Story note: This is the sequel to The Lost Pharaoh!

Warning: There will be mild yaoi between Ryou/Bakura and a lemon scene between Yami/Yuugi eventually.


The wind blew roughly through the bare trees, sweeping the last of the leaves off the branches and to the cold ground. Above, the sky was a pitch black and as it neared one in the morning a very light snow shower seeped down from the clouds. It was the first snow shower of winter in Domino and it came quietly as the city slept.

Near the edge of the city, a small game shop stood underneath the light of the crescent moon. Snow flakes fell upon the shop silently, melting the moment they touched. A window at the very top of the game shop began to rattle slightly from the force of the wind. Inside the small room, beyond the window, a small figure lie in bed, tossing and turning. Suddenly, the figure bolted upright panting with a thin layer of perspiration on his skin.

Yuugi took a deep breath to try and calm his racing heartbeat. He rubbed his forehead as he tried to remember what had woken him up. His hand dropped down to rub his chest where bandages had been wrapped around his minor wounds. He knew what it was even before the dream, or nightmare rather, came back to him. For the past couple months, he had had the dream off and on. It had started the moment he had come back from Egypt after a short hospital visit. He would constantly replay what had happened with Kontar, except a lot of the times Yami wouldn't come back. Then he'd be standing, tied up and afraid, as Kontar approached him with merciless eyes.

He quickly shook his head of the thoughts and turned his head abruptly to look out the window. After having the nightmares he would wake up and feel as though someone was watching him. Yuugi slowly untangled himself from his sheets and approached the window, peering outside. It was snowing finally, being since it was a couple weeks until Christmas.

"Good, at least we'll have snow over Christmas break," he smiled serenely.

A loud rustle caused him to turn his head to stare at the large tree by the game shop. Most of the tree was covered in a very light sheet of snow, except one branch that was now moving differently than the way the other branches were being moved by the wind. There was something strange about the way it moved, like something had just jumped off the branch.

He sighed and leaned his head against the glass, his mind wandering. It had been several months since the incident in Egypt with Kontar and Yami. Although he was glad Egypt was safe again, he didn't want Yami to have to take back the throne. Yuugi would never get to see him, unless he visited Egypt, which wouldn't happen that often. He was hoping that if Yami hadn't sent word before Christmas break that he'd convince his grandpa to take a trip to Egypt.

Oh no! But grandpa's got to help professor Hawkins with something again. I wonder what it is?

He shook his head again and crept back into bed. Luckily he didn't have to go to school the next day since it was the weekend. He blinked while staring up at the ceiling remembering that Ryou had asked if they could hang out for a little while. He seemed almost always preoccupied, like there was something important on his mind. They were to meet for lunch at a café down the street.

I've still got to practice for that Dueling competition coming up. I'm glad it was changed to take place before Christmas Eve now. Still, that only gives me a week to practice. Jou, Honda and Ryou said they would help, which makes me feel a little better. But I just wish…I wish Yami were here.

Yuugi sighed inwardly. His friends were good with playing Duel Monsters and they had promised to help him before the competition. It would hopefully take his mind off of Yami, knowing now that he wouldn't be able to go to Egypt until possibly the next summer. It hurt not being able to see him after what they went through. He only wished Yami would come to him…

He slowly closed his eyes and began to drift off to sleep. As he drifted off into dream land, his window lifted open although there was no one to be seen. A barely noticeable mist of golden specs entered the room and slipped beneath Yuugi's covers. The window then closed without another movement; the wind outside calming down as the snowfall began to slow. A small spec was barely seen taking off through the white flakes into the dark sky.


Saqqara, Egypt

The sky was filled with no clouds as the sun drifted low in the horizon. The sunset colored the sky with pinks, blues and orange colors. There were no street lights, only a few torches or candles at each house here and there. And in the center of the city was a gorgeous palace that reflected the sun like marble when the rays danced over the structure.

On the third floor of the palace, the balcony doors were opened to one of the rooms and a figure could be seen watching the horizon. The wind brushed the silky-white robe off the floor. Gentle blue eyes looked out at the scenery, almost wistfully.

Isis sighed heavily as she stared down at the city, a soft smile gracing her face. It had been so long since she had seen the beautiful city in such contentment and tranquility. Her eyes stayed focused on the vision before her, but her attention was elsewhere.

"What may I do for you, Fidil?" she asked quietly.

Behind her, Fidil, Yami's closest vizier glanced at her not at all surprised that she had heard him. He had just barely stepped inside the room, since the door had been left open. Smiling slightly, he approached her side and stared out alongside her.

"It's a beautiful sight, isn't it?" he asked quietly.

She smiled, "Yes, it is."

"I'm sure the pharaoh is happy now that everything has been brought back to normal, a much healthier normal," Fidil stated.

Isis closed her eyes momentarily before opening them, "Kontar may have been defeated, but we mustn't forget that the Millennium Items are still out there. Their powers can be used for good or evil and I fear someday someone will want to try and unlock their power."

Fidil frowned, "What do you mean? Have you had a vision of yet another darkness approaching?"

Isis was silent, her eyes never wavering from the view. After several minutes of staring she finally spoke, her voice calm and reasonable.

"How is the pharaoh doing?"

Fidil blinked, his eyebrows furrowing with concern. It wasn't like her to avoid questioning unless something was indeed bothering her. Egypt had just finally gained the peace it had strived for, for so long and now Fidil felt concerned that something else was wrong.

"Isis? Please answer my question."

"I will…in time," she answered softly. "But first tell me how Yami is doing."

Fidil sighed, knowing he wasn't going to get anything from her unless she was ready.

"He's recovering quite well. He should be back to his normal strength in a few days."

Isis nodded, "Yes, he is finally human again. However, he still has not required his full power."

"What? Is that what you're concerned about priestess?" Fidil asked. "How is that possible?"
"It is one of the things I'm concerned about, yes, and right now anything is possible. Since the event with Kontar, nothing has gone as it was predicted as those years ago. I am afraid Yami has yet to acquire his full power and strength as pharaoh. He is not weak anymore, because he is healing from the shadow game and the power he used from before as a spirit, but now as a human he is more vulnerable than a spirit. If he had his full power he wouldn't be vulnerable."

"But…how can we get his power back? Where did it go?" Fidil asked, his eyes alight with worry.

Isis shook her head, "That is not for us to do, Fidil. Right now we should only be concerned with healing him properly, but for now that is all we can do. The pharaoh will have to find his true power without using my abilities or power, or help from anyone in Egypt. His destiny lies elsewhere, outside of his home."

Fidil's eyes widened, but he turned to stare back out at the horizon. His eyes dimmed as it began to grow darker.

"I don't understand. I thought that once the evil was banished and the prophecy fulfilled the pharaoh would return to us in full power as a human and once again take up his throne. I thought that with the darkness gone there would finally be stable peace."

Isis closed her eyes again before turning to head toward the door. On her way there she stopped and turned partially around.

"There is no complete peace, Fidil. With good there will always come evil," she said, and Fidil nodded reluctantly. Isis' eyes narrowed slightly, "And the prophecy hasn't been fulfilled."

"What? Priestess…! Please, tell me that isn't so!" Fidil exclaimed, taking a step toward her with wide eyes.

"I'm afraid it is true. The pharaoh hasn't regained his full power because his destiny is still not entirely complete."

"But, he's been through so much! He's defeated Kontar! What else does fate require him to do!" Fidil exclaimed.

Isis turned around all the way, "That is exactly what I thought at first. Then I realized something by looking at everything that has happened so far. As I've told you before, Yami's awakening was due to an unexpected occurrence: Yuugi."

"Yuugi?" Fidil blinked. "Yes, he saved our pharaoh and helped us immensely. But what does he have to do with anything now?"

"This prophecy was predicted over time by ancestors, but that doesn't necessarily mean they were only referring to Egypt. There is a whole world out there, Fidil. The Millennium Items were originated here in Saqqara, but that doesn't mean only Egyptians can use them, though the person would have to be able to tap into the ancient magic. So far we have all felt that everything to do with the prophecy and the pharaoh is all for and because of Egypt.

"You have seen how Yuugi bonded with the pharaoh and was able to use some of the ancient power. I feel that each Millennium Item doesn't choose just one person, but they reach out to those that can fully tap into their power. I even sensed great abilities from Yuugi's friends. Now that I look closer I feel our pharaoh's destiny lies outside these walls. And in order to acquire his full power he will have to leave his home and discover the true meaning of his own life."

Fidil closed his mouth, unable to comment. He knew she was probably right, but he didn't want Yami to have to deal with any more hard times than what he had all ready been through.

"And the prophecy, what else did it say?"

Isis turned around to face the opposite direction, "We will know this in time. Perhaps the reason for the Millennium Items' true existence will be revealed as the pharaoh searches for his power. For it is unclear to me what reasons the Millennium Items have for still being here even after the evil has been defeated."

"What do you mean the true meaning for the existence of the Millennium Items? They were brought forth for the pharaoh," Fidil said.

"They were created to give the pharaoh ancient mystical powers in order to defeat the enemy five thousand years ago. However, these items are still here and they have yet to be used entirely. Their full power hasn't been unlocked even by the pharaoh."

"That can't be! What about the Egyptian Gods?"

"The Egyptian Gods are powerful beings and they were a part of the prophecy. They come from the power of the Millennium Items but they are not the source of their power. I am not sure of the source, but I have a feeling we will find out soon enough," she said quietly, before walking out the door.

Fidil stared after her with wide eyes, unable to believe what she had just said. Everything that Egypt had known about the Millennium Items would be tested. Never did he think that they held more reason than to protect Egypt.

"But perhaps Isis is right," he whispered aloud as he stared at the night sky. "There is an entire world out there much bigger than Egypt. Perhaps these Millennium Items are meant to help more than just our pharaoh. I just hope a greater evil than Kontar does not surface. Even though Egypt has finally found peace, it does not mean the rest of the world should be put in danger."


Bright rays of sunlight seeped into the window falling upon the small figure lying partly beneath the sheets. Moving around gently, Yuugi lifted his head up sleepily and glanced at the clock. It was all ready nearing eleven and he'd have to meet Ryou in an hour.

"I slept in!" he exclaimed, kicking the covers off and rushing into the bathroom to take a shower.

He had to cut his shower a little short and then got dressed into his usual leather pants with a long-sleeved black shirt with a jacket over it. The weather wasn't below zero cold, but it was a bit chilly. He went downstairs as quickly as possible, hoping that he wouldn't be late. His feet slowed until he completely stopped walking and stared ahead. On the counter, in a crystal clear vase were gorgeous flowers. Yuugi had never seen something so beautiful. The flowers were opened out with tons of small oval pink petals. On the edges of the petals the color was a dark pink hue and then it got lighter toward the center of the flower. He bent down and smelled them, smiling from the fragrance that drifted off them. There was no letter or note saying to whom they were sent to or who sent them.

Yuugi shrugged and smelled them once more before walking out the door. The café where he was to meet Ryou was only a couple blocks away. He made it there a few minutes before noon, sighing with relief. He looked around, finding that the café was oddly peaceful, since not too many people were there.

"Yuugi, over here."

He turned and saw Ryou waving at him from the back and he walked over to him. Yuugi smiled at him politely as he sat down in the seat across from Ryou's.

"Hi, Ryou, how are you?"

"Fine, thanks. I told the waitress I was waiting for you, so if you're ready to order we can," Ryou smiled gently.

Yuugi nodded, "Sure. I used to come here a lot with my grandpa so I'll probably just have the usual."

Ryou laughed lightly, "Me too."

A few minutes later the waitress walked over and jotted down their orders. She brought them their drinks first before disappearing into the kitchen. Although it was chilly outside it wasn't snowing anymore and there was a little bit of sun to help warm the air.

"I'm glad we could get the chance to talk," Ryou smiled, taking a sip of his drink.

Yuugi smiled in return, "So am I. I don't think we've hung out together out of school in months."

"I know. I don't think we'll be getting much homework since it's nearing Christmas break," Ryou said, stirring his drink with one hand while he rested his chin on his other hand.

"So, what did you need to talk about?" Yuugi asked, hoping that he wasn't changing the topic too soon.

Ryou sighed and lifted his head to look at him, his gentle brown eyes filled with an unreadable emotion.

"Have you had any strange…feelings?"

Yuugi blinked, "Feelings? Like what?"

"I don't know how to explain it really. Do you ever feel a sensation that seems to run throughout your whole body, but you can't explain what it is?" Ryou asked, staring at him expectantly.

Yuugi shook his head, "I don't believe so. Why do you ask? Are you having strange feelings?"

Ryou glanced down at his drink, "Sometimes. They usually come at night when I'm asleep, but sometimes I'll wake up suddenly feeling like there's a presence in the room. And occasionally I'll have the same dream where I'm suddenly in the desert, surrounded by mounds and mounds of sand. There won't be anything except miles of sand in my sight and I start walking. I actually feel the sun beating down on me, but when I stumble and fall down too tired to get up, that's when it changes and I find myself in a town. There are merchants around me trying to sell things to me, but only one thing catches my eye."

"And what's that?" Yuugi asked curiously.

"It's the golden object in the shape of a Ring," Ryou answered. "The exact one that Bakura was wearing."

"Bakura?" Yuugi asked, his eyes widening. "You mean the millennium item?"

Ryou nodded, "Yes. And I don't know what it means, but all I know is that there's a reason for it. I believe there's always a reason for everything that happens, but I just can't find that reason right now. It might have to do with what Bakura said to me when I met him. He said that his millennium item was drawn to me. I know that you wore the pharaoh's millennium item, so…would you by any chance know what he means?"

Yuugi's eyebrows furrowed and he bit his lip in thought, "Unfortunately…I don't understand a lot of what happened in Egypt. I remember being with Yami, and helping him with his duties. I remember wearing the item, but I don't understand how I can where it. Yami gave it to me, that much I know, but I don't really understand the millennium items. Only that they bestow ancient powers in the owner of one, but not just any person can wield the power. But…I think…I think I might've used some of its power," Yuugi said quietly.

Ryou leaned closer, "What do you mean?"

"When I went to help Yami stop Kontar, I thought he had died. His body had disappeared and I was all alone…," Yuugi trailed off, swallowing. "And then as Kontar approached me somehow he was thrown backward, but there was no one else there at the time. What I'm saying is, there's a chance that maybe you have access to the power of that millennium item too. When Isis said that the item chooses its owner, she never said there can't be more than one owner," Yuugi said, glancing up at Ryou who seemed intrigued.

"But you were wearing the millennium item, after Yami gave it to you of course. So how could the item even know about me when I've never touched it, nor seen it before?"

Yuugi sighed and shook his head, "I have no idea. I'm just as confused as you are. Sometimes…I feel like it was all a dream, you know?"

Ryou nodded in agreement, "Yes, I know. I just wish I had stayed longer to learn more about what was going on."

"Me too," Yuugi said softly, his eyes lowering to the table.

"Here you are boys," a voice suddenly spoke up.

The waitress smiled at them as she set their food in front of them. Ryou and Yuugi both smiled politely and thanked her. They began to eat in silence, not an uncomfortable one but one full of questions. Finally, Ryou turned back to Yuugi, staring at him pleasantly.

"Are you ready for the dueling competition?"

Yuugi blinked and looked up, "Um…I don't know. I wasn't here when they announced who would be competing or what the rules were."

"I think Jou has the information somewhere," Ryou said.

Yuugi smiled softly, "Oh, good. You're coming, right?"

"Of course! And if you need any help in practicing I'd be glad to face you off, though I'm sure I'd lose eventually," Ryou laughed lightly, his eyes alight with mirth.

Yuugi smiled, "Don't say that. I know you're a very good duelist even though you don't enter into any competitions. I'd love to play with you some time."

"Great! I'm sure Jou, Honda and Anzu would love to play as well."

"We could hold a practice tournament," Yuugi's eyes lit up.

"That would be fun," Ryou replied with a smile.

Yuugi nodded in agreement before finishing up his meal. The two of them walked out of the café ten minutes later and headed toward the game shop. Ryou stayed for a little while, looking through Yuugi's dueling deck and making suggestions. By dinner, Ryou was ready to leave to walk to his house, which was only a couple blocks away. Yuugi thanked him for his help, telling Ryou that if he had any more weird feelings they could talk about it again. He even suggested writing a letter to Yami to ask.

A few minutes after Ryou left, Sugoroku came home looking a bit exhausted. Yuugi was sitting at the counter looking through his cards at one of the strategies he and Ryou worked out together when Sugoroku walked in.

"Hi grandpa," Yuugi smiled, turning around in his seat.

Sugoroku smiled back as he hung his coat up, "Hello, Yuugi. Was that Ryou I saw walking down the street?"

Yuugi nodded, "Yeah, we spent some time together. What did you do with professor Hawkins?"

Sugoroku sighed, "Well, it seems as if he meddled in something he shouldn't have. He said a while ago, before he gave me that Orb project, he had contacted some bounty-hunter type people. He said he was so frustrated with the Orb that he made them a deal that if he could figure out the majority of it then they could buy it off of him and make even more money selling it on the black market. Only, Arthur couldn't figure it out that's why he gave it to me."

Yuugi's eyes visibly widened, "Well, he can still give it to them. After all, we figured out what it said and got the vial, so it's really harmless now."

"That's the problem, Yuugi. It is harmless, a little too harmless now."

Yuugi blinked, "What?"

"When you and Jou left with the vial to head back to Egypt, I went back to clean up the mess we did in the study. And that's when I saw the Orb. It's completely blank now. There's no writing on it whatsoever," Sugoroku replied. "I told Arthur about it and he was just as puzzled. Now, however, he's afraid that if he doesn't give the bounty-hunters what they want they'll…well, let's just say they won't be very nice about it."

Yuugi's eyebrows furrowed in thought, "Maybe the writing disappeared because the prophecy was completed. Grandpa, did you save what we translated about it?"

"Of course, Yuugi. But why do you ask?"

Yuugi immediately raced up the stairs to the study. Sugoroku had managed to pick up everything off the floor and luckily just stacked it on the desk. Yuugi began flipping through the papers until he got to the translations. He read through them, stopping when he saw the symbol that had opened the Orb. He then approached the Orb that was sitting idly on the chair by the desk. He studied it carefully, noticing that his grandpa had been right about the hieroglyphics disappearing.

That doesn't make sense. Why would it just disappear? Could the prophecy have really been fulfilled? Or maybe…

Yuugi's bright amethyst eyes widened as he bent closer. There was something about the way it was blank. The surface wasn't tattered or with cracks anymore as it had been when they were trying to translate it. It had looked old, whereas now it looked completely new. The surface had a smooth, polished feel to it, and yet it looked strangely…out of place.

Yuugi turned to the papers in his hand and skimmed over the translations again. There was something missing, he was sure of it. The translations had been done by sections only. His grandpa hadn't actually pieced it all together. They hadn't had time because the Orb had opened and they had to get to Egypt as fast as possible.

"Maybe I could put them together," he murmured.

Placing all the papers on the floor, he pulled out a much larger sheet of paper and began rewriting everything together on that one piece of paper. He put all the sections of translations together, tracing the symbols along with it. When the sections were placed together, Yuugi stood up and stared at it with wide eyes. It had formed an entire paragraph.

" The power of three Egyptian gods will yield to three humans, giving them inhuman strength and abilities. When the reign of the true Pharaoh of Egypt comes about the Egyptian gods will be summoned again from their sleep to destroy the evil of the Shadows. Through the pharaoh's sacrifice, the shadows will be sealed and all ancient magic will be buried until the Pharaoh rises again. Only human heart can awaken the dead spirit of the Pharaoh and through the power of the Orb help him become human." Yuugi's eyes widened, "This must be the prophecy…"

Yuugi stared at it for several minutes before glancing at the Orb. It sounded like the prophecy was complete and that was probably why it disappeared, but then…something just didn't fit. Yuugi turned the Orb around and studied it. He noticed the circular binding holding the sphere in place wasn't blocking the center of it. Slowly, he slid his fingers on the object before feeling a crack just big enough for his small finger to fit through. Using all his strength, he pulled on either side with both hands, opening the crack until the entire Orb once again opened.

It was empty inside, since the vial was now gone. However, there was something that Yuugi hadn't noticed before, probably because they had been in too much of a rush. A small oval-shaped engraving was in the center on the bottom of the Orb, almost like something fit in it.

"Grandpa! Grandpa, come here!"

He heard Sugoroku's footsteps as he came up the stairs and into the study.

"What is it?" he asked, approaching him.

"Grandpa, look! All the sections we translated form the actual prophecy when put together!" Yuugi exclaimed, handing it to his grandpa.

Sugoroku skimmed over it and soon his eyes widened, "Oh my…So, this is the real prophecy. But then, why has it disappeared on the Orb?"

"Look!" Yuugi pointed inside the Orb as he grandpa leaned down. "There's a space right there at the bottom, like something fits in it, like a missing piece of some sort."

"That's impossible! We solved the prophecy!" Sugoroku exclaimed.

"I don't think that symbol was there before, or at least I don't remember it. There's got to be a reason why it's there. Maybe we missed something. Maybe there's more to the prophecy."

"Yuugi, there's no way we'll ever be able to figure out what fits in there. There's no record of where the Orb was created, or where it was last found, or even that there was a piece missing," Surogoku explained.

"But grandpa! What if it's important? What if Yami needs that piece! It might be able to tell us something more."

Sugoroku sighed, "Yuugi…I know you want to solve this, but don't you think you, and all of Egypt including Yami have gone through enough? He's back where he belongs and you helped him, getting injured in the process. I won't have you doing that again! Just leave things how they are, I'm sure everything will be fine," he said, patting his arm. "Besides, Arthur may need that back."

"He's not going to give it to the bounty hunters is he? He can't! It's not theirs! If anything it belongs in a museum. Please don't let him take it away, grandpa!" he said, his eyes blurring with tears. "It's the only thing that reminds me of Yami now that I don't have his millennium item."

Sugoroku's eyes dimmed and he sighed heavily, scratching the back of his head, "I'll try to find another way to help Arthur. There may be a chance he doesn't need to give it to them so until we figure things out you can keep it safe. Right now, Yuugi, the top priority is helping Arthur. He's really gotten himself in a mess and he didn't mean to. He said he meant to tell me, but was hoping I wouldn't be involved. If we play our cards right we might be able to get the bounty hunters away, or interested in something else at least."

Yuugi nodded solemnly, "Yes, but what if Arthur does decide the only way is to give it to them! I mean, he can't give them something so priceless!"

"For his life he would, and so would I, Yuugi. It's the memories and friends that count before material items," Sugoroku said firmly. "For now though you can keep it, all right? Don't stay up too late because you're going to have to get up early and look after the shop for me. I'm going to take a short trip to another museum in Tokyo to possibly find an alternative for the men to buy. Hopefully nothing bad will happen."

"What do you mean by that?" Yuugi asked.

Sugoroku shook his head, "Never mind. I'll see you tomorrow night, Yuugi," he said before leaving the room.

Yuugi sat in silence staring at the door to the study before glancing back at the engraved marking inside the Orb. He had the strange urge to go against his grandpa's wishes and find whatever belonged there. Then again, his grandpa was right about one thing. It would be almost impossible to find out what item went inside of it. Perhaps it had been lost or destroyed thousands of years ago.

Well, it couldn't hurt to just try and search for it, could it? I'll just have to make sure grandpa doesn't know what I'm doing. All I'll do is just try and see if it exists, and try to figure out what I'm looking for. I won't go jumping into any danger.

Yuugi sighed and picked up the Orb, carrying it to his room and setting it down on his bed. Using a chair, he stood on it and reached for the small, almost invisible string on the ceiling that led to the attic. Carefully, he unfolded the ladder and grabbed the Orb, slipping it up the stairs as he climbed. Once it was safely in the attic, he closed it and plopped down on his bed.

I wonder how Professor Hawkins got mixed up with these bad guys. Maybe there's something else he's not telling my grandpa. No, they're good friends…and even though he hid it from him for a little while he still told him eventually. I know he was only looking out for my grandpa. He doesn't want him to get into any trouble. And I don't want either of them getting into trouble either. I guess…if Professor Hawkins' life is on the line we'll have to give them the Orb. I just hope I find out everything I can first. Otherwise, there's a chance those goons will find out what belongs in there and if that happens, who knows what they could do with it.

He sighed again, this time just from being tired. Yawning, his eyes slowly began to close. He couldn't even get up and change into his pajamas because he was suddenly so overcome by exhaustion. He hadn't done that much, but perhaps it was because he had been waking up every night due to the dreams. Either way, he was falling fast asleep. His last conscious thought was that he hoped he'd get to see Yami again.