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Chapter 1: Bad News

(For this story Terra (shudder) never, ever, ever existed. Ever.)

Takes place a year after Slade has been sent into prison (For life).

"Robin, what the hell is going on?" yelled Beast Boy.

"We're leaving for two weeks on a trip to the 'M.O.H.' (Meeting Of Heroes)," replied

Robin, "See, I got this letter in the mail, we just do a few speeches and land a free fortnight holiday in Ibiza! Score!"

"That's not what I heard, Star said YOU were going on a trip and leaving me with Raven!" explained BB, apparently calming down with the hope of a mistake by Starfire and a free holiday.

"Exactly, by 'We' I mean Robin, Star and Cyborg, we're going to leave you two to take care of any trouble," stated Robin.

Beast Boy looked slightly alarmed by this, "Dude, did you just refer to yourself in third person?"

"Dude, did you just say a completely unflawed sentence?" Robin said sarcastically.

At this Beast Boy sounded a very audible moan and turned to go to his room, it was then he thought of something. "What happens if something I can't handle happens? Then what do we do?"

Robin sighed "Slade's in prison and I am sure you can take care any petty thieves that pop up and don't you mean 'We', Raven will still be here you know."

"That's what I mean, what if she tries to throw me out a window?"

Robin just shook his head and realised the time "Oh, man we've got to get to the airport!"

Suddenly Starfire and Cyborg walked in, Cyborg wearing sunglasses and a blue Hawaiian shirt holding a rainbow beach ball under his left arm and a beach umbrella under the other. Meanwhile, Starfire was wearing a VERY revealing purple bikini.

"Uh, Star, you don't usually wear a bikini until you're at th…mumph" BB mumbled as he was cut off by Robin, who was gazing at Starfire, a little bit of drool appearing in his mouth.

"Hey, Rob, I don't want to spoil anything but we've gotta move if we wanna reach the airport in time for our flight." announced Cyborg.

"Yes Robin, I would very much like to travel on the plane of the air and the sooner we arrive the better." added Starfire.

Robin snapped out of his trance and immediately regained his posture,

"Yes! Well, seeya BB." said Robin with a wave before he disappeared through the door leading to the elevator.

"Yes friend Beast Boy, farewell for now." added Star as she also exited through the door.

"Yeah BB, and try not to get killed by Rae, I'll need someone's butt to kick at games when I get back!" taunted Cyborg as he also left through the door, which suddenly opened again revealing Robins head.

"Oh, and you need to tell Raven about this, we didn't get a chance!" Robin suddenly disappeared as Starfire's hand grabbed his shoulder.

As the door automatically slid back into position on the other side of the common room opened and Raven walked through, her hood down with a book under her arm, partially hidden by her cloak.

"H-Hey, Rae!"

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