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Pairings: Naruto x Hinata and Naruto x "Female" Haku

Info: This story follows after Sasuke left leaf to join Orochimaru. Naruto and gang manage to get him back and I'm taking it from there.

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I got the idea for this fic from BigAznDaddy's Survival of the Forsaken.

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Aburame Shino was currently contemplating all that he heard about what happened to Naruto, after his father explained everything just a few hours ago. He never really got to know Naruto that well… but from what he saw, Naruto never deserved all that has happened to him, and he decided that if by leaving the village was the only way to help Naruto then he would do so willingly…after all if the villages could do something like this then they deserved it. His only worries at the moment were to how Kiba and Kurenai-sensei ware going to react to see 2 of their team member leaving the village. While Shino was lost in thought he failed to notice Hyuga Hiashi walk up to him.

"Hello Shino. Is your father here?"

Shino Jumped a little before answering his father's best friend.

"Ah… Yes father is currently organizing everything so that it will be all ready when morning comes."

Hiashi just smiled and nodded before entering the Aburame main house spotting Shinogu giving directions to his clan members before Shinogu saw him.

"Ah! Hiashi, so how did everything go with your meeting?" asked Shinogu.

"Actually it went very well. Not only did I banish the so called elders I also removed the rule about the branch and main house members and I am currently having the clans seal specialist remove all the seal on the branch members." Replied Hiashi with a proud smile on his face.

"Hmm looks like you really did some revolutionizing within your clan today. Anyway are you and your daughters ready to leave in the morning?"

"Yes my daughters and my clan are currently getting everything ready to leave in the morning." Replied Hiashi.

"What! You mean the entire Hyuga clan is also leaving Konoha with us."

With that outburst from Shinogu all activity within the Aburame clan stopped while they waited for Hiashi's answer.

Hiashi looked around at all the expectant faces before answering with a barely noticeable smirk.

"Why yes the entire Hyuga clan has agreed to leave Konoha with me willingly. I was also surprised at first but today they have proven to me that the Hyuga's are not only the most powerful in power but in heart and mind as well. And besides after they agreed I told them about Naruto's life story…..how anyone could not want to follow Naruto after that."

Shinogu had a tiny sweat drop behind his head when Hiashi finished his statement but he finally confirmed what he always had suspected…Hyuga Hiashi was a master manipulator. By telling everyone about Naruto's story he had silently erased any doubts and uneasiness within his clan. And just like that he had managed to convert everyone to Naruto's side.

"Anyway Shinogu I was wondering is you would want to follow me to the bank to arrange out our clans monetary affairs."

"Ah yeas sure. Just let me finish thing up here first." Replied Shinogu.

After a few minutes the 2 powerful clan leaders could be seen walking the brightly lit streets of Konoha with people making way for them. After all it's not everyday that you see the 2 leaders walking on the street like they were just normal citizens, that and the fact that the 2 of them could probably take on anyone who came their way.

After reaching the biggest bank in Konoha Hiashi and Shinogu were waited upon hand and foot while the bank head was rushing around like a ferret getting their financial and asset papers together.

"Y-yes Hiashi-sama, Shinogu-sama here are the papers you requested." Said the bank head with an obvious stutter of fright.

"Hmm good good...here is what I want you to do, I want you to liquidate all our clans physical assets within Konoha and put them in a secure account and seal them until such time we send word to one of your branches to do otherwise." Said Hiashi.

"W-w-what do you mean Hiashi-sama when you say one of our branches…surely you could just send someone to come here to look into your affairs." Asked the bank head

"After this the Hyuga's and Aburame's will no longer require the services of this particular branch of your bank. And as for the reason that is not someone as lowly as you has the right to question me about. Is that understood?" asked Hiashi with a hard edge to his voice.

"O-o-o-of course Hiashi-sama I never meant any disrespect to you or Shinogu-sama. It will all be done and all of your clan's funds can be accessed by any one of our branches.

With that the 2 clan leaders returned to their respective estates leaving a thoroughly ruffled bank head in their wake.

"What's going on?... why did they liquidate all of their clans assets, It's like their leaving or something. But I know that would never happen so what the hell is going on." Sighed the bank head.

Tsunade was having a headache, no skip that she was currently having an earth shattering mind splitting headache, and the cause of it was currently being held in the holding cells in the form of the Haruno's and the idiotic council members.

"Naruto, Naruto… I'm sorry I could not prevent this from happening but I promise you that I will do everything in my power to make the fools pay for what they did to you." Whispered Tsunade to herself.

Shizune chose that time to make her appearance with a much needed pot of hot tea and a pill for the Hokage's headache.

"Tsunade-sama, please take this and try to get some rest…we need a strong Hokage right now and you'll feel better in the morning to deal out your punishment to the traitors." Said Shizune in a calming voice.

The Hokage just nodded her acceptance and took the medicine with the tea before being guided by Shizune to her bedroom for a much needed rest, but in her gut she knew something was going to happen and she prayed to whatever gods out there to protect Naruto If it was bad.

Meanwhile in the Tazuna household, a passed out Naruto was being fussed about by 3 very beautiful women, namely Haku, Temari and Tsunami.

"Wow I mean I knew Naruto-kun would have been shocked to see me but I never thought he would have fainted" said Haku to Temari.

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