"We sent a MALP through to P3R-233, programmed to use its manipulator arm to dial P3G-823," Carter reported to General Hammond, and the rest of SG-1, gathered in the conference room. "It's a good thing we did too, because it appears that the field can extend through a Stargate."

"Why does that address sound familiar?" asked Jack.

"It's a dead world, Sir," said Carter. "It was wiped out by Apophis, a few years ago. It's also where we found the Quantum Mirror."

"Oh yeah."

"So, the MALP dialled P3G-823, and then most of its systems shut down," said Carter. "We had outfitted it with a couple of instruments that we've found will work inside the field."

"What did you learn?" asked General Hammond.

"The field is still active, but it seems to have stabilized, activating thirty times a second. Between that, and the measured strength, we estimate that it has a radius of almost a thousand kilometres."

"So, I guess I'll have to find some other place for my off-world fishing cabin," said Jack.

"I'm afraid so, Sir," said Carter.

"Very well, people," said General Hammond. "I'm ordering P3G-823 locked out of the dialling computer. You've earned yourselves some down-time. Dismissed."

SG-1 walked away from the conference room together. "So, down-time," said Jack. "Anyone want to join me for a little fishing?"

"Sorry, Sir," said Carter. "I'd like to use the time to work on some ideas I've had for refining our naquadah generators."

"I'd like to take another look at the inscriptions from the dome," said Daniel.

"You guys need to learn the meaning of 'down-time,'" said Jack. "How about you, T?"

"I would rather spend the time in kel'no'reem," said Teal'c. "I have not had the opportunity to properly meditate for many days."

Jack shook his head. "Your loss."

Daniel checked his watch. He still had a couple of hours before the meeting that General Hammond had scheduled. He had spent the last week trying to decipher the inscriptions from P3G-823, without making much progress.

He had turned to doing a search of linguistics journals, looking for anything that might give him a clue. Many of the languages they had encountered off world had their roots on Earth, or had been brought to Earth by various aliens who had visited it in the past. The script used on P3G-823 was definitely related to the Asgard, as were the runes used by the Norse. He looked for articles relating to any unusual dialects using Norse runes. Fortunately the SGC had an extensive library of digitized articles, which made the searching easier.

He was able to dispose of most of the articles the search found with only a glance, but he did pause to read a few of them—not because they related to P3G-823, but because something else in them caught his attention.

He had just finished reading a fascinating article on Icelandic Skalds, and flipped quickly past a couple more that didn't catch his interest.

He froze. There on his screen was an image that might have been taken on P3G-823. The glyphs matched nearly perfectly. He could recognize some of the patterns of glyphs: the same words that he had found written on the walls of the dome.

He looked at the title of the article: Translation of Prehistoric Norse Inscriptions From the Shetland Islands by Dr. Rupert Giles.

Continued in Misunderstandings. story ID: 1765534.