The Things We Do.

Chapter 1

Authors Note

Ok here's an odd little story I came up with. I don't know if any one has tried it before. If they have tell me. Takes place during the beginning of Season 2. Before Darla makes her presence felt.


I own none of the characters used in this story. Copyrights owned by Mutant Enemy inc.

Gunn dived out of the way of the flailing vamp. With a quick double punch he was able to stun it long enough for a fast staking. Spinning on his heels he staked another before coming face to face with the ring leader. She must have been ten or twelve when she was turned. Dressed like a school girl, her white shirt was stained from the blood of a recent victim. That made it easier to see the monster and not a sweet, kinda cute, blond child.

Unfortunately she was good. Very good. It took every trick he knew to stop her and even that wasn't enough. Every so often she got in a blow, each one like a sledge hammer to his ribs and head. Eventually Gunn was too exhausted to fight back. He was lucky that his crew had finished off her flunkies. 'It takes a dozen of you big strong men to fight little old me? Aww ain't that cute.' She fled, running to the nearest fire escape and then from roof to roof.

It was first thing in the morning and Wesley heaved the latest bunch of folders and case files across the room and past Cordy who was busy stacking weapons in the brand new cabinet. He was about to start another argument when the lobby doors opened. Gunn and a group of his men came in looking worse for ware.

'I need to talk with the boss, he in?' he asked

'I'm in. What's wrong Gunn?' Wesley looked up the stairs to see Angel half run, half skip down them.

'New vamp nest came to town last night. Bad bunch, had chowed down on a bunch of squatters before we could catch 'em. Me and my crew got most but their boss got away. We lost some good men doing it too. Can't take the others to a hospital, hoping you would help?'

Angel didn't waste time blinking, 'Wes, Cordy help them get the wounded inside. Gunn you help me get the first aid supplies.'

It took a short time to get what few of the injured that had survived inside and comfortable. Between them Wesley and Cordy were able to bandage up what they could with the meagre supplies at hand. An hour later the two leaders made it back with a trunk full of Emergency Room equipment. No one had to ask where they got it all from.

All too soon the sun set and Angel and all those who could fight went looking for the young vampire.

Kathy sat in the corner, pint of blood 'n' whisky gently cooling in front of her. She wasn't that hungry. She'd heard that L.A. had a champion or two making un-life difficult for those disposed to the odd drink. That's why she had gathered her gang. The only vamps willing to follow her turned out to be incompetent morons. She grunted and drank the 30/70 mix in one. After two hundred and thirty years she thought she knew better.

She got up and climbed over the barman to reach the whisky, wishing devoutly for Guinness from her home land. She opened another vein of the barman and topped up the glass. Not for the first time she had got into a funk. Drink, feed, get drunk and then, always the same, wonder what her existence would be like with her elder brother at her side. Long ago she reasoned that a vampire of Liam's viciousness would either have become famous or been staked by some slayer and seeming she hadn't heard anything about him the staked option seamed the most likely.

The sun had long set but she was too full and far to drunk to hunt that night (the bar had a large stock of sprits and hirelings respectively). Curling up behind the counter she made two decisions. The first was to change her outfit and the second was to hunt down that dark skinned human and his army. And then sire them all, painfully.

Gunn led his gang back to their crib. For two days they and Angel had searched for the little brat with no luck.

'I was wondering when you boys would get home. How about a kiss for mummy?' She was sat on a crate. No longer the cute school girl but a fashionable rich brat with shortish spiky hair. She jumped down and started to walk towards them.

'The thing about Master Vampires, they never come up with anything new.' Angel dropped behind her spinning his fighting axe between his fingers.

She turned to face him and for the longest moment did nothing. Gunn couldn't see her face but if it was anything like Angel's she was shocked half to death. He was just going over how stupid that thought was when she said a name. The word seamed to hold pain, love and a degree of worship. All she said was 'Liam?' Before Angel could respond she fell to the floor with a resounding crash.

Keep tuned for the next chapter.