The departure lounge was bathed in sultry shades of dusk. The setting sun had stained the sky in vivid shades of purple, crimson and gold, a vivid display of color before night's invasive shadows wrapped the scenery in black obscurity.

From where they sat the airplanes resembled giant birds of prey, bathed in crimson and casting long, warped shadows across the seemingly endless stretch of tarmac. They had been waiting for quite some time, not that it surprised either of them, they had traveled enough to know that prompt departures were not to be expected where airplanes and more importantly, airlines were concerned.

They were an eclectic pair, the two of them.

The youngest sprawled untidily across at least three of the uncomfortable terminal chairs as he pressed avidly at the buttons of his blaring game boy, whooping excitedly along with the corresponding explosions. A wild mane of black straggled passed his shoulders and through slate-blue eyes that were fixed with such intense concentration upon the screen of his game console. Dressed in rag-tag jeans, a hastily chosen crumpled, red t-shirt and sneakers he looked like an average twelve year old boy.

His companion was quite the opposite.

He sat tall and proudly, seeming to command the space that he sat in and a great deal more, as he flicked lazily through a deck of cards, shuffling with the practiced hand of a card-shark. Chestnut hair just brushed the tips of sooty eye-lashes and was just messy enough to make one wonder if it bothered him at all. As he shuffled, his eyes, a dark and striking shade of blue, seemed in a perpetual state of amusement laced with disdain. It was an expression that often gave those who fell directly under it the distinct impression that he knew something about themselves that they didn't, and that, on the inside at least, he was laughing at them.

From the long charcoal duster emblazoned with an entwined KC at the collar and the shining silver-briefcase resting at his side to his pointed buckled boots, trappings of black leather and shining silver buckles he was every bit the contradiction. He might have passed as a street punk with a taste for designer couture or a corporate giant stranded in teenaged rebellion. Or, as was the most likely case, an unwitting combination of both.

Whatever he was, he was most certainly not an average sixteen year old.

Some around them muttered, convinced that they should recognize the elder boy. Others had clearly already stumbled upon recognition. Seto Kaiba never did try very hard to remain inconspicuous.

As the sun sank low behind the sprawling Los Angeles skyline a clear feminine voice declared over the crackling intercom, "Flight 274 leaving Los Angeles for Osaka, Japan is now boarding from Gate 23. Flight 274 from.."

The elder boy ceased the shuffling of his deck and slipped the cards into his pocket, rising gracefully to his feet and reaching for the briefcase at his side promptly.

The younger of the two jumped brightly to his feet, stowing his Game Boy into the pocket of his jeans and giving a pronounced roll of his eyes. "Finally!"

Seto Kaiba's lips twitched indulgently at the proclamation as the pair turned to begin their walk towards their designated gate.

Mokuba Kaiba returned the near-smile with a grin of his own and skipped a step idly. "It feels like forever since we've been home," he observed to the air, glancing slyly in his brother's direction. "Doesn't it?"

Seto nodded. "Forever."

At that moment Domino City seemed a world away, but the spark of anticipation that drew a gleam to Seto Kaiba's eyes and tugged persistently at his lips said it all.

Domino City wouldn't know what had hit it.

An: I never thought that I too would be adding to the boundless number of HP/YGO crossovers that populate the YGO fandom. However, in penance for this I shall at least endeavor to keep this fic entirely original. This story will not have YGO characters attending Hogwarts, it will not have YGO characters teaching at Hogwarts and Voldemort is not after the power of the Sennen Items.
You will find that the few OC's that make it into this story will be infrequent, largely unimportant and as unobtrusive as possible.
Thus far, the format goes as follows, there will be several 'books'. Each of them will follow one particular member of the Yuugiou or Harry Potter cast. This particular 'book' follows the events through Seto Kaiba's eyes and his own adventure as it tangles together with those of the others. The time line takes place with Kaiba's return from America after Battle City and the middle of the Summer Holidays before Harry's sixth year at Hogwarts. This means that A) for you anime watchers, the DOMA saga has not yet happened and Atemu shouldn't know his true name, yet he does. B) Bakura is still in possession of the Sennen Eye and Ring while the Ishtars have relinquished their items to Yuugi.
And while I may have frequent lapses where I seem to be idling in updates you can be assured that I am working on the next chapter and that a visit to the Forum (located in the YGO section or available through my profile,) will usually produce a mass of tortured whining about what is taking me so long.

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