All In The Subtext

Rated G

It was late on Friday afternoon and the Them were crowded into a booth at the Tadfield Ice Creamery. Brian was attempting to consume an entire large sundae without breathing, so it seemed, while the others looked on disinterestedly.

"You're never going to get through that," Adam said wisely. He'd already finished his ice cream some minutes ago "You shouldn't have got all that extra cream on top." he added. Pepper shook her head in general disgust.

"Honestly, we shouldn't even be here," Wensleydale worried, sitting next to Pepper with his English book open in front of him.

"Why don't you go then," Brian managed to get out through a mouth full of chocolate ice cream. Wensleydale ignored him.

"We've all got that huge essay due on Monday, and I'm assuming none of you have even thought about it yet." He went on, adjusting his glasses absently.

"Well I don't know about them," Pepper said, pointing at Adam and Brian across the table, "But I've already drafted it."

"Fantastic," Brian breathed "D'you reckon I could have a looked at it?" He asked without the innocent intention of simply looking.

"No-you'll only copy it," Pepper replied "Besides, it's just a few hundred words about texts and subtexts."

"A few?" Brian exploded, almost spitting ice cream all over her jumper.

"It's only six hundred or so," Adam reasoned "I've already finished. Subtexts are easy to write about-you'll have no problems mate."

"What are they," Brian mused, scraping his spoon at the almost fully clean bowl "exactly, anyway? Subtexts I mean."

"'SWhat you get out of the text," Adam informed him "like the moral of the story or whatever."

"Yeah," Pepper chipped in "like that and you know, like character relationships that aren't totally spelt out, but from reading it you get the idea about them?"

"Eh?" Brian said quite articulately.

"Oh you know," Pepper's tone was edging towards Annoyed "like in the Harry Potter books, you know the third one?"

Brian nodded and put down his spoon.

"Well, in that, there's the subtext of Lupin and Black being Together," She explained, rushing through her words before one of the boys could interrupt her "It's not explicitly in there, like it's not written exactly, but it's just an assumption you can get from the text."

"Professor Lupin and Black are gay?" Wensleydale exclaimed with slightly wide eyes.

Pepper nodded. "Sure. It's all in the subtext."