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SnapDrag21 (meaning that she is Snap Dragon dragonfly, for all you pervs out there) gave me the inspiration for this story. It's another one of the dreams she had because she gets all her ideas from her dreams, almost. She's really good except one of her stories has minimum dialogue.

Pool Day

by Raynin

chapter one: Why Bother? It's A One shot

"Hey, come on." Rei begged Kira to swim one day in summer. She had just gotten home from Harumi's house on one of the hottest days in summer to find that Rei was at his "fathers" house swimming around the pool that was just installed.

She'd gone to find him.

What a stupid thing to do.

Rei clue less (about some things at least).

"Erm . . . no thanks," she replied, blushing slightly.

"Don't worry about no bathing suit, nobody cares if you swim naked. And if they look to long I'll--"

". . . That's okay."

"Oh." There was a pause. "I won't try to make you look bad by swimming better than you."

"Nah." She shook her head.

"Oh." There was another pause. "You could borrow a bathing suit from in the changing rooms."

". . . I'm sick," she lied quickly as a butler entered to clean up some of the water.

"Really? You could have called to have me pick you up. I didn't leave till fifteen minutes ago."

"Well, I didn't know till I was halfway here."

". . . Whatever," he shrugged, swimming away.

Since Kira was still hot after that really long walk she dipped her feet in the water (her shoes already at the front door).

"I thought you said you were sick." Rei swam over.

"They're plastic feet."

"Really? Can I touch them?" He reached out for them.

"NO!" She yelled, pulling her feet out of the water.

The butler (unnamed at this point, or ever) thought this entirely too weird for his tastes, and left.

Rei stared at Kira.

"Okay. You're the one who helped me study anatomy, so why can't I touch your feet?"

Kira looked around. The butler was gone.

She sighed.

"Look. Rei, the reason I'm not going swimming is because of the . . . you know . . ." he stared at her. "The monthly thing. . . ." He continued to stare. ". . . That thing you always buy the tam--"

"Stop!" Kira stopped talking as Rei waved his hands franticaly in a 'no no' sign. "Why didn't you tell me before?"

"The butler was here."

"Oh, he has a wife and children. I'm sure he knows all about that," he nodded knowledgeably.

Kira looked at him with some surprise. "Really? What's his name?"

"It's - - - - - - -."

"Hmmmm . . . never heard of him," she shook her head.

"Thought not. Sooooooooo. . . . Wanna go swimming?"

"Uh. . . ."

-------------------------------------- 3 Days later -----------------------------------

"Must . . . touch. . . ." Rei reached for Kira despite the heavy bags in his hand.

"Rei, there are children here!"

"Mommy, that man is going to touch that lady."

"Don't look dear."


Okay . . . weird ending . . . bit I liked it.