Waiting For My Rocket To Come

By: Anti Darth Ani

Chapter VI - Perfect


Had to change the rating to R because of this chapter. Only chapter in this entire fan-fic that's going to need a R rating. Sorry to all of you who didn't want the R rating.


Samantha walked into the bullpen all smiles. Even the fact that she had a little brother her mother never bothered to mention to her couldn't make her upset right now. After months of waiting, she knew that he actually cared. And the way he had said it to her. He sounded like he had been trying to get it off his chest forever and he was so relieved when he finally managed to.

Samantha sat down at her desk, switching her desktop computer on. She sat back in her chair and waited for it to boot. And his timing was so to perfect. Now Jack, his biggest mistake in their affair had to have been his timing. He told her during the middle of sex that he loved her. Right before it really got good, he had the nerve to drop the l-word bomb on her. She hadn't said anything back to him, just slipped out of the bed, dressed quickly, and left the hotel room.

No, Martin was far smarter than Jack. Early in the morning, letting her ponder over how she would reward him later in the day. And he had seemed really concerned about her too. No better way to tell a woman you care about her. A little beep from her computer jerked her away from her thoughts. Samantha typed in her username and password and her desktop appeared. A picture of her father, mother, and her standing in front of their old home, where her mother still lived. It hurt too much to call it her home anymore.

"Nice looking family," Danny commented, taking an impolite chuck out of the side of his jelly filled donut. Samantha turned to face her friend. She almost told him that Martin had told her he loved her, since he already knew about their relationship. But doing that would make it feel tainted, Samantha told herself, so she kept her mouth shut.

"It was a nice family," Samantha commented. "But it isn't anymore. Too many lies and deceptions to make a working family now." Samantha didn't mention that one of the deceptions was one of her own. Danny wouldn't understand. None of them knew much about her past, and she liked to keep it that way. Not even Martin, who in the past four months had gotten closer to her than anyone before. She couldn't bare to tell them about her past. Not right now. Too many skeletons in those closets at her old house. Samantha reminded herself she would have to change her background soon.

"I don't know how you can eat those donuts every single morning, Danny. Do you know how much fat and calories are in those things?" she asked him, turning her chair around to look at him head on. His hair was all over the place, like he didn't own one single brush or comb.

"Yes I do, Dr. Phil, my own doctor reminds me every visit I make before she stabs me in the ass with a needle for my yearly shots." He paused, letting out a small cough. "Come on, Vivian's holding a conference without us. Jack's already out working on our missing person, the poor bastard. Way too early to have to stomach some of the stuff we see during this job." Danny said all of this to Sam in between polishing off his donut and chugging down an entire mug of coffee.

Samantha nodded, smirking at the 'poor bastard' remark. After the way Jack had been acting lately, Samantha thought it was something good for Jack to handle. Give him a taste of his own friggin' medicine.


"I want to get out of here," Samantha complained, looking over Martin's shoulder at his computer screen. "We've already found the girl. Can't you do all of this paperwork tomorrow?" She wrapped her arms around his neck from behind, fingering his tie.

Martin smirked, setting down his pen and yawning, "A little impatient, aren't we, Miss Spade?"

Samantha nodded, "Extremely," she told him, playfully nipping at his ear. "Sure, our missing person could have gone somewhere, but that paperwork will still be sitting on your desk tomorrow, Martin." She lowered her voice and kissed his neck, "I want to get back to your place… to thank you for such a wonderful breakfast."

"You need to learn how to wait a little better, Samantha," he informed her, shutting off his computer. "You can't be the top priority for everyone in the world, you know."

Samantha tightened her grip around his neck, loosing his tie a little. "But I can be for you, right Martin?" she asked, kissing down his jaw line towards his mouth. He had shaved that morning before she woke up, and the faint smell of his aftershave was driving her crazy. "You have to stop wearing this stuff," Samantha complained, pulling her lips away so they were only inches from his own. "Today, sitting next to you while Vivian was talking… Well, let's just say a few thoughts were up here that shouldn't have been," she hinted, nodded as to indicate her head.

Martin turned his chair around, making Samantha release him in order to stay standing. "I must say, I think I've been a bad influence on you recently, Sam," Martin kidded, standing up and pulling his jacket on over his shoulder. "Shall we be going?"

"YEESS!" Samantha wanted to scream, but instead just dragged the word out, latching onto his hand and pulling him towards the nearest exit.


"Oh finally!" Samantha sighed, shutting the apartment door behind her. She quickly latched the lock before peeling her jacket off of her shoulder, wet from where snow had melted on it. "I thought that poor cab driver was never going to find the gas pedal," she exaggerated. "I almost reached up front to point to it just to get him away from the building."

Martin pulled off his own jacket and shook all the remaining snow flakes out of his hair. Turning to Samantha, he reached out and swiped a few flakes out of her hair. Samantha glanced up at him while he continued to rid her hair of the snow. Soon, her own hands were busy, working on his tie, her least favorite clothing garment. "Martin," she whispered when she finally managed to pull the tie off.

"Hmm?" he asked, absentmindedly brushing the rest of the snow flakes out of her hair. Samantha wanted to start right away on the buttons on his shirt, but she paused for a moment, "Go turn the ringer on the phone off," she told him, taking a moment to unwind her scarf while Martin quickly turned off all the noise the phones would make. Samantha pulled her cell phone out of her pocket as an afterthought, turning it off and tossing it onto the couch. Martin's phone and beeper soon followed after hers. His beeper, however, missed the couch and fell to the floor. He'd worry about it tomorrow.

Martin made his way to the bedroom and motioned for her to follow him. Samantha happily complied, almost skipping through the bedroom doorway and closing the door after her. "Martin," she started, but was interrupted by his lips pressing against hers. Samantha's head went back while his tongue dove into her mouth urgently. Samantha already felt like moaning and they hadn't even started yet.

Her fingers fumbled with the buttons on his shirt. For once, she wished he worked somewhere else, somewhere where he didn't have to wear button up work shirts everyday. It really created a bother after a while. She managed to get all the buttons undone while Martin sat down on the edge of the bed, his hands lifting her shirt up quickly. Their lips broke contact while her shirt came off and Martin quickly removed his undershirt as well.

Samantha loved looking at his chest and stomach. All the defined muscles, not one spare inch of fat and a very sexy six pack. Just looking at him was getting her more excited than usual. "You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this," Samantha whispered near him.

Martin looked up at her face, his fingers freezing on her belt buckle, "It hasn't been that long since we've had sex, Samantha," he reminded her. Samantha nodded, grinning like a mad man. "Yeah, I know. But this is different," she told him, climbing onto the bed and flopping down onto the pillows facing up at him when he hovered over her. "Because you've told me how you feel about me."

Martin looked down at her, really seeing her for the first time in weeks, "I honestly thought you already knew how I feel about you, Sam."

Samantha nodded, "Yeah, but it's different when you tell me. Straight from the heart." Martin leaned down and captured her lips with his.


Samantha let out a deep moan when his mouth found her breast. "Marty," she jerked around under him, unable to keep still. She let go of the sheet to run her hand through his hair, forcing his head harder against her chest while her back arched up off of the bed.

After his slow torture, Martin slipped one hand between her back and the mattress, resting his elbow on the sheet and holding her body flush up against his. His mouth traveled back up her front, stopping at that blissful little spot on her shoulder blade. He licked inside the hollow part and playfully nipped at the surrounding area. "Oh God!" Samantha choked back another moan.

His lips traveled up her neck at a leisurely pace until his mouth finally found hers again. Samantha let go of his head and rested her hand back on the mattress. Very slowly, Martin lowered Samantha back to the bed and slipped his arm out from under her. Samantha knew it was coming even before Martin took both her hands in his, pinning them down next to her head on both sides.

When his mouth pulled away from hers, Samantha gasped for air right before he plunged into her. A brief moment of pain before pure bliss. "Martin," she tried to form an entire sentence, but even that proved to be quite difficult as their bodies began to move in unison. "Tell me… again," she muttered, out of breath and panting.

He didn't need to ask what. Martin rested his head on the pillow next to hers, "I love you, Sam," he told her. "I always have," he whispered, his pace becoming faster and more desperate. "Even since before you told me." Samantha matched him trust for trust. "I've loved you since I saw you." He kissed the sweaty side of her face. She was so close, he could tell. They'd already been through this routine twice that night, and neither one showed signs of wanting to stop. "You have no idea how much I love you," he whispered again, right before they both climaxed.

Samantha gasped at the pure pleasure emitting from her body. Her back arched off the bed for a moment before she fell back down. She opened her eyes slowly and Martin already began to ravish her neck in more kisses. Samantha turned her head to the side to give him a better angle.


The muffled sounds coming for Martin's bedroom drowned out the sound of Martin's answering machine turning on. After the beep, a woman's voice filled the empty kitchen, "Hello? I'm trying to reach Samantha Spade. I called the FBI department, and the sweet gentlemen told me this is where I could reach her, although I'm not sure because the recording on the machine's a male. Anyways, Sam, if you're there, please call me back. I don't want us to end up not talking again for fifteen more years." A slight pause proceeded in which Mrs. Spade could be heard in the background. "And Daniel really needs to talk to you. Says it's urgent."