Daniel had almost forgotten he owned the tiny carving that he now held in his hands, running his fingers over the wood, a bittersweet smile on his face. His surrounding's faded away as he followed the curves of the carving. All sound vanished and he seemed to be lost in a void, trapped somewhere else.

"Daniel, just the man I was looking for..." Jack's voice broke into his thoughts and Daniel jumped slightly, an almost guilty look on his face. The piece of wood flew from his hands and Jack reacted on instinct, his hand reaching out to grab the object as it flew towards the ground.

"Thanks." Daniel said, holding out his hand for the carving. Jack stared down at it, turning it over and over in his hands, a curious expression on his face. Daniel watched him silently, the hand slowly retracting and then hugging himself instead.

"It is from her... one of the few things I have left of her." Daniel said softly, a smile on his face even as tears shimmered in his blue eyes. He moved towards Jack and took the model from the other man's limp grip.

"It is of you." Daniel added, a shy smile appearing, as Jack nodded, showing that he knew that.

"She said that if you were gone then I had better have something to remind myself of you... but it ended up as something that reminded me of her." He trailed off, pushing his glasses back up his nose, in a futile attempt to keep them propally on his face. Jack sighed and placed a hand on his friends shoulder. He wasn't good with talking about how you felt.

"Carter wants us in her lab." Jack said lamely and Daniel nodded, placing the carving carefully on his desk and heading for the door. Jack followed him, pausing for a second to look back at the wood.

"Even a carving of me has browner hair." He grumbled, and Daniel gave a faint laugh.