House Arrest

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Summary: AU. Slash. M-preg. LM/SB. Being with child is the only way to stay out of Azkaban. It just so happens that upon his arrest, Lucius Malfoy was pregnant. He is put under the custody of Dumbledore who leaves him at Grimmauld Place with someone else who should also be in Azkaban.

Warnings: The usual for my stories. There will also be mentions of rape and torture in this story. And yes, the Book 5 death did not happen, if it did, I wouldn't have this particular pairing.

Pairing(s): Future Sirius/Lucius.


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Chapter 1: Grimmauld's Newest Occupant

Sirius leaned against the kitchen bench in his family's ancestral home of Twelve Grimmauld Place staring at Albus Dumbledore with an unreadable expression on his face, "You are taking custody of Lucius Malfoy and leaving him here."

"Yes Sirius." Replied the old wizard seriously. "Look, until Lucius has had his baby we can not try him under veritaserum, but I believe his story, just as I believe Severus' and yours. In order to stay here and not have his baby terminated, Lucius has agreed to give us as much information as he can pertaining to Lord Voldemort's future plans, information that Severus can not get."

Sirius sighed and nodded, "And what do you want me to do?" He was not happy about this at all. His cousin's husband was staying out of Azkaban because he had gotten himself knocked up, somehow, even after the blond Death Eater stood trial nobody was sure who the father of his baby was because he was refusing to say. But Sirius wasn't sure about trusting that man, pregnant or not, he was certain Lucius could still do something damaging to the Order, especially if he was being kept under house arrest in their Headquarters.

"I want you to treat him as you yourself wish to be treated." Replied Dumbledore standing up from the table. "I will be getting him from the Ministry's holding cell this afternoon, so in the mean time, I ask that you have a room ready for him and to warn all other occupants of this house that he will be arriving." Sirius nodded reluctantly. "And please tell the children not to repeat anything you tell them outside this house."

Sirius nodded, "Ok…what about Kreacher? He's been communicating with Narcissa throughout the last year…"

"Hm…" Dumbledore frowned slightly. "Well, he is bound by the law of his species to obey his rightful master, you will have to order him to keep quiet and if that fails as it has been known to in the past…I suggest locking him in a closet."

Sirius smirked, "Hermione is here, I don't think that's an option right now."

"I am sure you will think of something. Anyway, I really must go now; I have to sign all the legal documents to put Lucius into my custody.

"Ok." Sirius thought for a moment, "Just how pregnant is he?"

Dumbledore looked back to the younger wizard as he reached the doorway, "He is just coming up to two months along. Madame Pomfrey examined him at my request, he will be due around the end of next March. Oh yes, I nearly forgot, Lucius will not have his wand on him, the Ministry have decided to keep that away from him."

"Well that's a relief, I must say. Bye then."

Dumbledore nodded his goodbye and left the kitchen at Grimmauld Place.

Sirius sighed and ran a hand through his long dishevelled hair, "Guess I have to break the news then…"

"What news?" Asked Remus as he stepped into the kitchen.

Sirius pulled himself up on to the bench and frowned, "You heard about Malfoy?"

Remus sat on the table facing Sirius, "I know he'll be under Dumbledore's custody by the end of the day, why?"

Sirius smirked a little, "Dumbledore has decided that Lucius will be staying here for the duration of his pregnancy, and possibly afterwards. Apparently my cousin-in-law has agreed to tell us everything he knows about Voldemort's plans that Snape hasn't been able to find out, all this in exchange for keeping his arse out of Azkaban, I suppose."

Remus raised an eyebrow slightly, "So, I take it you will be his sole supervisor when everyone is back at Hogwarts or doing whatever it is that they do?"

"Yeah, pretty much." The Animagus chewed his bottom lip almost nervously for a moment. "How bad do you think his hormones will get compared to Lily?"

Remus snorted in amusement, "I pity you, I really do."

Sirius rolled his eyes, "Thanks, you're a mate." There was definite sarcasm in his tone. "Anyway, can you let everyone else know while I get his room ready?"

Remus frowned and nodded, "I suppose so, although I'm sure Dumbledore wanted this news to come from you."

Sirius hopped off the bench and headed for the door, "Yeah, he did. Oh, and can you tell them not to repeat anything you tell them about Lucius?" Remus nodded, though he didn't look too pleased. "Thank you. I owe you."

"I'll hold you to that Black!" Called Remus after his friend.


Come late afternoon, Grimmauld Place was nearly deserted. Arthur Weasley who had never liked Lucius to begin with had left followed by his family not long after, Moody was too paranoid to stick around and Tonks and Kingsley Shacklebolt had said they had some urgent business to attend to.

Harry, Hermione and Remus were still in this house though. Remus was there because Sirius had practically begged him to stay for as long as he could, Harry was there because he felt being in the same building as Lucius Malfoy (without a wand) was preferable to going back to the Dursleys. And Hermione was willing to give the senior Malfoy a chance for reasons unknown to the three males in the house.

Sirius was just coming out of the kitchen when the doorbell went, which set his mother off once again, "Can someone shut her up?!"

"We're on it!" Called Harry from upstairs.

Sirius went to the door and opened it, all the while wondering why Dumbledore didn't bother using the locking mechanism that only he, Remus and Sirius could use. He really wasn't bracing himself for much of a surprise upon seeing Lucius Malfoy once again, but when he did lay eyes on the man he was quite shocked.

Lucius did not look at all confident, arrogant or self-righteous, he did not look at all like the wealthy aristocrat Sirius had seen pictures of in the Daily Prophet recently. The man was even paler than usual and almost sickly looking; his once extremely expensive robes were hanging off him due to weight loss that could not be healthy for someone with child. On top of that, there was a definite haunted look in those once cold grey eyes that were staring right back at Sirius.

It seems a short time in Azkaban and Ministry holding cells does a hell of a lot to a guilty man. Thought Sirius as he let the two men into his hated family home. "Well, welcome to my humble abode." Lucius gave a curt nod and folded his arms protectively over his abdomen. Judging by Lucius' demeanour so far, Sirius figured he might not be too hard to live with after all.

Dumbledore broke the silence, "Right, I have some important business to attend to. I will leave you to get Lucius settled in, Sirius… And your things will arrive tomorrow morning Lucius."

The two men nodded and watched as the old wizard left.

Before Sirius could open his mouth to say anything, Lucius spoke and despite the man's wrecked appearance he still managed to sound quite cold. "You seem rather accommodating to someone who nearly killed your godson a little over a month ago, it's a shame I failed."

Sirius narrowed his eyes slightly, "Well, upon seeing your appearance I had the stupidest thought that you might be a little more pleasant, but it seems your hormonal imbalance has started already. Pregnancy is a bugger isn't it?" he noticed Lucius wince quite visually at his last comment but he chose to ignore it, for now, anyway. "I'll show you to your room, Lucius."


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