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' ' mean thinking

" " mean speaking

The truth of heart




When Draco reach his chamber, he gently put Harry down on his king side bed and begin the speacial healing ability method of his immediately.Draco slowly lick all of the blood and suck a little on the open wound which is on Harry's wrist. (Saliva of the vampire have some healing power.)

'Um...his blood is what I thought it would be.It is the sweetest blood that I ever test before.But it feel strange some how like it have the claming effect on my bloodlust not the usual opposite way despite the little amount of blood which I just lick. (A little amount of blood usually arouse vampire's bloodlust so they need to drink enough-more of blood to subside it.)

'Um...something soft and wet is touching my wrist.' Harry's eyelash began to flutter. Harry blink and try to focus his eyes on the scene in front of him.Then he blush slightly when he saw that someone is licking at his wrist.Harry try to pull his hand back but he couldn't because the grip on his hand is firmer in spite of the gentle way the other boy held his wrist.(Harry still in a blur not because he didn't wear glass but because he loose some amount of blood before Draco found him.He know that the other is a boy but he still can't remember a face yet.)

"Who are you?" Harry spoke in a weak voice. Some silent past and still no answer back so he decide to ask again."Are you an angle?" When that sentence left his mouth,the other boy suddenly stop licking his wrist and slowly raise his face to look straight at Harry's eyes. The amuse silver eyes met with the shocking green ones.

"Malfoy." Harry utter in a shocking gasp. Draco ignore it and just continue to lick at Harry's wrist. (If Draco want the wound to be close,it would be close at the first time he lick at it.However the blood is so sweet and so tempting. Although he doesn't feel the bloodlust anymore, he still want to test it.)

"W..What are you doing?" Harry stutter and blush deeper shade of red when he saw Draco suck at his wrist. Draco stare at Harry,let go of his wrist and then said in smooth voice. " Healing you."

"Healing me?" Harry ask in a surprising voice.

"Of course ,silly. What do you think I do?" Draco smugly said and smirking when he saw Harry's red face.

After that playfulness question past,Draco face become serious.

"You have a lot to explain,Potter." Draco asked in a cold and strict voice.

"No,I am not." Harry stubbornly said.

"You will,Potter. And that little information of you will be part of your debt,Potter." Draco said in a firm voice.

"My debt? What?" Harry look confuse at Draco.

"Oh! You are so dence,Potter. I didn't know that the golden boy of Griffindor will be this dence." Draco said in a smugness voice. But when he saw that Harry still didn't understand it,he sighed and explain more.

"You don't expect me to help you and let you go that easyly,don't you,Potter." Draco look stright to the Griffindor's eyes and saw many emotion past through them. One of them past through it quickly but still he can catch it and that make him look more triump.'Fearfulness.' thought Draco.

"You are now and forever being in a wizard life debt of mine." Draco siad in a superior voice and look at Harry like the snake seeing its prey.

AUTHOUR'S NOTE : Wizard life debt will be happen when one wizard help another wizard in a life or death situation.And the wizard who is helping can ask everything except a life of them or another wizard from the victim. If the victim refuse to do it or ignore it,the power of the wizard will be force out of them by an acient magic rule and will be made to be the slave of the one who is helping them,too. Now what do you think Draco will ask Harry do? XD