A/N: A little fic I wrote a while back…I didn't intend it to be a HP-fanfiction at first, but somehow it could fit in strangely so it's officially a HP fanfiction now. Hmm…I guess this should be my first work of fiction, so be gentle. It is already finished, and will be posted periodically. Just…don't judge me by this piece of work; my writing skills and English have both improved since then. Now, enjoy!

Summary: Harry's raised by the Dark Lord ever since he was an infant, knowing only the bareness of the Dark Land and the brutal ways of the Dark creatures. His only knowledge of the "other place" and its grass and lively creatures comes from his trusted mentor Severus, yet is Severus really what he seems? Prince Neville has always been the one expected to save the day because of a prophecy, and when Harry's sent to the "other place," what would happen when the two meet...

Warning: A small hint of slash later on, very mild and nothing developed. I shall warn you when it come up then


The man bent over to look at the sleeping baby boy, his eyes penetrating. He was a stout man, and looked much younger than his age. His face was troubled, his black brows wrinkled. He had on an ordinary waist robe, worn from use, but he wore a sword with leaping horse, the symbol of royalty. Finally he raised himself to look at the woman in a black velvet robe besides the baby and let out a sigh of satisfaction

"What do you think?" She asked, her brown eyes tired but intense. One could tell that she had once been a fair lady, but her face was marked with a weariness and sadness that could not be overcome. Her thin, brown hair flew down her shoulders, and she wore a simple circlet on her head.

The man looked at the Queen, "I sense the power in him."

"Oh thank heavens, being my lord's only heir and all..." She let out a sigh, too, and sank into the chair.

"We need to announce the one's coming as soon as possible, tomorrow will probably do."

She looked up, surprised, "So soon? Would it not be better if the Council check with the results first?"

Lord Thales sighed, "Milady, we need him now. Not only to fend off the Dark Lord, but also to quell the mad dogs in our own kingdom. Melqen has been spreading lies about how the prophecy is false and the royal house no longer holds the power to rule for months now, and his influence fast growing. Besides, they will not attack so soon if they think we've got the one ready."

The Queen shivered at the mention of the Dark Lord and his army, the ones she lost her husband to. She sighed, but she looked resolute. Lady Longbottom might have too gentle a heart, yet she was no fool. "Announce the birth of Prince Neville and the coming of the one."

"Yes, milady," Thales bowed and left the chamber.

Chapter 1

Renfrew withdrew into a dark corner as soon as he sensed the presence of men, abandoning the piece of rotten meat he had just found. He was one of the last of his kind in this land since they took over, and not without reasons. He watched through narrowed eyes, thinking about his ruined meal.

It was a boy, a rather small one at that. He had ebony hair and a pair of green eyes that seemed to shine through the night in a manner not unlike Renfrew's own. Renfrew licked his teeth; he looked no more than ten, and he could well turn him into his dinner instead. His mouth watered at the thought of the delicate body. He waited, soundlessly, sharpening every of his senses, his back a perfect arch.

And he attacked.

Before he realized it, he was suspended in mid-air. Although none of his muscles was functioning, his inside trembled. The one who he had mistaken as a helpless little boy was a Master Hand, a mage, best of the best, and possibly the cruelest. Renfrew knew his fate then, and he was overcome by a sense of helplessness. Ten years, for ten long years he had been cautious, always hiding in the shadow. And now he had screwed himself up.

The boy looked at him, his eyes as cold as the deep autumn night. He raised his hand slightly -- and released him. Renfrew ran as fast as he could, not daring to trust his luck, and soon disappeared in the darkness.

Harry did not think of the pitiful dog he had set free as he walked. The ground was dry and hard, and as dark as coal; yet neither the ground nor the sharp stones left any trace on his white, bare feet. Severus, he needed to see Severus, fast.

Somewhere around him a stone flickered. No, not today. Harry turned, almost wearily, to face the four shadows that were now fast closing upon him.

They stood facing each other, without a word. And then there was suddenly the flashing of swords. Harry did not go for his sword; he let his attackers approach, let their hearts fill with false hope. Then, quick as lightening, he flicked his wand that had somehow slipped into his hand without any of his enemy's notice and muttered a few words. He turned away from his ambushers without a look, who were now lying on the ground, stupefied as Renfrew was.

Severus was standing besides his lonely cabin, waiting. "So you know," Harry whispered.

The older man did not speak; the candle light dancing on his face, leaving shadows here and there. "It was the first time that master…master asked me to kill," Harry continued, "It was a woman and a child, I didn't want to."

Anger flashed up Severus's face, he managed to croak, "Both?"

Harry shook her head, "Nay, only the child. But the woman would not let me… and anything that stands in the way…"

Severus laughed bitterly, "Well, congratulations, Harry of the Dark Land! Now you've even had your first kill, you should be ready in no time."

"Severus," Harry frowned, "You know I am not like them, you know I do not like to..."

Severus turned and was met with a pair of imploring eyes. There he was, looking more innocent than half the boys his age, and there he was talking about killing in such a lighthearted way, as if it were a game. Severus's mouth curved cruelly, "Do you not? Why, you are just like them; born to kill, to destroy, to shatter everything in this world! What do you know about liking?"

To his satisfaction, Harry went very pale; he almost whispered, "I could have been like them, I could have done my duty while enjoying every second of it, without nightmares haunting for me…Severus, if not for you." Then he understood; Seveurs was mad, because he had taught him to not love killing, yet he had still done so under Master's bidding. He saw himself in Harry, a puppet of Master, unable to control his own life. Well, then Severus just needed time, to realize that it was not Harry's fault. Three days, Harry thought to himself, should be enough for his mentor to recover.

"Severus?" he asked tentatively.

Severus did not look up, and when he did, Harry had disappeared into the darkness again. Shame over came him, and he wanted to call the little boy back, to shelter him from the dark, cursed land that sometimes even made he himself shudder. Yet he knew it was the child's home; the darkness and the bareness of the land the only things he was ever familiar of.

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