The Things We Do
Chapter Three

Authors note
This little story has been on the back burner for a while. The main problem is that I have been caught by my own clever ideas, your not allowed multiple ending stories on fanfiction. net! So here is the only ending I can write, part one. Part two will be up one day, probably not soon but it WILL come.

Angel spent a split second torn between helping the two witches and seeing his sister. The answer came when Cordy looked at him, 'Well don't just stand there you big lump. Go.' She pointed to the stairs. He ran as fast as he could

Outside the door to his room he stopped and restraining every part of himself he knocked quietly. 'Kathy?' All he could hear from inside was her crying. He gently opened the door and looked at her. He reasoned that she must be remembering everything she did. The people she killed and lives she ruined. Not for the first time he wondered if this was a good idea. 'Kathy?' he repeated.

Curled up into a ball Kathy was huddled into the corner the chains stretched to their limit. Her tear stained face came up to look at her one time brother...

Willow and Tara were awake and asking for water, Cordy was coming back with two glasses when a horrible scream shattered the expectant silence of the lobby. Fortunately Cordy didn't drop the glasses, half running she shoved the drinks under the two Wicca's nose's before running up stars. At the top she bumped into Angel retreating from the terrified young girl.

No one could miss the pain etched across his face, or the tears running down his face. For a horrible moment Cordy didn't know what to do. Help Angel or his sister. Thankfully Gunn and Wesley were there helping him. 'Cordy, go help her. We'll be fine.' together the Ex-watcher and the demon hunter half carried the devastated vampire down to sit with the two witches.

Wesley couldn't stand and watch his employer, his friend, suffer. He had completely broken down. Angel's hands were shaking, tears streamed down his face and he winced with each new heart wrenching cry. Willow and her friend were trying to help him. Eventually they gave up and Willow put her hand gently on his head. After a short mantra Angel's eyes rolled back into his skull and he fell like a pole-axed ox.

She looked to the others, 'He'll sleep for a while. When he wakes up get him some blood.'

'Sh… should we go and help h… her?' Willows friend looked very frightened, Wesley couldn't tell if she was normally like this or the semi-constant screaming had her on edge.

'I don't think any one can help her right now. Give her time Cor can give her a shoulder to cry on but that's about it.' Willow responded tears in her eyes.

'She must be so scared' The blond responded before crying. Willow reached out, crying herself. After a whispered conversation they shared a brief kiss.

Profoundly uncomfortable Wesley turned away before blushing, 'Gunn! Will you help me with something in the office.'

The large man was sanding stock still. Wesley asked again and got a response: 'Urm sure. come on English.'

Cordy stroked the little girls hair while she cried. 'Hush now everything's going to be alright.'

'Y…you don't know that.' The little girl spoke into Cordy's shoulder. It was a long time before she said anything else. 'What's happening to me?'

Cordy gulped, 'Angel called some friends over. They… they know a spell, one that gave back your soul.'

'I'm still a monster?' The small child looked into Cordy's eyes, for a moment she could almost feel the pain that Kathy was going though.

'No, you're still a vampire but you don't have to kill anymore'

'But… Why, why did he do that?'

'Angel still loves you, you're his little sister. Nothing can change that.'

Kathy stood up and walked as far as her chains would let her. 'He was the one who did this to me. How can you say he loves me if he turned me into this?'

'Angel didn't, it was Angelus who killed you. Angel and Angelus are two different people.'

'But if he's Angel then he isn't Liam, how can he call me his sister if he isn't Liam.'

That brought Cordy up short but after a moments thought she smiled, 'I don't know, I'm mostly just vision girl. It's Wesley's job to know stuff. Tell you what, if you come with me down stairs we can all talk to each other together.

Wesley flipped the page, 'You would think that a child vampire would be easy to find. I'm beginning to think she kept a low profile through out the years.'

'I hear you,' Gunn called from the other side of the office where he was idly flipping through a watchers diary. 'Hang on English found one; Irish, young girl, about fifty years ago… holy crap!'


'You better read this. She ani't low profile.' Handing the book over Gunn glanced up the stairs.

'Oh Hell and Damnation! This is not good.'

'So what do we tell Angel.' Gunn looked at the still sleeping vampire.

'Nothing we let her do it. But we do tell her we know that she killed a slayer?'

Tara sat behind the desk with Willow. Slowly they're strength was returning. 'Guys,' Cordelia was standing at the top of the stairs with a little girl standing almost behind her leg. 'This is Kathy. Kathy these are the guys; that's Wesley and that's Gunn next to him. Over there is Willow and her friend Tara.'

'Where's Liam? I… I mean Angel.' Tara almost smiled at how familiar the stutter was and caught Willow glancing her way.

Wesley moved to the foot of the stairs and smiled, Tara could tell it was forced but the fact he was trying meant something. 'He's sleeping. Willow would you wake him up please. Do you want some water?' he asked the little vampire that was the second oldest person there and somehow the shortest.

'Yes. Thank you sir.' she responded looking at her shoes, avoiding everyone's eyes. Willow quickly went over to Angel and cast the counter spell that woke him up. Wesley gave Kathy a small glass of water when she reached the bottom of the stairs.

'There you go' Wesley smiled

'Thank you very much sir.'

'It's just Wesley.'

Angel stood at the other side of the sofa fiddling with his hands 'Kathy, I wish I could say sorry and make it all better but I can't.'

Kathy swallowed a sip of water and mustering up all the courage and strength she could she asked her onetime brother the one thing she had wanted to ask for over two hundred years 'Why did you do this to me?'

'At first I didn't know any better, I thought I was doing you a favour, saving you from death but I thought I failed. Then when I got my soul back I wished I had. I damned you, cursed you to kill and murder forever. When I saw you there I didn't know what to do, end it for you. Or give you the chance that was given to me. Now I don't know what was worse. Killing you and making you a vampire or returning your soul.' Liam… Angel moved closer and for a moment Kathy back stepped.

'You brought me nothing but pain Liam. You left us, you left me before you were a vampire. You say your different now but every time you change you find a way to hurt me worst than before. Why didn't you stake me?'

'I couldn't. I still love you Kathy no matter who I become or who I was I care for you.' He looked down at the floor and she saw a terrible pain behind his eyes. 'The people I love always get hurt the worst'

'Angel,' Kathy tried to think of him that way. 'There are things I've done. Horrible things and I know you've done worse. I've killed more than my fair share and I've learnt what its like to revile in the pain of my… my victims, all because of you. I don't know why but I don't hate you.' She walked slowly up to him before quickly hugging him

end Chapter Three