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Leo smiled. The scenery was so beautiful. Snow covered landscape, pine trees, and mountains.

They had been here once, as children. Splinter had decided that they need a little change in scenery and a little fresh air. It was his Christmas gift to them.

Splinter had decided just recently that they should go back here. For a little relaxation and to get away from the constant threat of being discovered by humans and the Foot.

So, they had invited Casey and April as well, and came up here. It was far from their home, but it was still pretty.

They had found an abandoned house when they had been here years ago, and Donny had patched it up.

Now, his brothers and April and Casey were there, deciding who gets what room.

Leo chuckled. He would most likely get the smallest, but he didn't mind. He spent much of his time outside anyways.

Leo grinned. He had already told Splinter that he would be outside, on a round in the woods.

So, he started to run across the woods, enjoying the cold air, but also the freedom of not being afraid that he'd be seen.

After a good ten minutes of intense running, he stopped in the middle of a clearing. He sat down and looked around the scenery. There was a small river flowing near him, and trees surrounded this small little clearing.

Suddenly, Leo's head shot up. He thought that he heard something move. Standing up, he looked around.

Suddenly, he heard barking. Whirling around, he saw a blur of white rushing towards him.

'Oh shell...' Leo thought before turning and running, trying to shake off the white blur.


Leo panted. He had been running for five minutes, and it looked like he had shook off the white blur. But suddenly, he heard growling behind him.

Whirling around, he saw a huge white dog barring his teeth at him. 'Damn..' Leo silently swore, slowly backing away.

Suddenly, his foot hit a tree root and he fell.

"Ow..." Leo groaned, before quickly looking back at the dog.

The dog suddenly stopped growling. It cocked it's head, before whining. Suddenly it jumped at him.

Leo quickly rolled away, before looking at the dog again. It landed near him, and looked at him confused. It sat down and whined.

All of a sudden, Leo recognized the dog. "Fang??!!" He whispered, looking at the dog.

The dog stood up and wagged its tail. Leo laughed. "Fang!!!" He said, a bit louder, before sitting up and holding out his hand.

The dog took a whiff of his hand before pouncing on him.

Leo laughed as he gently stroked the dog, which was by now licking him furiously. "How are you girl?" He asked quietly.

The dog answered by licking him again. Leo chuckled, before a sudden voice spoke up.

"Well, well, well. What 'ave we 'ere?"

Leo whirled around to see the stranger. It was a man, wearing deer skins, (you know, like long ago, fur traders) with his hair turning gray and he had blazing blue eyes. He held a gun in loosely his hand.

The dog, who by now had stopped licking Leo, got off of him and bound over to the hunter with her tail wagging furiously.

The hunter chuckled, before looking at the turtle. Suddenly, the hunter smiled. "Well, this I 'aven't expected!" He said, grinning, before looking over the turtle. "You've grown."

Leo grinned and stood up. "Bruck!"

The old hunter chuckled. "Why? Who'd ya think? Jamie?"

Leo frowned at the name, but then chuckled. "Nope. Just surprised to see you here of all places."

The old hunter scoffed. "Why? You'd thought I moved? Nah."

Both of them chuckled a bit, before the old hunter spoke again. "Eh? Where're the others?"

Leo cocked his head before realizing whom Bruck was talking about. "Oh, they're here. Come on. I'll show you."

Bruce chuckled a bit before following the turtle. Fang wagged her tail before chasing after them.


Don sat outside, watching Raph and Casey wrestling again, when suddenly he noticed a small green form heading towards them. Standing up, he waved.

"Guys! Leo's back!"

Donny suddenly frowned. Another figure was following Leo closely.

"And someone's with him!"

That caught Raph and Casey's attention. They all looked up and watched as Leo neared.

Suddenly, a white blur shot passed Leo and bounded over towards them.

Don blinked before recognizing the blur. "Fang!!!" He yelled happily. He looked inside the house and yelled.

"Master Splinter! Mikey! Fang's outside!" Don paused before looking over at the approaching human figure. He grinned. "And Bruck's here too!"


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