The sun had long since left the sky, leaving the plains of Africa to be bathed in only starlight and moonlight. The whole area seemed empty, as if anyone out had been bewitched by the moon. On closer inspection however, a lone person moved towards the cemetery. Agent Sawyer stood by the burnt out embers of a fire staring towards Allan's grave. He breathed deeply, just enjoying the fact he was alive. His thoughts ran round in his head and he frowned suddenly, his soft green eyes fixed on the grave, knowing that it was because of one man that he was even alive at all.

"You can go to the actual grave Agent Sawyer." A cool voice said behind him, jolting him out of his thoughts. He turned to face the beautiful vampire, bowing his head slightly.

"Mrs. Harker." He said quietly, turning his gaze back to the grave. Slowly his eyes drifted down to the burnt area by his feet, faint embers still alight. Mrs Harker watched him sadly, almost seeing the pain roll off him in great waves. The deaths of Allan Quartermain and Dorian Gray had showed her that life was too short, even for the so called immortals.

You had to take what you wanted while you could, before the cold hand of Death touched you and you were lost.

"Life suddenly seems... burnt out." Sawyer suddenly said, the double meaning not lost on his companion. Burnt out because of his loss... burnt out because of his rejection.

She watched Agent Sawyer for a little longer, seeing the way he breathed and moved ever so slightly. She found herself staring at the tiny vapors that came with each breath, Africa being cold in the night. The darkness was her time, her ruler and yet at the same time she could be more free in the dark. Mrs. Harker took a step forward, reaching Agent Sawyer and turning him to face her.

"Mina?" Tom asked, confused, using her first name instead of her title as she lifted a finger to his lips, silencing his weak protests. She moved forward, the brilliant blue orbs fixed on his face.

"Passion rises up from the ashes." She whispered, leaning to catch the spy's lips in her own and for the first time since Allan's death, Tom didn't find himself drowning in guilt.