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"I come from a world that was ruled by Apocalypse." Said Erik.

Several pairs of eyes widened at this statement. A world where Apocalypse ruled? Even Magneto shuddered at this. What horrors had this other version of himself witnessed?

Then another thought struck the master of magnetism. What was that about Charles dying? Could the absence of just one man be what allowed Apocalypse to succeed in taking over the world?

"Was it such a horrible place?" asked one of the new mutants.

Erik sighed, rubbing a hand down his face. His eyes closed as memories of those dark days returned. Especially the memories of the past few days. He had never been certain if he would live to see a future free of Apocalypse. A future where his son could enjoy a normal childhood. Now he was in a world that had never experienced any of the horrors his had.

Erik may have survived his world, but he knew that the memories would never leave him. And truth be told Erik didn't want the memories, good or bad, to be gone.

"Horrible? Child, my world was the stuff of nightmares. A literal hell on Earth, with Apocalypse as the devil." Said Erik.

Wearily Erik began to tell them of some of the battles he had fought. He also told them what he knew of their counterparts from his world.

Several miles outside of Bayville a lone figure slowly makes her way down the highway. X-23 frowned as she continued waling towards her destination. The motorcycle that she had stolen earlier had broken down further back along the road.

X-23 did not know why she was heading back to Bayville. No that was not true she did have a slight idea why. With SHIELD still looking for her the safest place X-23 could think of going to now was the Xavier school. Of course going there wasn't her first option, but with Fury increasing his search for her X-23 knew that her best chance was with Wolverine.

Hearing the sounds of helicopters over head X-23 dove for cover in the side of the road. Peering from her hiding spot she waited for the helicopters to leave. 'I can't get caught.' was the one thought running through the young woman's mind.

Nick Fury frowned as he waited impatiently for the rest of his search team to report in. They had managed to track X-23 down after her supposed death with along with Hydra's leader Madam Hydra.

"Sir Units two and three have just reported in. They have located an abandoned motor cycle five miles along the highway. Unfortunately they have been unable to locate X-23 any where in the vicinity."

"Tell them to keep searching. I have a feeling I know which direction that she is running to." Fury said lighting a cigar.

Back at the Xavier mansion Erik had just finished his tale. Several of the new mutants' faces had turned green. Rogue, listening to Erik's story had wrapped her arms tighter around little Charles. Rogue had been curious about where Erik and his son had come from. Now she wished that she that she didn't. Even Xavier and the rest of the adults looked disturbed from the tale.

"So you and the Rogue from your world were married?" asked Beast.

"Yes." Erik nodded.

"How did you over come mah, Ah mean her mutant power?" asked Rogue.

1"It was simple. I merely created a bio-magnetic shield to protect me from her powers. After I used one of Apocalypse's rejuvenation chambers we discovered that I could touch her without fear." Said Erik.

A strange look covered Erik's face for a minute. Could he still be able to touch Rogue without having to recreate his magnetic shield? Admittedly Erik knew that he wasn't in his own reality, but still. Erik walked over and stopped in front of Rogue.

Rogue looked at Erik puzzled as to why he was just standing in front of her, staring. 'Wha' is he doing?' she wondered.

Erik what are you planning? asked Xavier.

Just trust me Charles. I know what I am doing. replied Erik.

Before anyone could react Erik suddenly reached out and stroked Rogue's cheek. Rogue quickly started to push Erik away then stopped. There had been no flash of memories when they had touched. Nor was Erik sprawled out on the ground unconscious.

In fact Erik was grinning at her while everyone else stared in complete shock. Still feeling shocked herself Rogue touched her cheek where Erik had brushed his fingers.

"Ya touched meh. Ya actually touched meh." She said.

"So it would appear." Erik said calmly.

That was very dangerous Erik. reprimanded Xavier.

Oh relax Charles. I was in no real danger. Besides I needed to know.

Xavier sighed. He was not sure that he could handle two Magnetos after all.

"You needed to know what precisely Erik?"

"Whether or not I was immune to Rogue's touch here." Erik said simply.

"And why did ya need to know that exactly?" asked Rogue as she put Charles down.

"So that I could do this." Said Erik.

The next thing Rogue knew Erik was kissing her in front of everybody. A few snickers and cat calls registered before Rogue forgot everything else and surrendered to the kiss.

To Be Continued…

Howling Wolf: And there is chapter three. Join us next time as both Magnetos decide how to handle their co-existence. Rogue wonders why she let Erik kiss her and X-23 finally shows up at the mansion with SHIELD right behind her.

1: I don't know if I got this right. I haven't read Age of Apocalypse in awhile.