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Just another day in the life of Harry Potter


Harry could feel the presence of four very powerful beings around him and the young women. Due to the fog that clouded his vision, he wasn't exactly sure what they were. One thing he did notice was that he was cold, really cold. It was as penetrating a cold as that of a Dementor being nearby, but without the bad thoughts swimming around in your head. Harry was preparing himself for battle. Whatever it was that was out there was out for his blood. He summoned all of his battle gear to him and magicked it onto himself. Turning to the girls, who were looking at him in awe, he began to explain his battle plan.

"I don't know what's out there right now, but you two have to get back in the house. On my signal I want you to start running for the Burrow without looking back. If anyone is still asleep, I want you to wake them up and floo to the Leaky Cauldron. When I am done with whatever is out there, I'll go there myself." He wanted to sound confident in order to keep their worrying at a minimum. The truth was that he worried about what could be out there. The fact that he could feel how powerful the things out there were, was not helping the fear factor.

"But Harry! You don't even know what's out there! Don't you want us to stay and help?" Hermione was trying to talk Harry out of fighting alone while Ginny was shocked silent.

"You guys don't even have your wands with you. If you truly want to help me, make it to the house and get everyone out of the house safely. I'm going to clear the fog, and as soon as I do I want you to run to the Burrow as fast as you can. Understood?"

After the girls nodded their understanding, Harry raised his hands and used the wind element to blow away the cool fog. Although he wasn't an expert at controlling the elements yet, he had been practicing and had the basics down to an art.

As soon as the wind dissipated the fog, the girls started running. Harry screamed at them to not look back, because what he was facing would totally stop them in their tracks. In front of him were four of the most amazing and beautiful creatures he had ever seen. Harry wasn't sure what species to classify them in. They obviously looked like smaller than average dragons; but looking as though they were made of ice. The white scales that covered their lizard-like bodies seemed to glisten in the moonlight. The only thing that he could compare them to was the finest of diamonds. The only thing that stopped him from admiring the creatures was the blast of ice that one shot at him. As Harry dodged the eruption of ice, he came to a conclusion to what the creatures were. They were ice dragons. Dragons that had supposedly gone extinct many years ago, or so he had read in his COMC book.

'How could Voldemort send an extinct species after me? There's something fishy going on.' Although Harry was trying to think of how these beings came to be here, he still had to worry about how to get away from them alive.

The dragons had been circling Harry in the small clearing by the garden. They seemed to be waiting for something, but Harry was totally clueless as to what that something was. Suddenly, as if there had been a sign, all four dragons shot what looked like thin spears of ice from their mouths, straight at Harry. Going into action, Harry pulled out his dual swords and started batting the oncoming onslaught of ice away from him. Just as another barrage of ice was coming for him, he called on the wind element and aimed his hands at the ground. The blast of wind that came from his hands sent him twenty feet into the air. Taking advantage of the unsuspecting dragons, Harry launched a full aerial assault of spells from his staff. The sudden bombardment of Reductor curses left the dragons temporarily in pain. What Harry forgot was that dragons were very repellant to magic; the curses just seemed to anger the dragons after the temporary lapse of pain. They reinforced their assailment of ice spears by twofold, and Harry was forced to put away his staff and go back to batting the spears away with his swords, still mindful of the blast of wind that he had to perform to keep himself from crashing into the ground. He then had to resort to jumping, dodging and blocking, which he realized he could only do for so long.

During all of his jumping and dodging, Harry had managed to get away from most of the spears that were shot at him. Of course most doesn't mean all of them. One of the spears had stuck right into his mid-section. Although the spear that hit him wasn't the thickest one of the barrage; imagine having an icicle, an inch in diameter, slammed into your abdomen, and see how you do.

"Great Mother of Merlin does this hurt!" Harry was over the shock of the impact and was feeling the wave of pain wash over him. The ice hadn't gone all the way through, but had still penetrated more than halfway through his body. There was blood flowing out around the edges of the spear, showing he was badly hurt. Knowing he couldn't stay still for long, Harry made a very hasty decision. He used his sword to slice the ice as close to his body as he could. He didn't want to pull the ice out in case the blood would start flowing heavily; but, on the positive side, the ice was beginning to numb the pain.

Knowing he wouldn't be able to move enough to dodge the dragon's attacks, Harry re-sheathed his swords and enlarged his staff. The ice that he had batted away from him had broken on the ground and created a mist of ice around him. It had given him enough time to pull out his staff and put a shield charm on himself. As soon as the mist around him dispersed, Harry noticed that all four dragons had moved together about twenty yards in front of him. They were turned away from him and looking down at something.

'They must think I'm finished,' Harry thought, 'but what exactly are they looking at?'

Wanting to see what they were doing, Harry decided to chance it and get closer to the group. He put away his staff and transformed into the Eclipsowolf, using his powers to sink into the shadows. Although he had transformed, the pain from the spear hadn't diminished. He had to walk slowly and carefully towards them, but thankfully could not be detected. Stopping about ten feet away from the dragons, he saw what they were looking at. There was a wizard in a Death Eater ensemble that was, 'talking' to the dragons.

'That can't be right. Is he actually talking to those dragons? I've never heard of anything like this before.'

The wizard, the depth in his voice gave away that he was male, seemed to dismiss the dragons. They bowed to him before disappearing in a gust of wind from their wings. The wizard however, did not apparate away. Instead, he walked toward the spot where Harry had previously occupied and looked around. He seemed to panic when Harry was not there. Harry could see him bend down and look at the small pool of blood on the ground that had come from the wound in Harry's abdomen. Looking around quickly, the wizard mumbled something and disappeared.

Harry, starting to feel woozy, walked out to the garden. He wasn't sure what just happened.

'How did that man control those dragons? What does Voldemort have up his sleeve this time? Oh well, I'm just gonna rest for a while; I've earned it.'

Transforming back to his human form, Harry banished his battle gear and laid down on the grass, passing out from the blood loss. The last thing he heard before letting the darkness overtake him was a series of pops, indicating that at least a dozen wizards and witches had apparated into the area.


Meanwhile . . .

When Ginny and Hermione had made it to the house, they immediately ran to Mr. And Mrs. Weasley's bedroom. As luck would have it, the elder Weasleys were nowhere to be seen. With a little quick thinking, Hermione had a plan to help her best friend.

"Ginny, if your parents aren't here right now, they have to be at Grimmauld Place. They wouldn't leave us unless there was a meeting going on. I want you to wake your brothers while I floo to Grimmauld place and get help for Harry. Meet me there as fast as you can."

Without a second thought, the girls split up and ran to complete their part of the plan. The looks on the girls' faces were ones of pure determination. They weren't sure what was going on outside, only that they were going to fulfill Harry's requests and get him help as soon as possible.

Just as Hermione had gotten to the fireplace, Ginny, who had already woken the twins, was on her way to wake up Ron. Knowing that Ron was a very deep sleeper, Ginny ordered the twins to pick Ron up and take him downstairs. She knew there was no time to waste and had no time for explanations. Once downstairs, they flooed to Grimmauld place and saw Dumbledore giving out orders to the gathered group of adults. Apparently Hermione had already explained the situation and Dumbledore was taking action.

"Tonks and Arthur, go notify the ministry of an attack at the Burrow. Any magic used by Harry will need to be dismissed as being self-defense. Poppy, go to Hogwarts and wait for us in the hospital wing. I have a feeling we will be needing your expertise. The rest of you apparate to the Burrow; let's hope Mr. Potter is still safe. Remember the wards, make sure to apparate on the outskirts of the anti-apparition wards, about 50 feet away from the garden." With orders given out, Dumbledore and the rest of the Order disappeared in a synchronized pop.

A good five to ten minutes had passed since the girls were out in the garden with Harry. Anything could have happened by now, they were just wishing that Harry got out of there safely.


"WHAT DO YOU MEAN THERE WAS NO BODY!" Lord Voldemort was furious. How could a plan that went so perfect end up going so wrong? He wanted the 'boy-who-lived' to become the 'boy-that-died' as soon as possible.

"Forgive me my Lord. There was nothing I could do about it. One moment he was there, the other he wasn't. I assure you that he was wounded. In place of his body was a small pool of blood, where surely one of the ice spears injured him." The rather portly Death Eater was reporting to his master of the mission he had just returned from. He was the newest recruit of Voldemort's forces and, although he didn't know it personally, was favored by his master due to his rare ability. He was one of the few descendants of dragon-herders, who had the ability to bring dragons into their control through their ability to speak to them. What this man wanted was power and Voldemort would pave the way to his goal. He knew he would never be as powerful as the Dark Lord; but he wouldn't mind being right under him after taking over the wizarding world.

"Wormtail!" Voldemort called in the treacherous rat, ready to give him his orders.

"Yes, my lord? How may I serve you?" Wormtail was visibly shaking but was also ready to follow any orders given to him by his master.

"Go to the Weasley home and check out the situation. I need to know what happened to the boy. Do not be seen and report to me as soon as you return."

With a 'Yes Master' to Voldemort, Wormtail disappeared.

Voldemort stood and turned his attention to the still kneeling man in front of him. Voldemort decided to teach the new recruit what happens when you make him angry.

"One thing that you will have to learn is to take orders and fulfill them down to every detail. Most likely Dumbledore has already found the boy and he is in his custody. Now I cannot send my men to collect the boy. He should have been brought back with you. Not completing your mission fully is failure. I do not tolerate failure." Without warning, the Dark Lord took out his wand and inflicted the Cruciatus on the plump wizard. For the next ten minutes, all you could hear in Voldemort's chamber were the screams of pain and the cries for mercy.


For the first time in many years, Albus Dumbledore was afraid. When he arrived at the Burrow with his fellow Order members, he wasn't sure what to expect. Seeing the body of Harry Potter laying in a pool of blood would be a scary sight to any wizard. It was like seeing the only hope of the wizarding world slipping away into the darkness.

Immediately Dumbledore went into action. Creating a Portkey out of his pocket watch, the headmaster sent Harry to Hogwarts where Madame Pomfrey was waiting.

"Search the area; I want to make sure that none of Voldemort's minions are around. Look for any clues in finding out what happened here tonight. I'm afraid young Harry will not be able to tell us what happened any time soon."


When Harry Potter appeared in the Hogwarts Hospital wing, Madame Pomfrey was not surprised that Harry had arrived battered, beaten, and bloody all over. Nevertheless, when she examined the bleeding that was coming from his abdomen, she cringed at the piece of ice that was causing the bleeding. Knowing that her favorite patient was closer to death than at any other point in his life, Poppy Pomfrey got to work.

"What have you gotten yourself into this time child? You can't go a year without seeing me can you?" Muttering an examining spell, Pomfrey watched as Harry was engulfed in the blue light from her wand. Amazingly enough, none of Harry's injuries were caused by spells or curses. There was a magical property involved in the ice that was in his abdomen, probably the reason the ice wasn't totally melted yet. Fixing all his cuts and bruises, including the gaping whole in his stomach. She had gotten rid of the ice and fixed the wound. He had lost a lot of blood so he was also given blood replenishing potions and many types of nutritional potions. There wasn't much more she could do for the young man before her. She knew he was going to be fine, but wasn't sure when he would be waking up. Thinking there would be very little activity from her patient anytime soon, she began to close the curtains. Of course, not expecting any activity, she was surprised when Harry began to a glow a bright green and started floating a foot above his bed. As quickly as it had come, it went, leaving a baffled nurse in the Hogwarts infirmary.


"We want to be taken to see Harry right now!" Ginny and Hermione were furious. Ginny, having that famous Weasley temper, was letting Dumbledore know how mad she actually was. "I don't care where you sent him to, you are going to take us there right now!"

"I'm afraid I can't do that right now Miss Weasley. He is currently located at Hogwarts. If it would appeal to you, you may see him in the morning."

Accepting defeat, Ginny turned away and fled upstairs, wiping at the tears that had fallen unknowingly.

"Can you at least tell us what happened? I think we have a right to know we were there." Hermione was just fishing for answers now. She was worried for what could have happened to Harry, and would only find repose through Dumbledore's answers. Unfortunately, Dumbledore denied her the peace of mind she wanted with his lack of answers.

"I must apologize Miss Granger. I'm afraid I have not gotten the chance to question Mr. Potter. I'm sure that at the moment he is resting and will not wake again tonight. I will return tomorrow so that you may visit with Harry. Goodnight Miss Granger." Feeling dismissed, Hermione ran to find Ginny. She was sure that she wasn't going to sleep anytime soon, and was positive that Ginny wouldn't be either.

Turning to the group of adults, he was sorry that he couldn't answer most of their questions. The truth was, for the first time in a long time, he was very confused. His long life of experiences made surprising him very hard, and confusing him near impossible.

"What happened Albus? Is Harry alright?" Having stayed at Grimmauld place, Mrs. Weasley was very worried about her surrogate son.

"I'm afraid I can't answer those questions as fully as you would like me to. I do know that Harry was involved in a battle of some sort and horribly wounded. I sent him to Hogwarts to get treated. We will not receive answers until Mr. Potter awakens. How did the ministry react? Arthur? Tonks?"

"Here's the thing sir: there was no underage magic detected at the Burrow, in fact there were no spells or curses detected being used. Either Harry didn't use magic, or there is something weird going on." Tonks wore a look of confusion on her face. The ministry employees thought them crazy when they said there was an attack going on at the Burrow.

"Just another question to add to the ever growing list to ask Mr. Potter. I'm sure he will be able to answer any questions we may have when he recovers from his injuries." Dumbledore had no idea as to what had occurred this night. There was no way to explain the events of the night without the boy-who-lived. Ever since his arrival there were many questions to be asked, and now that list of questions was growing with every hour that passed.


"Where am I?" Harry Potter was very confused. He had appeared in front of a beautiful palace, but couldn't figure out where in the world he or the palace were located. Deciding to explore, Harry walked up the steps to the huge double doors. Before he could push against them, the doors opened of their own accord. What he found on the other side was both surprising and confusing.

"Hello Harry. How's life going?"

Harry just stared at them in shock. He's in the middle of nowhere, in a beautiful palace, and all they could ask was how his life was going?

"Well guys, I never expected to see you again anytime soon. I'm doing fine, but I have a question for you: What in the world am I doing here, and what do the Elemental Guardians want with me this time?"


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