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'What is "Hunting Grounds, Redux"?' Simple, "Hunting Grounds" was my first Fan Fiction story. It's still sitting around in the ether of the back pages, unfinished and simply ignored. Why? Because I wrote it to death. My basic idea was good but every thing else didn't work right. The chapters were too short and the characters weren't written right and worst of all I brought in Angel and his team and set up a flashback. I'm sorry to say that my muse was brought to a grinding halt by that chapter and there the story remained. Now with hind sight (and, at last, one story completed) I can return to fix my mistakes... Oh yes and I am hoping to tie in with the AVP film!

So now here you go the re-written, re-plotted and much longer (if only chapter wise) Hunting Grounds.

Disclaimer :-
I do not own (or am likely to ever own) Buffy the Vampire Slayer or PREDATOR. They are owned by their respective creators which unfortunately does not include me. Or:- "uh not own... want story learn to write... no sue, no cash. Me little student, poor..."

Thanks for reading (now lets get on with it!)

Hunting Grounds By The Mountain King

The pods shielded skin burnt off as the pull of the small planets weak gravity was contested by the A/G landing field. Malg 3 was known to harbour some of the strangest prey in existence. From the cunning and resourceful 'Soft meat' that called themselves "Humans" to the powerful and deadly variety of creatures that are known as 'Feeders'. Feeders defied the science of the research prides. While many advances like the stealth shield were discovered while investigating them there were still mysteries to be learnt and possibly still ideas to be exploited.

This pride champion's last hunt on this world was a disappointment. The worthy prey that he stalked exclusively for three nights was picked off by the "dust" feeders on mass. "Dust" feeders were the blight of the true collector. Strong, powerful and the fact their body heat was none existent meant that it took a keen eye to spot them then strength and resilience to defeat them. This made the creatures a challenge worthy of great honour. But to take a head was literally nothing as their bodies would disappear in to a pile of dust. This hunt was a gift for the champion, the science prides had given him a chance to redeem his failure on this world and on a personal note a chance to thin the ranks of dust feeders and all the other beings that would interfere for simply reporting back on the odd sensor readings from this small inhabited area.

Leaving the pod, and hiding it within a destroyed building on the outskirts of the hunting area the champion looked over his new hunting grounds, the strange energy waves had drawn him here had had the same effect on feeders. Cloaking himself against the night sky the first night of the hunt had begun.

Buffy looked up at the old castle that was so important last night. Dracula, The Count, vampire master with the power to hypnotize and mesmerize had come to see her. Damn if the vamps didn't get her she could rely on her ego to finish the job.

Looking up she saw a shooting star. With a quick smile she made a wish, 'Just once let it all be a quiet night. One or two Vamps, OK, but no ugly guy wanting to destroy the world. Please.'

The Champion clung to the top branch of a tree. Looking out among the forest of short stone out growths he saw a soft meat female wandering around. She had to be playing bait. Soft meat were known to be intelligent, brave and resourceful. On this violent and dangerous planet one would have to be very strong and skilled to survive alone. Otherwise she was very stupid. Out of the corner of his eye he spotted some movement, three large dust feeders were stalking her. She span around, screamed, and ran as fast as she could. The three feeders were faster, and stronger, so it was no surprise when the female was captured and pinned against a small stone structure. The Champion recognised the crude laughter of the feeders as she writhed under their grip. The Champion was disgusted and considered bringing his plasma cannon to bear on the honourless scum as a new heat signature appeared on top of the building.

It was smaller than all the others and cooler. It was not afraid as it dropped among the three feeders. They, however, were. The champion soon learnt why. With a short burst of language the new comer flash kicked the largest a good distance away from the fight, it hit several of the standing stones while in flight. One of the feeders shouted the word "Slayer" before running away. The Slayer destroyed the other with a crude weapon before throwing it at the other. The Champion was amused. Could this small thing have the same power and strength as his own. From what he saw this Slayer was not a Feeder or a Human. He watched as, after talking to the idiot bait, she walked to the prone dust feeder and destroyed that too.

Getting ready for bed Buffy had already looked in on Dawn, why she idly wondered what was so strange about it before she forgot about the feeling and fell fast asleep in the strong arms of Riley. In the middle of the night she felt a pair of eyes boring into her Buffy got up from her shared bed but there was nothing around. She looked under the bed and for a moment thought of looking in the closet. Deciding that she was just being paranoid she returned to Riley's arms and into a comforting sleep.

Still outside the hunter dug his toes into the window ledge, half crouched he could see into the room as the new prey settled in for the night. Knowing that the next few weeks would provide challenges and rewards worthy of legends he leaped far into the night looking for a practice kill.

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