House Arrest

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Chapter 7: Life Renewed

It was nearing the end of February and Lucius was due to give birth any day now and because of that, Sirius was not all too fond of leaving the blond on his own.

Lucius scowled at the dark haired man across the table from him, "Sirius, I may not have a wand but I won't hesitate to kill you with my bare hands if you don't stop fussing over me."

Sirius's grey eyes widened slightly, "Sorry…I just want to make sure you're ok."

Lucius sighed and rubbed his swelled abdomen, which was becoming quite sore, "I'm fine, and you'll certainly know when I go into labour," he sighed and gazed down at the table. "You will be with me, won't you?"

Sirius reached across the table and took one of Lucius's hands in his own and gave it a squeeze, "Of course I will be, I wouldn't miss it for the world," a slightly disbelieving eyebrow raised. "Well…as long as you don't abuse me and hurt me while you're in labour, I've heard it happens."

Lucius smirked, "I'll try and be nice."


"Can you do something for me? When I'm having the baby?"

Sirius nodded, "Sure."

"Can you keep Hermione notified of what's going on?" asked Lucius. "She's been begging me with owls for the last fortnight to let her know when it happens."

Sirius smiled slightly, "You know, when you first arrived here, Hermione kept telling me off every time I upset you or said something nasty behind your back," Lucius's eyebrows raised slightly. "If I still thought you were the stuck up blood purist I met as a kid, I would think it was pretty funny that a muggleborn girl was defending you."

"If I was still the blood purist I once was, I would have killed her the moment she set foot in my room," replied the blond; he gave a shrug. "I'll have to thank her for keeping you in line, you bastard."

Sirius grinned, "Forgive and forget?"

"I already have."


It was late in the afternoon and Lucius was in his bathroom; he had just gotten out of the bath, which he thought would help soothe his aching back and stomach. It had helped a little bit but not enough for him to ignore the pain; he had a towel loosely around his lower body and walked over to the mirror to observe himself. Though he had gained quite a bit of weight and he hadn't seen his feet in a few months, he was fairly happy with the way he was looking; he looked healthy enough, his baby was certainly healthy and developing well. His hair, though wet at the moment, was looking much shinier and better than it used too-

The blond hissed as another sharp pain shot through his body; he placed a hand on his baby belly as he started to realise what was happening. But before he could do anything else he felt something trickling down the inside of his legs. "Oh no…"

Why did Sirius have to be at the other end of the house?

Lucius walked, or waddled, as quickly as he could over to the bedroom door, a hand fixed firmly on his stomach; he opened the door and took a deep breath before yelling, "SIRIUS!"


Sirius was up in his mother's old bedroom feeding Buckbeak when he heard Lucius bellowing his name; the ex-convict immediately dropped the sack of dead rats and ran from the bedroom. Literally, within seconds, he was at Lucius's side as the blond sat down on the bed in nought but a towel. "What's the matter? Are you all right?"

Lucius shook his head and whimpered, "My water broke…" he saw Sirius's eyes widen. "I'm having the baby."

Sirius nodded, his mind had gone blank all of a sudden, "OK…What do I do?"

Lucius glared at the dark haired man, "Get me help, you idiot!"

Sirius nodded again frantically, "Right. Help," with that he ran to the nearest fireplace to floo Madame Pomfrey. Within minutes Madame Pomfrey had flooed over and went straight to Lucius's bedroom and shut the door on Sirius.


A couple of hours later, Sirius was sitting on the floor against the wall outside of Lucius's bedroom; it felt like it had been hours since Lucius told him he was having the baby. But while waiting, he had dutifully written an owl to Hermione telling her that the baby was on its way. He sighed as Remus came along the hallway. The shut out wizard looked up and gave his friend a grim smile, "Hi…"

Remus frowned, "What going on?"

Sirius sighed, "He's having the baby and Madame Pomfrey shut me out."

"Oh-" as Remus was about to say something else they both heard a shout of pain from inside the bedroom.

"Get this fucking thing out of me!"

"Lucius, calm down and breathe."

"I am calm!"

Sirius gazed down almost blankly down the hallway, "He said this morning that he wanted me with him when he has the baby and now the demon nurse won't let me in."

Remus smirked and raised his eyebrows for glancing at the door.

When Sirius saw this action he turned back to the door and saw Poppy Pomfrey regarding him sourly, so he quickly jumped to his feet looking sheepish. "Can I see him?"

"Yes, he requested your presence," replied Pomfrey before re-entering the bedroom.

Sirius narrowed his eyes slightly at Remus and spoke quietly, "You could've told me she was there."

Remus gave a shrug and smiled, "What can I say? I like watching you squirm," Sirius glared at him. "Go on, Lucius needs you."

"If she hurts me I'm going to get you back for it," grumbled Sirius before entering the bedroom. After entering the bedroom he went straight over to Lucius and sat down beside him on the bed; he took in the overly dishevelled appearance of the man he loved. Lucius's pale skin was flushed and covered in sweat, he was whimpering every now and again and he was most likely naked underneath the covers of his bed.

Hang on a moment, did he just think that? The man he loved.

Sirius smoothed Lucius's hair back away from his face and pressed a kiss to his head, "How are you doing?"

"Oh fantastic…" came the sarcastic, biting reply.

Sirius nodded, it seemed the old Lucius had resurfaced for this birth, "It'll all be over soon."

Lucius whimpered and gripped one of Sirius's hands as another contraction hit him, "It…better be…"

Sirius held the blond close as he looked to Madame Pomfrey, "How exactly does a man give birth?"

Pomfrey sighed, "Caesarean Section."

Sirius nodded as Lucius's head found its way to the crook of his neck, "Can you do that on your own?"

Pomfrey raised an eyebrow, "What are you implying, Mr. Black?"

Sirius's eyes widened slightly, "Nothing."


"Make the pain stop!"

"Deep breaths, Lucius, deep breaths."

"I AM taking deep breaths!"

Madame Pomfrey scowled, "No you're not, you are shouting. Now do as I say."

Lucius nearly started crying again, "I am! …Cut it out of me…"


By the time 7am the next morning rolled around, the crying of a newborn baby could be heard; a newborn baby with an unconscious father, as the pain and exhaustion had become too much for Lucius. While Sirius held the unconscious form of Lucius, Madame Pomfrey went about carefully cleaning up the little baby girl before wrapping her up in a blanket and placing her in a transfigured cradle.

After doing so, she turned back to Sirius, "I owled Severus a little while ago to bring some potions over for Lucius, he will leave the instructions for their consumption with you. When Lucius wakes up, get him to eat something, even if he refuses."

Sirius gave a nod, and ran his fingers through the blond's hair, "Are there any instructions for the baby?"

Madame Pomfrey shook her head, "I trust that Lucius already knows how to raise a child, this being his second time as a father."



About half an hour after Madame Pomfrey had left, the doorbell of Twelve Grimmauld Place went off and upon answering it, Sirius found himself face to face with a very sour looking (though not unusually so) Severus Snape. After the two of them had entered the kitchen, the Potions Master spent all of about ten minutes explaining the potions for Lucius to Sirius.

Severus held up one last black vial, "This one, is pain relief, it is to be taken only when he needs it and not as a preventative."

"Ok," Sirius frowned slightly at the scowl he was getting; he was forcing himself not to make any biting remarks to his old school enemy, but only for Remus's sake.

Severus gave a nod, "Have him owl me if he wants a refill of anything," with that he turned and headed for the doorway only to stop in his tracks when Sirius spoke again.


Severus looked back over his shoulder, an eyebrow raised, "What, Black?"

Sirius sighed and folded his arms, "Do you care about Remus?"

"Told you, did he?"

"Yes he did. Answer my question," said Sirius demandingly.

"Not that it is any concern of yours, Black," started Severus, sneering slightly. "But yes, I do. Anything else?"

Sirius narrowed his eyes slightly and gave Severus a calculating look, "If you ever hurt him, I will make you wish you were never born."

The Potions Master smirked, a hand inside his robes, instinctively clutching his wand, ready for an attack, "Remus is perfectly capable of defending himself against me, Black, I assure you. However, if you start meddling in our business, I too, will make you wish you were never born. Do you understand me?"

Sirius nodded tersely, "Yes."


With that, Snape in all his bat-like glory, swept out of the kitchen leaving Sirius standing there thoughtfully. After a few moments of gazing at the spot that Snape was standing in previously, he gathered up the potions and took them upstairs ready to administer them as soon as Lucius woke up, as were his instructions.

Come 9am Lucius came around, he shifted carefully, mindful of the fact that he was quite sore; he blearily opened his eyes to see Sirius standing beside the bed, cradling a tiny baby in his arms.

Sirius smiled when he saw Lucius was awake and sat down on the bed beside the wakeful blond, "Good morning."

Lucius rubbed his eyes and forced himself, albeit a little painfully, into a sitting position so that he could see his baby properly, "She's so small…" his voice was a bit hoarse from all the shouting he had done during his labour.

Sirius carefully handed the little baby to her father and watched as Lucius held one of her little hands in his and smiled, his silver eyes glistening with tears, "Happy it's over?"

Lucius yawned and rested his head on Sirius's shoulder, "The labour? Yes," he wiggled his feet a little under the bedcovers, "I think I need to familiarise myself with my feet again too," he felt Sirius kiss him on the head. "I'm in no hurry to go through this again, I have to admit."

"I don't blame you," Sirius gazed at the little baby for a few moments before speaking again. "You have a selection of rather foul looking potions to force down, and I have also been instructed to make you eat whether you want to or not."

Lucius sniffed, "Ok…toast please."

"Yes sir."


An owl arrived at lunchtime with two notes tied to its leg, one from Hermione and one from Dumbledore, which brought dread to both men before it was even opened. Lucius was in his bed, nursing his baby, as he read them.


Congratulations! Sirius owled me last night (apparently under your strict orders), and Madame Pomfrey told me your daughter arrived early this morning. I'm so happy for you! How are you and the baby? Have you named her yet? I hope Sirius is looking after you two.

Owl me back!



Lucius smirked as he placed Hermione's letter beside him on the bed, "Are you treating me right, Sirius? Hermione might beat you up if you're not."

Sirius rolled his eyes, "I don't doubt that."

Lucius gazed at the still unopened letter from Dumbledore in his free hand, "I'm not sure I want to know what this one says…"

Sirius frowned, "Want me to read it first?" Lucius nodded and handed it to him; he unrolled it and let his eyes drift down the piece of parchment. It was short but to the point.


The Ministry have not yet been notified of your child's arrival; however, I will have to tell them, as they will get suspicious if you do not deliver. In the mean time, I plan to look into your case, and perhaps vouch for you. I do not promise that you will get off scot-free, but I think perhaps a long term house arrest will be the kindest punishment.

My congratulations to you on your new arrival,

Albus Dumbledore

"What does it say?"

Sirius looked back to the blond, "He says that he has not yet notified the Ministry of the birth, but he will have to, to avoid suspicion. He also said he will look into your case, and it sounds promising that he will try and keep you out of Azkaban, but possibly under long term house arrest."

Lucius gave a grim smile, "I guess he probably thinks that that is more than I deserve."

"Maybe, but he did the same for Snape, and he was as guilty of his crimes as you are."

"True…" Lucius bit his bottom lip. "He hasn't done anything for you, though, and you are innocent."

Sirius sighed, he leaned forward and kissed Lucius gently on the lips, "Just don't think about it at the moment, ok? Just relax, and be happy that you can spend some time with little Miss No Name Malfoy, here."

Lucius gave a proper smile this time, "Isabelle."


"I'm going to call her 'Isabelle'," elaborated Lucius quietly, as he gazed back down at his baby. "Isabelle Karliya Malfoy."

Sirius tiled his head to the side, "Where does 'Karliya' come from?"

Lucius took a sip from his glass of water, "It's an old family name, it was my grandmother's name, and I guess any daughter that my parents or myself had would probably end up with the name. I like it, anyway."

Sirius smiled, "You wouldn't have given it to her if you didn't like it."

"I feel like kiwifruit, do we have any?"

Sirius raised an eyebrow, "No we don't… I thought the cravings would stop after the birth?"

Lucius gave a shrug, "Probably do, but I'd still like some kiwifruit."

"I'll ask the next person that turns up to get you some."

"Thank you."


Two Months Later


Little Isabelle Malfoy was two months old now and she was incredibly spoilt and doted upon by her father; she was very loved and deep down inside her baby brain, she probably knew it. Despite the lack of sleep both Lucius and Sirius were getting now, because Isabelle, they were both, if possible, closer than they were before and happier.

Lucius was currently standing in his bedroom in nothing but a pair of fairly low slung black trousers, quietly watching his daughter, his new pride and joy, sleeping in her crib. He could feel a pair of grey eyes watching him, but he didn't acknowledge it or speak; he just wanted to spend a solitary moment with his child.

They had still not heard much more about Lucius's 'predicament', for lack of a better word; he still had that weighing down at the back of his mind but he was trying to not think about it for now until Dumbledore came and said anything. On the other hand, he was very happy for Sirius who, thanks to Remus and an amazing stroke of luck, was cleared of all charges against him a fortnight ago.

Remus had been spying in the werewolf underground and had caught wind of Pettigrew's snivelling presence, after watching him for a few days he attacked. He stunned Pettigrew, who had never been a duelling match, and had dragged him to Dumbledore who proceeded to the Ministry. After using Veritaserum on Pettigrew as well as Legilimancy, Fudge had no option other than to clear Sirius's name. Sirius was officially pardoned, though given a chance; he would have attacked those that had him locked away.

Sirius was leaning against the doorframe, his arms folded, as he watched Lucius watch his daughter; he let his eyes wander over Lucius's body. There was no trace that the man had ever been pregnant left on the slim frame of the blond, he had become his old self almost too quickly for Sirius's comfort, but he seemed healthy and happy enough (perhaps he had borrowed Sirius's wand and used a spell of some sort). Though Lucius had seemed on top of the world the last two months, Sirius could still see a certain amount of sadness in those silver eyes, especially when the blond was having one of these moments. He could give a pretty good guess as to what was going on inside that gorgeous head; he was certain that Lucius was thinking he may not have much more time to spend with his baby; especially Dumbledore did not keep him out of Azkaban.

Not content in just watching the blond and the 'little princess' (his nickname for Isabelle), Sirius went over to them and wrapped his arms around Lucius's waist and pressed a kiss to his pale neck, one of his hands finding its way to rest on Lucius's chest, "Are you all right?"

Lucius leaned into Sirius's embrace a little bit, "I am fine, like I was the last time you asked."


Lucius turned his head slightly so that he could see Sirius's face, "Don't be, I just feel…very edgy at the moment," he saw some questioning in Sirius's eyes. "I have a feeling I'm going to hear, very soon, about my fate, and I am really not looking forward to it."


Sure enough, the very next morning Albus Dumbledore turned up at Twelve Grimmauld Place with a file full of parchment concerning Lucius and his 'fate'. The nervous blond was sat at the table, nursing his daughter with Sirius beside him; he felt a reassuring squeeze to his left thigh.

Dumbledore opened up the file and began to speak, "First and foremost, Lucius, you are, by luck, free from spending the rest of your life in Azkaban Prison," Lucius let out a deep breath of relief. "However, you are not excused of your charges. I have convinced the Wizengamot to allow you a long term house arrest, so long as you remain under the guard of myself, and possibly Sirius, as well," Sirius nodded, a hand still on one of Lucius's legs. "For the next five years you will remain under our guard, you will be allowed to leave your place of residence only if you have Sirius or myself with you. You will remain without your wand for the next year-"

"We're in the middle of a war!" argued Sirius; he was about to say something else when he felt one of Lucius's hands on his arm, in a meek attempt to restrain him.

"I am well aware of that, Sirius," replied Dumbledore, "as are the Wizengamot. However, I think, and I am sure Lucius will agree with me, that the relinquishing of his wand is a better punishment than life in Azkaban or the Dementor's Kiss," Lucius nodded. "After this year has passed, and if you have proven yourself to be reformed, your case will be reconsidered and you may have your wand back. And, the same will happen after your five years of house arrest are over. There is also the matter of your daughter," he noticed that Lucius immediately looked very worried. "No need to worry, Lucius, though many of the Wizengamot are not convinced, I have talked them into allowing you to keep custody of your child. But, also during the next year, an Auror has been requested to check in on you every fortnight to make sure Isabelle is well."

Lucius sighed and nodded, though he didn't like hearing that people didn't trust him with his own baby.

"Lastly, being that they are your bank accounts, you are allowed full access to them once more," continued the old Headmaster. "It is up to you whether you continue to allow Narcissa to use them, but as Draco is not yet of age, you are still, under law, responsible for his well being and must continue to support him until he is seventeen."

Lucius nodded again, "His seventeenth is in June, is there really any point?"

Dumbledore nodded, "Being that it is within the first two months of your sentence, it is strongly advised that you do so without complaint."


Dumbledore pulled a couple of pieces of filled out parchment from his file and pushed them across the table to Lucius, along with a loaded up quill, "Please sign each of those to show that you understand and are willing to accept the Wizengamot's punishment."

Lucius carefully handed Isabelle to Sirius, he then picked up the quill and pulled the documents towards him; he gave them both a quick read over just to make sure that he was not being fooled into signing his death warrant or something. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair being scribbling his signature onto the bottom of each document; he then pushed them back across the table to Dumbledore and folded his arms on the table. "It seems a fairly light punishment considering what I have done, and am being accused of."

Dumbledore nodded in agreement, "I thought so too, to be honest, but the truth behind your daughter's conception earned you some sympathy votes," Lucius frowned slightly. "That and the valuable information you were able to give the Order at the start of your stay here," the Headmaster checked his watch before tucking the signed documents back into his file. "Now I must bid you both farewell, as I have a school to run," he got to his feet and pulled a small, pink teddy bear out of one of his large robe pockets. "Before I forget, this is from Miss Granger."

Lucius smiled and took the toy from the old man, "Thank you."

Dumbledore nodded curtly, "I also think allowing a young muggleborn like Miss Granger get so close to you helped your case as well."

"Thank you, Albus."

"You're welcome," with that, the old Headmaster left the kitchen and the Order Headquarters.

Lucius sighed and gazed at the teddy bear in his hand before turning to Sirius, who was still holding Isabelle and pointing the teddy bear out to her, "I never expected it to go that well."

Sirius smiled, he reached out with his spare hand and tucked some of Lucius's hair behind his ear, "Well, its done with now, and for all intents and purposes you are pretty much a free man, with the added fact that you need to have a twenty four seven baby-sitter."

Lucius smiled slightly at Sirius's attempt to cheer him up, "I don't feel safe without my wand though, I never have done."

Sirius raised his eyebrows slightly, "I guess nothing can be done about that, except for you to behave yourself over the next year."

Lucius nodded; he held the teddy bear out so that it was right within Isabelle's eyeline and she let out a happy squeal as it moved slowly back and forth in front of her. "She's going to be five years old when, or hopefully when I'm completely free."

"But at least you are not in Azkaban."

"True," Lucius leaned forward and gently kissed his cooing daughter on the head before looking to Sirius. "Are you willing to put up with me for another five years?"

Sirius snorted, "I think I can handle you, Malfoy," that said, he closed the gap between them and kissed Lucius full on the mouth, a happily cooing two month old between them.



"You never got me my kiwifruit."



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