Poem from Blue's POV. Yes I'm 100 stuck on her and Hige. But I'm not the only one. Also, I'm warning you now, this is relatively OOC for her. I don't think anything could make her crack like this. Anyways, it's all in her head. Hope you like. And of course the standard disclaimer, Wolf's Rain doesn't belong to me. But really, if it did, would I be here writing fanfiction?

Just Sorting Through My Thoughts

Tell me what you're thinking

Please say how you really feel

It's not that I just want to know

It's what I need to hear

So unless you want to see these blue eyes cryin'

Even though it's not my style

And when the truth is wholly told

I haven't in a while

But now you see

I'm really in this deep

Not quite sure what to do

When all things are considered

I'm truly quite confused

'Cause I feel a sudden need

For an 'I love you' every day

When I never thought I would

And now I fully realize

You're the only one who can

Ease the pain that I still feel

Please don't if you don't mean it

But if you will for me

Just give it half a chance

I hope you'll choose to tell me

Before my heart begins to break

While my resolve's already cracked

Don't know how much more I can take

There's only one thing left to say

And then I'll leave you on your way

With all my soul I love you

And I'll never take it back

But if you're going to walk away

Please make it now or never

'Cause I could never stand the pain

Nor could I place any blame

If losing you forever

Chaos: I know it'd sound better if it actually sounded like something Blue would say but I couldn't shake it, so I posted it instead. Til next time!