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Fifteen minutes had passed since Jamie was in here. He'd insulted Leo and told him what they were going to do with him, and then he left.

Leo suddenly let out a surprised yelp as the truck jolted to a sudden halt. The sudden halt forced everything to slide suddenly forward, including Leo. Leo bit his lip as the chains dug deeper into his wrists.

He groaned as he tried to push himself backwards with his legs into a more comfortable position, but the wound on his leg reopened again and he began to bleed. Leo groaned as he gave up, letting his tired muscles rest. The dart was stronger than the rest. He decided. It's still affecting me, even after an hour! It won't let me move!

Leo laid his head back onto the cold floor, before letting out a soft sigh as he heard the door leading from the front of the truck to here, into the cargo area, swing open.

"Lucky bastard. We blew a frikin' tire."

It was Jamie again, but Leo couldn't see him from his position. There was a shuffling sound, then, Jamie appeared beside him, holding another dart.

"Don't worry kid." Jamie hissed, his eyes glinting evilly as he saw the fearful look in Leo's eyes. "It ain't gonna kill ya. Jus' knock ya out fo' a couple of hours."

With that, he knelt down and cruelly jammed the dart into Leo's upper arm.

And almost immediately, Leo sank into unconsciousness.

Jamie grinned as he stood up, throwing the empty dart into a corner in the truck. Then, he stalked out the door he came in.

"Truck dead ahead!" Casey called out, turning off the truck's lights and slowing down so that the truck was only creeping forward.

The others crowded around the window, looking outside. Bruck smirked. "That's 'em all righ'. Looks like they ain't manage 'ta get a new truck, after a'."

"Who cares?" Raph snapped. "Let's just go an' kill 'em!"

"Raphael!" Splinter scolded. "We will do no such thing!"

"An' why not?" Raph snapped, clearly not in the mood.

Don sighed. "Because they have Leo and if they see us attacking, they could easily just kill him."

Raph gritted his teeth but held his tongue, knowing his brother was right.

"So…what do we do?" Mikey asked.

Don grinned. "We sneak down there ninja-style!"

April exchanged a look with Casey. "But we aren't ninjas…"

Splinter nodded. "And that is why you both must stay here."

Casey's head shot up. "WHA? Ah hell na! I ain't gonna—"

"Mr. Jones." Splinter said sternly. "You will stay here."

Casey crossed his arms, but stayed silent.

Raph grinned. "But you're backup, just incase."

"Ain't nothin' gonna happen, and we both know it." Casey snapped agitatedly.

Raph's grin became even wider. "We know."

Splinter sighed before looking at Bruck, who was just slinging his gun over his shoulder. Bruck noticed the look.

"Uh, uh. Don't even think about tellin' me not 'ta come. I ain't no ninja, but I'll do jus' fine, thank ya very much. Besides, it's a chance 'ta repay my debt 'ta Floyd!"

Mikey blinked in surprise. "Debt? But ya don't—"

Splinter cut in right there. "As you wish, Mr. Draven."

Casey growled. "Now that ain't fair."

Raph smirked. "Life ain't fair."

They snuck in as close as they dared. The truck had been left hidden behind trees, and they had continued on foot.

"Ya jus' had to bring the dog, didn't ya?"

Bruck shot a glare at Raph. "She won't be any trouble."

Raph snorted at that. "Right."

Don spoke up just as Bruck was about to reply. "Um…Can we just focus on what we're doing? Please?"

Both Bruck and Raph fell silent. "Fine." They both murmured.

Fang cocked her head, but silently walked behind her master.

Jamie jumped out of the truck, landing onto the frozen snow with a crunch.

Then, he looked to the left of the truck, where Jake was crouching in front of the front tire.


Jake shook his head, clearly pissed. "Blown totally flat. An' we ain't got no damn extra tires to replace it!"

"Damn. Ya sure?"

Jake shot him a glare before standing up, shaking off the snow that stuck onto his pants. "Damn it all. I hate snow. Once we sell that thing I'm goin' 'ta Hawaii!"

Jamie grinned. "Either that or Las Vegas."

"Or both…"

Jamie nodded in agreement. "Or both."

"How 'bout none?"

The new voice echoed from the right of them. Both Jake and Jamie whirled around to look at the new figure.

Bruck was standing a few feet away, his gun pointed strait at their heads. Fang was standing beside him, her teeth barring at them.

Jake grinned. "Well, lookie here."

"Bruck Draven." Jamie said almost in a venomous tone. "Ya still alive, ya son of a bitch?"

Bruck spat on the ground. "Same question goes fo' ya."

Jamie flushed a bit. "Don't s'pose ya here 'ta help out?"

Bruck smirked. "If ya wan' a one-way trip 'ta 'ell, then I'll gladly 'elp."

Jamie suddenly drew a pistol, pointing it at Bruck. "Well, if I'm goin' down there, you're comin' with me!"

Fang growled even lower, but didn't move for fear of harming her master.

Suddenly, a ninja star whirled through the air and sank into the pistol, cutting it in half.

"Ya ain't goin' nowhere."

Raph was standing to the left of them, not so far away, his Sais drawn. Beside him stood Mikey, his nunchuckus out and ready.

Don and Splinter managed to sneak to the back of the truck undetected. Splinter had managed to break the chains and open the truck door, while Don quickly sneaked in.

He immediately spotted Leo near the back of the truck, surrounded by dark splotches of blood.

He grimaced. "Oh, Leo." He murmured, quickly hurrying to the back of the truck, before kneeling down beside Leo and checking his pulse.

He sighed in relief. Just out cold. He thought, before picking the lock on the chain with a small knife he brought along.

Then, he quickly undid the chains around Leo's wrists, grimacing again at the blood that was now freely flowing out.

Don quickly reached back and undid his bandana. He quickly tore it in half and wrapped each wrist carefully but tightly.

Meanwhile, Jake drew a gun behind his back without anyone noticing.

Then, he quickly whipped it forward and shot at Bruck, who managed to jump away.

Jamie jumped into the truck, followed by Jake, who was shooting at Raph and Mikey now.

Jamie quickly started the engine and jammed his foot onto the pedal.

The flat wheel began to roll, despite it being flat. The truck jolted forward suddenly.

Don fell forward along with most of the cargo and Leo as the truck jolted forward.

Splinter, who had just climbed on, fell out of the truck at the sudden movement.

Don bumped into the truck wall, then was squished against it by Leo and the cargo. Oh shell… He thought in panic.

Raph and Mikey jumped immediately after the truck, their ninja training making it easy for them to keep pace.

However, Jake was still firing at them whenever they got too close.

Fang bounded after them, but a bullet hit her leg and she fell down into the snow with a surprised yelp.

Bruck saw red. "First ya steal my friend, an' then ya 'urt my dog! Ya both are dead!"

Splinter had managed to jump to his feet, and he too, chased after the truck.

The woods suddenly ended and they came to a clearing and a frozen lake. The truck, which was going very fast now, went onto the lake, and the tires slipped. The truck slid a little before rolling over.

Jake was thrown out of the truck, hitting the ground with a nasty crack.

Jamie was thrown out of the truck as well, but he managed to hit the ground unharmed.

He stood up just as the truck rolled over one final time, and then slid to a halt.

There was a moment of silence, then…

The ice under the truck began to crack.

Jamie's eyes widened. "Oh shit."

He turned around, but he was immediately punched by Raph. "That's what ya get for hurtin' my bro!"

Splinter slid to a halt beside him. "Forget him, my son. Donatello and Leonardo are still in the truck!"

Raph grimaced before he gingerly began to hop onto the rapidly breaking ice towards the truck.

Don let out a yell as the truck kept throwing them around. He had hit the wall in so many places that he would be surprised if the next day he wasn't all black and blue.

Finally the truck slid to a halt on its side, and Don sighed in relief.

But that was short lived as his ears picked up a distant cracking sound.

"Oh shell!" Don yelled, as he kicked off a box and fought his way out of the mess. "Leo? Where are ya?" He yelled in panic as he saw no sign of his brother.

Then, to his right, he heard a soft moan. Don wasted no time. He quickly began to dig, until he found his brother.

Dragging him out from under the boxes, Don began to drag him towards the open doors.

Just then, Raph's face appeared in the doorway, worried at first, then relieved.

Splinter's and Mikey's face appeared also, but they backed away as Raph helped Don drag Leo out.

Mikey glanced at Leo. "He's not?"

Don shook his head. "Just knocked out."

There was a collective sigh of relief.

Splinter looked down at the ice. It was beginning to break. "Let's get out of here, my sons!"

Raph grabbed Leo before hoisting him over his shoulder. "GO! I've got Leo!"

The others nodded, before darting off, jumping onto more stable sheets of ice.

Raph followed as quickly as he could.

Jamie watched the freaks dart off to save their brothers. Smirking, he stood and turned around.

To be met with a gun aiming at his face.

Bruck cocked his gun. "'ello."

The ice was spreading faster.

They made it, just as the ice around the truck finally gave away and the truck fell into the ice-cold water.

Raph let out a sigh of relief as his feet touched solid ground…or solid snow at that.

He gently laid Leo down, before looking back and freezing.


The others now whirled around to see Bruck standing on the rapidly breaking ice, pointing his gun at Jamie.

"Hear that?" Jamie said quietly. "Now why don't ya just lay down yo' gun and run back there, like a good lil' puppy?"

Bruck cocked his gun. "I ain't gonna listen 'ta ya no more, Jamie. Ya 'urt my best friend an' my dog."

"That freak was yo' friend? Ya crazy."

Bruck smirked. "Na. Ya jus' stupid."

Jamie suddenly grinned. "Really? 'Cause I'm still surprised ya ain't never figured out who killed yo' bro."

Bruck accidentally lowered his gun. That was just what Jamie was aiming for, and he jumped forward, tackling Bruck and grabbing the gun.

Jamie stood up, this time he pointing the gun at Bruck. Bruck slowly stood up.

Jamie kept on grinning. "Ya ain't never figured it out? How sad. Yeah. I know all about Floyd. An' not 'cause people told me. It's 'cause I was a part of that gang. The one that killed him."

Bruck's eyes widened. "'ow?"

Jamie shrugged. "We were called the 'Grave Diggers'. And we controlled the city. But yo' parents got too nosy and so we had to eliminate them. An' we succeeded too. An' everything would'a been fine, but ya had to stick yo' godamn nose inta our business. Yo' meddling got one of my men inta jail. Why'd ya think we wanted ta kill ya?"

Bruck was now listening, transfixed. Everything was starting to make sense. And he knew that Jamie wasn't lying. No. He never lied about his kills.

"But then yo' bro had ta try and protect ya. But then, I admit. We made a mistake that night. We shot yo' bro, true, but then the police caught us. I was in jail for a good ten years. Then, I escaped, but it was too late to start a new gang. I found Jake, and then surprise, surprise, we found ya. Of course, I ain't realize that it was ya until a few years later, but by then I had become too fond of ya to kill ya. But that was the past. An' this is the present. Goodbye, Bruck Draven."

With that, he fired at Bruck.

Bruck let out a soft gasp as the bullet struck him in the stomach.

Raph let out a war-like yell as he saw that. He jumped forward, but was caught by both Splinter and Don.

"It is too late, my son." Splinter whispered. "I am sorry."

Raph struggled, but slowly let up, seeing that it was indeed too late.

Jamie laughed real hard before starting to walk forward, when Bruck grabbed him. "Wha?" He gasped.

Bruck grinned insanely. "I may die, but yo' comin' with me!"

With that, he fell forward, dragging Jamie with him. The thin ice, which was already cracked, easily gave way underneath.

There was a long silence after that. All of them knew that neither one would ever resurface.

Jake had fallen way too close to the truck, and the thin ice, plus his weight, easily cracked the ice and he too, fell in.

"We'd better get Leo into a warm place." Don spoke up, finally. Everyone was shaken out of their temporary stupor, and they quickly made their way back to the truck, grabbing Fang on the way.

(three days later)

Leo blinked as he opened his eyes. He was in his room, on the bed, and his wrists hurt.

The door opened right then, and Leo jumped.

"Sorry…" Don said as he stepped in. "Glad you're awake. Everyone's been worried about ya."

Leo smiled as he sat up. "What happened?"

Don suddenly looked sad. "Umm…well…"

"What happened?" Leo asked a bit more urgently.

Don looked down at the floor. "Bruck's dead."

Leo stared at Don before repeating it. "Bruck's…dead?"

Don nodded. "Yeh. Jamie shot him."

Leo looked down at his bandaged wrists.

Don placed a hand onto Leo's shoulder. "I'm sorry Leo. I know he was your friend."

Leo didn't answer, but Don understood.

(a few days later)

Leo sat on the couch, still a bit weak and pale, but strong enough to stand and walk about.

Fang lay on the floor, her wound bandaged. She was silent.

Everyone else was sitting on either the floor or the other vacant couches. They had just finished telling Leo everything that they had seen and heard.

Leo sighed as he leaned back, crossing his arms. "So that's how he died?"

Don nodded.

Leo looked away, blinking back the tears.


Everyone jumped when Casey let out a sudden yell.

"What the fuck was that for!" Raph yelled, glaring at Casey.

Casey jumped to his feet, before taking out a very crumpled envelope. "Before Bruck left, he told me 'ta give this 'ta ya."

He handed Leo the letter, and he quickly tore it open. Every one sat in silence as Leo read the letter silently.

Then, suddenly, Leo smiled. "The old idiot…" He murmured, before handing the letter to Don, who read it out loud.

"Well, if ya are readin' this, I'm probably dyin' or dead. Ah well. Everyone must die sometime.

Anyways, Leo, if yo' readin' this, I jus' wanna thank ya for everythin' you've done. Ya 'elped me out a lot.

But still. No matter wha' anyone tells me, Floyd was still my fault. I know, I know, Leo. But 'e was. An' there's no denyin' it.

I was a fool an' a still am. Most likely I died because of somethin' stupid. Life does that ta ya sometime.

Anyhow, jus' wanted ta say thanks Leo, and everyone else who 'elped me. I really appreciate it.


Bruck Draven.

P.S. Leo, if Fang's alive, she's yours."

Everyone, by the end of the letter was smiling, despite everything that had happened. That letter was so like Bruck, that it was almost funny.

(two weeks later)

They had gone up to the mountains again. Back to the old cabin that was now burnt to ash.

There, they put a small wooden cross in front of it, and wrote Bruck's name on it. They couldn't bury him, 'cause there was no body, but they still tried to give him a proper burial.

Everyone else had gone back to the truck. Everyone that is, but Leo and Fang.

Leo knelt before the grave. He sighed as tears began to make their ways down his face. "You old fool. Why'd you have to die like that?"

Snow began to fall gently as an answer.

Leo suddenly smiled. "I read your letter. And no, Bruck. You weren't ever stupid. An idiot, yes, but never stupid. Raph's an idiot sometimes too. But he's never stupid. Both of you are so much alike…"

Leo paused, then continued. "And no. I know you would argue with me, but there never was a debt to Floyd. Floyd and me, well, are very much alike. We just do what we can for our little brothers. Even die for them. It's part of the job description." Leo added, before smiling a little more. "And we don't do it to have our brothers owe us anything. We do it because we care. But probably you're with Floyd now, and he's telling you the same thing. Anyways, I'll never forget you and I hope you've finally found peace."

With that, Leo stood, bowed and slowly began to walk away.

Fang whimpered a little before licking the wooden cross. She hung her head before turning around and running after her new master.

The snow kept falling, soon burying the wooden cross in the snow. But then, Spring would come and the snow would melt, revealing the cross again. Then again, Winter will come and bury it with snow.

And soon, all that will be left is snow-covered memories.


That's officially the ending. Hope you enjoyed it.

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