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AUTHOUR'S NOTE : This fic is the side effect of my first fic which I can't write the sweetness of DH yet.

It won't be much original plot because this plot is DH self center . Draco is a vampire.Harry is an elf.It begin when they are at Hogwarts in 6 years and already know about their heritage.

SUMMARY : After many bad event happen to Harry,he just want to die so he decide to sucide.However Before he can achieve that goal, someone found him.

The sweetest thing.



"What a rich blood smell. I didn't know that in this gloomy forbidden forest,they have creature which have this richest smell of blood before." Draco murmured and started to go to find the source of a smell. He stalked through the forbidden forest and followed the smell closely,then he found the figure in a middle of the forest sat at the bottom of the tree and on the pull of blood.He didn't see who is this body even if he has used his supernatural vampire eyes because the face is lower and the shade of the tree has covering it and also the moonlight just dissappeared because the moon move behind clouds shy away from everyone eyes.So he walked nearer towards this figure. 'I don't know who is this body is even the gender I'm also not sure,too. This figure is small but not that short but still shorter than me. It has long hair that end in the mid of its back.' Slowly the moon move to show herself. The moonlight shine through the thick leaves to the figure. 'Now I can see the color of its hair.It is shining raven hair which look like silk and its creamy flawless skin also look so soft.' Then he see the meteric flash through his eyes.' Um...a knive.This scene is so drastic but also it look attrach to me some how.' Draco slowly sat in front of (in the same high of) this figure.His hand slowly raise its chin to display the face of its. 'I think I never see him around here before.He doesn't look like he belong in this forest.May be he is a younger student but if he is why am I never remember this utterly unearthy beauty of his before and if I remember correctly I already checking every new student out and just see only simple or ugly face except some Ravenclaw girls and few of boys in Griffindor ,Hufflepuff and my house but still they are not up to my standard beauty like this boy before.' Draco brush the hair that fell into the boy's close eyes off and found out the most shocking thing on this boy forhead.The lightning bolt mark appear to the eyes of Draco Malfoy.

"Potter." Draco said in a shocking voice.

AUTHOUR'S NOTE : This story will be a short term contrast to my another story "Hp and the secret of Malfoy" which still in progress.

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