep.

"Ah, a sleeping beauty," mused the shadow. "Now for some fun." The shadow stepped toward Ranma and into the light to reveal himself. The bald head, white puffs of hair just above the ears, and that wicked, perverted grin on his face. Nothing to worry about, it's only the most evil martial arts master in all of Japan. He had almost reached the "booby prize" when Ranma-chan rolled over. If he didn't know any better, he would've thought that that was a dodge. No matter. He jumped to the other side and made another grab, only to get two handfuls of back and tank top. "Heh, Genma did a good job with him." He then jumped on top of Ranma-chan, preventing her from rolling away, and awakening her as well.

"It's too early for school, 'kane," mumbled Ranma-chan.

"It's playtime, my dear."

Ranma-chan froze in fear. How could he have let his guard down so completely?

"…No, please no…"

"Remember the deal, Ranma," replied Happosai. "You're my personal plaything for this whole month. You better believe I'll be enjoying this." Honor-bound and grief-stricken, Ranma-chan hung her head in defeat. There was no way out. "Now, I have a little number I want you to try…"

"But I'm a guy!" exclaimed Ranma-chan.

"Not right now you ain't," said Happosai. "Now, put this on," as he produced a lacy red bra that disturbingly matched the color of her hair.

Ranma-chan glowered at him, but had no choice but to concede. She hesitantly took the bra and stared at it. Even the Hiru Shoten Ha training could not prepare him for this moment. No matter how cold he could get his soul, it still hurt him like nothing else. Ranma-chan then began to slowly pull off her tank top. Happosai watched with intense anticipation as the tank top slowly left Ranma-chan's body.


Both stopped as the new voice interrupted the scene. They both knew that voice. Happosai turned pale.


"I can't have my husband fooling around with another woman now, can I?"


"Come here, Happy," soothed the seductive voice of the Amazon matriarch.

The door just about exploded off the hinges as Happosai fled the room. Cologne hopped after him, pausing for a moment to glance back at Ranma-chan. A brief smile crossed her face, and then she was gone.

Ranma-chan stood frozen for a moment, bra in one hand, the other slowly fixing her tank top. "Man," exhaled Ranma-chan. "I seriously owe her this time." Ranma-chan then collapsed in sleep.


The first five nights were full of nightmares and cold showers. The fact that she lived alone really didn't help. She would ask if she could stay at the Tendos, but that would only bring her closer to the source of her nightmares. Every dream was different, but they all had the same premise, she as a toy running from a force of nature bent on destroying her womanhood. She didn't know how much more she could take. It was the sixth night now, and she had decided that she couldn't sleep, so she decided to do some maintenance on here arsenal.

"Stupid freak," mumbled the woman as she sharpened her combat spatula. "Why'd he have to agree to that stupid deal with Kodachi, anyway? And why the heck didn't we kill him when we had the chance?" Ukyo froze. She thought she sensed some kind of movement. She spun around with spatula ready, but only an empty room faced her. "Geez, I think I'm getting more paranoid than I thought." Suddenly her spatula disappeared from her hands and was replaced with a small, round object. "What the?! AAIIIEEEEEEEE!!!!" She flung the object to the floor once she felt something on her chest.

"Wow, you really are full grown, aren't you?" mused the object. Ukyo paled.

"Oh no," gasped Ukyo.

"You know," said the object/person as it stood up to a proud one foot tall, "I never did realize how much you had to offer till tonight. I'm glad we're going to have the whole month to explore everything."

"Please don't," pleaded Ukyo. "I was saving myself for Ranchan."

"Oh, don't worry, deary. I'll share you a little bit," replied the freak. "I like to watch as much as I like to…" he trailed off and started to pale. Ukyo saw this and followed his eyes to the mirror. There was a cane leaning next to the door in the reflection. They both spun to the door to see Cologne at the door, on the floor, eyeing Happosai.

"I told you last night, Husband," wooed Cologne, "I'm the only one for you." She didn't even finish saying this as Happosai saw a window of opportunity and jumped through it, literally. Cologne sighed. "What am I going to do with him?" she sighed.

"Well, death would be nice," replied Ukyo.

"Not for my husband," answered Cologne. Ukyo twitched. There was no malice in her voice, however, of which Ukyo somehow took some comfort in. "You'll be fine, Ukyo." And then she was gone.

'I don't know if I can handle this…' thought Ukyo as she went downstairs to get something to cover the broken window.


It's been almost a week since that fateful battle, but it was business as usual for this woman. She had heard what happened to Ranma two nights ago, but she wasn't too worried. She knew that he could take care of himself. He was just so strong and sure of himself. There was that thing about honor, though. It was a good thing that…wait a minute. She looked at the takeout box containing her delivery. Why was it shaking like that? She stopped to pick up the box and opened it.

"Hello, deary," replied the contents.

"AIYA!" she screeched as she dropped the box. Happosai jumped out and onto her chest.

"Airen!" he exclaimed. Shampoo bonked him on the head and off of her chest. "Oh come on, Shampoo. You know what time it is."

"No can do, pervert man," replied Shampoo. "Shampoo have delivery to make."

"Not anymore," as he gulped the remains of the ramen.

"Aiya. Why pervert man eat all of ramen?"

"For energy, my dear. Now it's time to play."

"No touch Shampoo! Shampoo be your step-great-granddaughter soon!" Happosai pratfell. Shampoo took the opening and punted him into LEO. Shampoo sighed. "Now Shampoo have go back and get other delivery. Shampoo no like Happy chasing her."


Back at the dojo, Ranma was practicing his katas while Akane broke various objects. She didn't say anything to him because she knew that he had been extremely jumpy as of late. She broke another three cinder blocks at once.


Akane looked at Ranma to find him on the ground.

"Ranma, what happened?"

Ranma caught his breath. "Nuthin', Akane…it was nuthin'."

"Seriously, Ranma. We both know what the problem is. Why don't you just talk about it?"

"I can't, Akane!" yelled Ranma, catching Akane off-guard. Ranma calmed down a bit before continuing. "It's…something I have to deal with myself."

"He didn't…?"

"No…not yet," as he shuddered.



Akane and Ranma started as a familiar voice yelled behind them. They turned toward the entrance to find Ukyo standing there, gasping for air.


Ukyo calmed herself as much as she could, then walked in and sat. Ranma and Akane sat with her. They could tell that she was holding back the flood of tears that was threatening to come out. "I have to get out of here, Ranchan," said Ukyo. "I can't live like this for a whole month."

"I know what you mean, but we can't leave town," answered Ranma. "We'd dishonor both our families even more if we did."

That genuinely hurt Ukyo. "I know…but I just can't live like this, always on guard, afraid that he'll come out of anything and anywhere. Why didn't we kill him when we had the chance?"

"Well…" started Ranma.

"Which way to Tokyo?"

The three looked at the entrance to find Ryoga standing there, mouth open.

"Well," Ranma said flatly, "you're just a little off, Ryoga."

"What the? I thought I left Nerima."

"You thought wrong, sugar."

"Sorry. I'll just be on my way, then."

"Hold on a minute," said Ranma. "You're not trying to kill me today?"

"Look, Ranma," replied Ryoga. "I'm not going to bother you for a while. As much as I want to kill you, right now you're suffering a fate worse than death, and this fate I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy, which you are. I want to destroy your happiness, but this is not the time because Akane would be hurt too, and I can't have that. So I'm calling a month-long ceasefire. Once this month is over, then I'll kill you, then I can finally ask Aka…um…" Yes, Ryoga finally noticed Akane sitting next to Ranma.

"Ryoga," said Akane. "Why do you want to kill Ranma so badly?"

"Um…er…uh…" he replied.


Akane sat shocked as Ukyo sent Ryoga into LEO.

"What'cha do that for, Ucchan?"

Ukyo sighed and turned to Ranma as she replaced her battle spatula. "Sorry, Ranchan, but I had to hit something. I knew Ryoga could take it and I really needed it."

Ranma glanced at Akane. "Can't blame her, really."

"Guess not," she replied, "but next time why don't you ask for a dummy or something instead of beating up my friends?"

"But that was a dummy," replied Ranma.

"Jerk. Why are you always picking on Ryoga? What did he ever do to you?"

"Well, for one…"

"Lunch is ready."


"So why can't she just stay here?" asked Akane.

"Because he's here, that's why," answered Ukyo.

"And if he can't find us, then he can't play with us, right?"

"I don't like it."

"And why would an uncut…"

"Here's some cookies for you," interrupted Kasumi.

"Wow, thanks!" exclaimed Ranma, forgetting everything.

"Thanks Kasumi," said Akane. She turns to Ukyo. "So you have no choice but to take Ranma with you to your place for the whole month, huh? Sounds rather convenient to me."

"Akane," growled Ukyo. "There's a time and a place for jealousy…" Akane's eye twitched, "but now isn't that time. I'm not trying to pull one over on you right now. I'm genuinely afraid." She balled up her fist shakily. "You have no idea whatsoever about what we're going through right now. You don't have to be afraid. He's got us now." Akane just looked down at the table in front of her. She couldn't find any way to get upset at the rare display of logic presented to her.

"Akane, it will only be temporary anyway," inserted Kasumi. Akane shot a glare at her oldest sister, but couldn't stay mad at her. "Oh, I almost forgot the tea." And she left for the kitchen.

Akane shook her head. "Ok, fine," she sighed. Ukyo gave her a weary smile, "but I'm coming with you." Both Ranma and Ukyo looked at Akane with questioning looks. "Um…" 'come on, come up with something good…' "if he shows up, I can kick him out for you." 'Idiot.'

Ranma and Ukyo exchanged looks.

"Well, we're honor-bound not to, but Akane isn't," said Ukyo.

"And if anyone can kick the freak to China, it's her."

Akane shot another glare at Ranma as he completely missed it.

"Well then," said Ukyo, brightening up for the first time this week, "pack your stuff and come on over," as she .

As Ranma and Akane stood up to go and pack, a pair of eyes were watching the entire conversation. It waited until they had left the room before it came out from behind the T.V.

'So, Saotome is going to the Ucchan, eh? Well, I'm sure that the mistress would want to hear about this.'

"Would you like some tea, Sasuke?"


Kasumi beamed a smile at Sasuke.

"Um…sure, no, I can't!" he suddenly cried as he leapt out of the house.

"Oh my," was all that Kasumi said.


I hope you enjoyed this. I need some feedback to know exactly how I need to do to make this a better story. I have many ideas, I just need to get them online. Anyway, all kinds of feedback is greatly appreciated and I'm looking forward to continuing this.