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The age of Apocalypse is about to end. The man called Bishop has succeeded in saving the life of Charles Xavier. But even as the time lines rearrange themselves new events would inspire a new destiny for a precious few.

Magneto watched with his wife Rogue and their son Charles as Apocalypse's bombs descended. Magneto had no fear even if his world was about to be destroyed. He knew in his heart that Bishop had succeeded in his quest. So while this world was doomed the true timeline would survive. Magneto's only regret was that he could not offer his son a chance to live in a more peaceful world. Unknown to Magneto a shard of the M'Kraan crystal had broken off from the main piece and landed at his feet.

As his world became a golden blinding light Magneto felt a strange pulling sensation. Tightening his grip on his son, Magneto soon lost consciousness.




Rogue stared outside the window of the room she shared with Kitty. Staring up at the sky Rogue tried to take her mind off the problem with her powers. Letting out a sigh Rogue wondered if she should have joined Kitty at the mall. She had turned down Kitty;s offer to join her, pleading the need to be alone.

She was about to get up from the window when a huge explosion happened. The explosion's shock wave threw Rogue across the room. Rogue hit the wall with a massive thud as she slid down to the floor Rogue's vision filled with blackness.

Elsewhere the rest of the mansion's occupants heard and felt the explosion. In his office Charles Xavier looked over at Hank McCoy with a look of concern. It sounded and felt like a bomb had exploded right outside the mansion.

"Charles what just happened?" asked Hank.

"I'm not certain Hank. Perhaps it would be wise if you checked the security system. In the mean time I shall see if any of the students are injured." Said Xavier.

A quick mental scan showed that none of the students were seriously injured. Briefly he felt a small concern at Rogue's unconsciousness but relaxed as he sensed her beginning to awaken. Xavier let out a sigh of relief. He had briefly feared that the explosion or whatever had caused it had injured someone. However Xavier was soon frowning as he sensed two presences just outside the mansion.

"Hank it would appear that we have two guests outside. One seems to be unconscious and the other I do believe is a child." He said.

Hank nodded. "I'll go prepare the medical lab then."

Back in her room Rogue slowly blinked her eyes open as she regained consciousness. The sound of crying was faintly drifting into her room. Putting her hand to her head Rogue winced. 'Ah'm gonna have a serious headache after this. What's that noise? It sounds like crying, in fact it sounds like a baby crying. Baby, wait a minute!' Rogue rushed back to her window and looked down.

Sure enough there on the ground below her was a young child crying its head off. Puzzled Rogue wondered where the child had come from. Then she noticed the second figure laying near the child. The figure looked strangely familiar in a red and black outfit.

Coming downstairs Rogue saw that the rest of the x-men and new mutants had already gathered at the front door.

"Professor w'as going on? First tha explosion and now there's some stranger and a baby outside ma room." Said Rogue.

"Truthfully Rogue I do not know. Perhaps our visitor will be able to provide some answers for us." Said Xavier.

The professor then turned to face the others.

"Scott, I want you and Jean to take the new mutants and check to see if there was any damage to the rest of the mansion. Strom, Kurt, and Rogue will come with me to investigate our surprise guests." He told them.

Jean and Scott nodded and led the grumbling new mutants away. It was clear that the younger mutants had hoped to see the cause of the explosion earlier.

Going outside the cries of an upset child could be easily heard. Following the crying to its source Rogue and the others saw that the child was a small boy around four or five years old.

The crying child watched as the four strangers approached him. Seeing rogue he stopped crying and smiled at her. It was almost as if the child recognized her.

"Mommy! Mommy!" cried the five year old as he reached out for Rogue.

Rogue was startled by this outburst. Why should this child think that she was his mother? She had to admit that the boy was cute. Once again the small boy reached out for Rogue. Seeing that he wanted to be picked up Rogue hesitated uncertain what she should do.

"Mommy?" the little boy asked, confused as to why his mother had yet to pick him up.

Seeing the wide eyed look of confusion the child was giving her Rogue bent down. As she scooped the child up in her arms Rogue gave a silent prayer for the gloves and long sleeve shirt she had on.

"I see you made a friend Rogue." Smiled Storm.

"Ah guess Ah have. What about our sleeping friend professor?" asked Rogue.

"Kurt and I are just checking him. Though I think that you and Storm should see just who our mystery guest actually is." Replied Xavier.

Walking over to where the professor and Kurt were, Rogue looked down to see the face of the stranger for the first time. Only it wasn't the face of a stranger. It was the face of none other than Magneto.

However there as something different about Magneto that Rogue couldn't quite place. Then it dawned on her. Magneto was looked exactly like an 18 teen year old. 'But that was impossible.' Rogue thought. The child in her arms saw Magneto and reached out for him crying "Daddy!"

Rogue couldn't hide the shock that showed on her face. This boy was Magneto's son? The others' reaction to Magneto was nearly the same as hers.

"Magneto! Charles what happened to him?" asked Storm.

"I don't know Ororo. Hopefully Erik can tell us after he wakes up. For now we shall just have to settle for waiting. Kurt teleport Magneto over to Hank at the medical lab." Said Xavier.

"No problem Professor." With that Kurt and Magneto were gone.

Later in the medical lab Hank watched over his newest patient. Magneto had changed since Hank had seen him last. Magneto's hair was longer and his uniform was in tatters. But the most startling change was that Magneto now looked to be a teenager.

"How is he Hank?" asked Xavier.

"A little worse for wear but he should be all right. Any idea what happened to him Charles?" said Hank.

Xavier shook his head. "None I'm afraid."

Hank simply nodded at that before asking his next question.

"What about the child that was with him?"

"Rogue and Storm are currently looking after the boy in the kitchen. What puzzles me is why the child called Magneto his father." Said Xavier.

Inside the kitchen Storm watched from the table as Rogue comforted the upset child. It was amazing how well the child had taken to Rogue. It was to cute her him call Rogue mommy. If storm did not know better she would have sworn that the two were actually mother and child.

Rogue looked down and was pleased to see that the little boy in her arms had fallen asleep. 'Thank goodness. Ah was getting' tired of walking around.' Thought Rogue. She was about to sit down when Logan walked in.

Logan stopped in mid stride and stared at the sleeping child in Rogue's arms. There was something oddly familiar about the child's scent. Frowning, Logan sniffed the air and growled softly.

"Something wrong Logan?" asked Rogue.

"You bet there's something wrong. When did you have the kid?" said Logan.

Rogue's eyes widened. "Ah beg your pardon?"

"You heard me Rogue. That kid has your scent all over him. Yours and Magneto's." Logan said crossing his arms.

The shock of what Logan said made Rogue pale as she slid into the chair. She barely noticed as Storm gripped her shoulder.

"Are you certain Logan?" asked Storm.

"These senses 'o mine don't lie Ororo. That boy has their scent all over his." Logan said gruffly.

That was all Rogue could take as her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she fainted. The last thing she heard was Storm's cry of concern.


Back in the medical lab the man known to some as Magneto let out a groan as he blinked his eyes open. 'Where am I? The last thing I remember is battling Apocalypse.' Magneto wondered. Sitting up Magneto noticed that he was in some sort of medical lab.

"Ah, I see that you have woken up." Said a voice that Erik had not heard in a very long time.

Turning to his left Erik Lensherr saw the familiar face of his old friend Charles Xavier as he approached him.

"Charles. Then the plan worked." Erik sighed with relief.

Before Xavier could ask what Erik meant Logan walked into the medical lab carrying an unconscious Rogue. Erik's reaction upon seeing Rogue was most unexpected.


Xavier watched in surprise as his old friend tried to rush to the unconscious girl's side. 'Why would Erik be concerned for Rogue all of a sudden?' he wondered.

Although at first glance he was pleased to see Rogue, Erik soon saw that the girl was not his wife. The two were identical of that there was no doubt. But his wife had been a woman while this Rogue was still a teenager. The realization that only he and his son had survived struck at Erik's core. His wife, his heart and soul was gone. Bowing his head Erik let the tears come.

Storm walked in behind Logan surprised to see of all things Erik Lensherr crying. Even Logan was thrown off by this. However it was the child in Storm's arms that broke the silence.

"Daddy! Daddy!"

Erik immediately looked up at the sound of his son's voice. "Charles." He whispered.

Handing the boy to Erik Storm merely smiled as she watched father and son reunite.

"Daddy why did mommy fall asleep in the middle of the day?" little Charles asked innocently.

Erik hesitated, a little unsure of how he could explain. That they were no longer in their own reality and everyone else including his wife are now dead. To Erik's surprise it is Xavier that answer's Charles question.

"Your mother is simply tired little one. She will wake up soon. Would you mind telling us your name?" asked Xavier.

Little Charles looked over at his father before answering.

"My name is Charles. Daddy says that I was named after an old friend of his." Said Charles.

"And a good name it is too. Why don't you go with Ororo for a little bit. Your father and I need to have a serious talk." Said Xavier.

Erik smiled at his son. "Go on Charles. I will be along soon."

Xavier waited until the others had left before wheeling to confront his old friend.

"What game are you playing Erik? I know that Wanda and Pietro are your children but when did you have that young boy? And why does he think that Rogue is his mother?" asked Xavier.

Erik sighed. "It is a long and complicated story Charles. One I am too tired to tell you. Perhaps it would be better if you read my thoughts."

"If you are sure?"

At Erik's nod of consent Xavier mentally probed his friend's memories. Seeing the world that Erik had come from Xavier quickly broke contact.

"My apologies Erik. I would never have guessed that you had gone through so much. Still I think I can at least explain to you where you and your son now are." Said the Professor.

Erik raised his eyebrows at this.

"Oh, and just where are we?" he asked.

The Professor looked directly into Erik's eyes before answering.

"You are in another world Erik. One that is obviously different from yours or the one you hopefully restored." Said Xavier.

To Be Continued...

Howling Wolf: Here it is the beginning of a brand new series. It will obviously be a Rogue/Magneto pairing. I was inspired to write this story by the few Rogue/Magneto stories that are out there. Stay tuned for the next chapter when the brotherhood meets the x-men's new guests.