Once, there was a famous hanyou, son of a great lord. He met with women of great power; one would change him, one would love him. In the end, he had the power to destroy the most evil of creatures to ever walk the earth.

He was brash, he was irrational, he was strong, he was brave, he was ill-tempered, he was passionate. Many knew his name and loved him, many knew his nature and hated him. His heritage was no secret, the son of a daemon and a human, hated by both and understood by only a mysterious priestess from a land far away who lived a life that would never be understood by her peers.

Inuyasha was his name and Kagome hers.

Their names were echoed through the long years until it was a legend bearly remember.

Humans forgot that Inuyasha had a brother...but the daemons bowed to his name.

When Naraku was defeated from the land, Sesshoumaru vanished into the mists of the Western Lands, much like he appeared. In the company of his ward and servant, he continued into time to carve his own path.

This is his story.