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Pairings: Naruto x Hinata and/or (Naruto x "Female" Haku maybe)

Info: This story follows after Sasuke left leaf to join Orochimaru. Naruto and gang manage to get him back and I'm taking it from there.

English is not my first language; please inform me if there are any mistakes I'll correct them.

I got the idea for this fic from BigAznDaddy's Survival of the Forsaken.

Naruto could not how unfair and cruel life could be. He expected to be praised or at least be thanked by the village for bringing the traitor Sasuke home from the sound-nins, but instead the village felt sorry for Sasuke and looked at Naruto with even more hate than before. The only ones who acknowledged him were of course Tsunade, Jiraiya, Iruka, Shizune and the team that was sent with him to retrieve Sasuke. But inside he felt anger and sadness. After all that he has done for the village they still hated him and viewed him as the Kyubi, because of that he has never known any love for 12 years with only the loneliness to keep him company, while the bastard Sasuke could never do anything wrong. He always got attention and love even if he did not ask for it. Even Kakashi-sensei and Sakura-chan gave Sasuke all their attention, while Naruto was automatically branded the "Dobe" or "Dead-last".

The moment Naruto and the rest of the team brought back Sasuke 2 days ago Kakashi and Sakura immediately rushed forward to take Sasuke to the hospital. Sakura even had the nerve to shout at Naruto for injuring Sasuke so badly. Naruto could only hold back tears and Gaara from killing Sakura as she slapped him. After sending Neji, Chouji and Kiba to the hospital, he followed Shikamaru to the hokage's office to give their report. Upon finishing the report Naruto was held back because Tsunade, Jiraiya, Iruka and Shizune saw Naruto forlorn expression. He soon explained what happened at the entrance of the gates. The moment he finished his story the dam broke and he started crying asking what he did to deserve such a life.


Tsunade, Jiraiya, Shizune and Iruka were furious. They were slowly loosing patience towards the village and its people that they were sworn to protect. After Naruto broke down and told then of what happened they have to take some time to calm the emotional boy. After all that Naruto has gone through for and because of the godforsaken village they still treated him in such a manner that was inhuman. They knew they had to do something, but what? So they did the only thing they could, they comforted him and hoped that everything would turn out all right.


Naruto woke up to the familiar loneliness that was his room. He remembered breaking down in the hokage's office after all that he's been through but even after all the comforting that he got, he still felt lonely and empty. Naruto knew that no matter what he did he would never be truly accepted in Konoha, plus with people like Sakura and Sasuke he will always be blames for everything that happened in this god dammed village. But no matter what happened Naruto could not hate Konoha truly, simply because he was a part of Konoha even if Konoha did not accept him.

Naruto was soon cut off his musings when someone knocked on his door.

"Who could that be? No one ever comes here to see me except for Iruka sensei, plus he never knocks since he has a key...." Wondered Naruto as he opened his door.

Naruto could only gape as he stared at the 4 people who stood outside his house waiting to gain entry. Standing there was none other that Gaara, Temari, Kankuro and their jounin sensei Baki.


Hyuga Hiashi and Aburame Shinogu were discussing the current events that had taken place in Konoha, meaning Sasuke's betrayal of the Leaf.

"I still cannot believe that the Uchiha believed that Orochimaru could have given him power. I understand his need to avenge the death of his parents and his clan, but what he did was beyond stupid. It would have put his parents and his clan to shame if they were alive." Said Shinogu to Hiashi.

It was very rare for anyone in the Aburame clan to show any emotions especially Shinogu but Hyuga Hiashi was one of the few who has seen Shinogu let loose his cool façade, as being the best friend of Shinogu. At one time the pair was a trio but 12 years ago that relationship was destroyed along with half of Konoha when the Kyubi attacked.

"I know what you mean Uchiha Sasuke is a real disgrace to the Uchiha name, but what's worst is the he has the nerve to blame Konoha for his own shortcomings. If it was not for the genin team led by the Nara kid, the Uchiha would probable be in the hands of the snake right now. Speaking of which how come your son Shino was not in that mission?" asked Hiashi.

"Ah, he was sent on the mission to sign the peace treaty with the sand the day before. He only got back today." Explained Shinogu.

"Yes the sand.....they have sent the late Kazekage's children to Konoha as a peace offering right?"

"Yes the child with the sand demon within him, I think his name is Gaara, and his 2 siblings with their jounin instructor." Replied Shinogu.

"I can't understand what the Kazekage was thinking by summoning a demon and sealing it within his son willingly. I mean it's like Na..." Hiashi dies down before he could finish his sentence.

"Yeah I know it's like Naruto, but the difference is we did not summon the demon plus the fourth had no choice but to seal it within Naruto." Replied Shinogu with sadness in his voice.

The subject of Naruto was still a sore spot with Hiashi and Shinogu. They were very fond of Naruto but they could not take Naruto as their own after the attack 12 years ago because of the Hyuga council. Hiashi at the time could not go against them even though he was the Hyuga leader because he was still new to the position and he commanded not much power at the time, while Shinogu could not go against the Hyuga because after the nine tails attack, the Aburame clan was devastated and if not for the Hyuga helping hand they would most probably not exist now. Hiashi and Shinogu were disgusted with the villager's action and attitude towards Naruto but years of prejudice and hate could not be wiped out in days no matter how hard they tried. Which is why they at least made sure their children did not hate Naruto.

"Hey did you hear in the mission to retrieve Sasuke, Naruto unleashed everything he had I heard he used the rasengan perfectly." Said Shinogu excitedly.

"Yes I know I heard it too. Here is the best part Jiraiya told me that Naruto mastered the rasengan within one week. Can you believe it? It took Kazama 4 years to create and master the rasengan, and here his son masters it within a week. Kazama and Miyuki would be really proud of Naruto if they could see him now." Said Hiashi.

"Yeah I know what you mean, but one week! Naruto is really an amazing kid. Anyway how's Hinata doing? You know you really should not be so hard on her you know she is a nice girl." Asked Shinogu.

"I know it's just that after her mother died she became very reclusive and timid I tried everything but nothing works. So I figured that by being stern with her she would change her attitude." Explained Hiashi.

"Hmm I see but at least she did quite will in the chunnin exams against Neji."

"I know. But you know what's the reason she did so well in that fight?" asked Hiashi.

"No. What?"

"Naruto. HE gave her the strength and courage she needed to carry on with that fight even though she was loosing." Explained Hiashi.

"I should have guessed, it was because of Naruto. If the girls does not fess up on her feelings to Naruto she is going to lose him to someone else you know." Said Shinogu with a smirk.

"I know maybe I could give her a reason to visit him they she can't refuse to go and see him." Said Hiashi while thinking.

"Hah There is something I thought I would never see. The great and silent Hyuga Hiashi trying to hitch his daughter up with a boy!"

"Shut up. If it was any other boy I would most definitely killed him, but since its Naruto, I can't think of anyone better other than Shino of course." Said Hiashi.

"Ok I know, anyway how are you going to get Hinata to visit Naruto?"

"I was thinking ...."


"Ga-ga-Gaara?!? What are you doing here?" asked a surprised Naruto.

"I have come here to talk to you Uzumaki Naruto." Exclaimed Gaara emotionlessly.

"Talk? About what?"

"Your Demon.......

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