Don snuck into his room, wishing, not for the first time, that Splinter would allow him to put a lock on his door.

He would have died of embarrassment if anyone were to see what he was about to do.

He knew some people thought it was distasteful, but when the urge came he couldn't help himself.

Donny knew from what he'd read and heard from television it was quite common for human males, and maybe to a lesser extent, females, around his age, to do it.

A lot of human adults, too.

Don just wished his urges would choose more appropriate times to make themselves known.

They seemed to come whenever, wherever, and always caused him to lose concentration, no matter what he was doing.

This time had been especially awkward as it'd been right in the middle of a training session; he was almost positive Splinter hadn't bought Donny's excuse of an upset stomach.

He'd gone easy on him, however, and allowed him to retreat to his room.

Donny knew his brothers were becoming suspicious too, but so far hadn't bailed him up.

It just feels so good, Don thought, closing his eyes, and lightly running his hand over the object of his desire.

The fear of being caught actually added to the thrill, he thought.

He realized it felt even better in the middle of the day, when he was supposed to be elsewhere, than under the covers at bedtime.

He was getting so into it that he didn't hear his brothers unquiet return from the dojo.

Raph had never paid attention to The Secret Art Of Door Knocking, and nearly caused his younger brother to leap out of his skin as he barged into his room.

"Raph!" Don yelped, yanking a pillow across his lap and blushing bright red.

"C'mon Donny. Whaddya keep doin in here on ya own?" he asked wickedly, grinning.

Mike and Leo crowded in behind him as Raph made a sudden grab for the pillow.

Don was a split scond to slow to stop him.

"I'd never have believed it," Leo said , shaking his head and picking up the Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers comic book.