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Present: Zurich, Switzerland

"How did my parents do this?" I wondered aloud, as I stood outside the bank in Switzerland. "They were insane, they had to be insane."

Swiss bank account, I thought, looking at the key and account number Dad gave me what felt like a million years ago. Ignoring the pang in my heart, that I forced myself to harden, after Zach's blatant rejection. They did this. They could of turned themselves in, gotten protection, we could have been a normal family. I should hate them for ruining my life, except that they were the best parents ever.

"I miss you," I said, before walking into the bank.

Present: Rome, WI

"She is going to get herself kill!" Jill insisted. "She is a child, Jimmy!"

"I pulled some strings and checked flights leaving from San Francisco and Los Angeloes," Jimmy replied. "No Julia Albani or Cooke on either of them. Max and Kenny had stacks of aliases, so I wasn't surprised by that. Where would she go?"

"The Milanis have homes all over the world," Jill remembered. "Isn't the prime one in Italy? Kenny and Max lived all over the place, who knows what they told her?"

"They told her to come to us," Jimmy stated. "They wanted her to have a normal and stable life, but she is certainly Max's daughter with all of that stubborn and pigheadedness. She would need money . . . They went to Tom's box in Switzerland once."

"They killed people there."

"Julia killed people too," Jimmy said bluntly. "None of they are saints, and Kenny and Max wouldn't of let their daughter not be prepared. They knew what was out there, they had a contingency plan."

Tahiti: 8 years ago

"Michael, what do you think you're doing?"

He turned to look at his wife, standing there in a thin camisole and fraying pajama shorts. Still hot at almost 40, he thought, and looking at me like that. She knows exactly what I'm doing.

"Spying on our daughter. You know that," he said finally, holding out his hand. "Want to join me?"

"Oh, I'm not going to be your accomplice in this," she laughed. "She's 14, and will never forgive us."

"You're so my accomplice, Honey," he teased, pulling her into his lap. "Hey! Is he kissing her?"

"Come here," she said, pulling him into a strong embrace and kissing him. "Come to bed with me."

Present: Zurich, Switzerland

Why did Dad work if they had all this money, I wondered, as I sat in the hotel room. A letter, I thought, they really thought of everything. A message from beyond the grave . . . How do I open this? Taking a steadying breath, I tore open the envelope.

Our darling Julia,

I swallowed back my tears at Mom's familiar handwriting. No, be strong. Do this for them!

If you're reading this, we're most likely not with you anymore. In whichever way it happened, we know that you're strong, smart and capable. That you have inherited most of your parents stubbornness and determination.

Don't go chasing after the ghosts of the past. Don't make the same mistakes that we did. Enjoy your life, do all the good things that we know that you're capable of.

We love you, Julia.

Mom and Dad

I laid down the note before bursting into tears.

Rome Wisconsin: Present

"You can't go chasing after her," Jill said. "Like you did with them."

"She's 21," Jimmy said. "We can't let her just go off and get herself killed. That's not what they would of wanted for her."

"They should of thought about that before they had a daughter," Jill offered bluntly. "They brought her into the world and into this situation. I love Julia like she is ours, but her whole life has not been fair to her. She can't go avenge her parent's deaths."

"I'm going to stop her."

"And I'm going with you," Zach said, walking into the kitchen.

Present: Zurich Switzerland

I wiped my tears away before tucking the folded note into my pocket. I can't, how do I just let it all go? Mom and Dad hid, let people think they were dead, before they were found and murdered. How long before they find and murder me too?

"Kill or be killed?" I asked aloud. Fishing the pages I had written out of my bag, I stared at what was my parents and now my story. They want me to live, I want them to be proud of me. The mob is going to kill thousands of people . . . No matter what I do.

Present: Rome Wisconsin

"You're not going," Jimmy stated. "We don't even know where she is."

"You brought her into our lives. After everything her parents did. Lied to all of us," Zach said lowly. "You knew . . . Now what? She goes and pulls the same thing that her parents did? Until when? Everyone is dead. She needs help, Dad, and there is no one else to give it to her. Kenny and Max made sure of that."

Jimmy reached for his wallet and pulled out his credit card. "Lets make flight arrangements."

Tahiti: 8 Years Ago

"Ssh," Mom whispered, as they stood in the kitchen. "Don't be that Dad."

"She shouldn't be dating."

She smiled at his over protectiveness. He would have it no matter how we ended up, and asked before she thought better of it. "What were you doing when you were 14?"

"I thought," Kenny trailed off, as they didn't quite look at each other. "Stuff I wouldn't want any boy to do to our daughter. Which I'm sure that her mother would of never allowed me to do to her at that age."

"I'm sure you were a saint," she smiled, as they heard the front door open and close. "Behave yourself."

"You waited up?" I whined, walking into the kitchen. "Don't you trust me? Dad?"

"You're our kid," he said. "We're going to wait up. Live with it."

Present: Zurich Switzerland Airport

I have friends, a life, I thought, I worked hard for it. Now I have millions of dollars and a clue to find diamonds. Diamonds that they hid to keep me safe . . . No one knows what they went through for me. They will though. They'll all pay!


I whirled on my heel to see Jimmy and Zach coming toward me. How . . .

"What are you doing here?" I demanded. "How did you find me?"

"We knew your parents really well," Jimmy stated. "And you are your mother's daughter, Julia. Now come home with us."

I shook my head. "I can't. I need to finish what they started."